Fentanyl in breast milk

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Avatar m tn my doctor discontinued risperdal because it caused milk in my breast. that was june 8.......... well i still got milk in my breast.... now what?
789236 tn?1329893431 Is it possible for milk to be in a woman's breast (right)who is not having sex....?
Avatar f tn Basically, many women will express or pump breast milk and put it into bottles so that their baby still gets that nourishing breast milk but have the convenience of a bottle. They might want to do that if their baby has trouble latching onto the breast or if they have to be gone for a period of time and the baby still needs to eat like if they go to work or whatever takes them away for a while or if dad wants a turn to feed.
Avatar m tn thanks Teak, I dont want to sound a nag but how are we so sure that breast milk getting on the penis is no risk.
2083175 tn?1336082312 The only exception would be an adult who would ingest breast milk in large quantities over a very long period of time, and I highly doubt that is a situation you are in.
2053975 tn?1343405733 you are, just keep putting him to your breast whenever he wants it and you will make enough for him, also everytime you put him to your breast have a large glass of water, water is essential for making milk, and dont give in to formula, as your right, it will interfere with your milk production as formula take longer to digest so he will go on your breast less, then your milk supply will go down, so just keep on doing what your doing it all sounds perfect :)
Avatar f tn ve suffered from mastitis in the past and breast abscesses about a year after my first was born (i never breast fed).
1395422 tn?1308016251 If you are entirely adamant against formula, you might contact La Leche League and see if anyone in the area is producing extra breast milk and could share some with you right now, and you could feed it to your son in a bottle. You say he poops and pees like crazy, but how many diapers per day of liquids are you seeing?
Avatar f tn Milk only last 2 months in the freezer so it won't be any good by the time your little one gets here, I asked my on about it because i'm a ftm and 24 weeks but I've been leaking colostrum since about 20 weeks but it comes more actively than a few drops every couple of days it's gotten to the point where I have to express it atleast 2×s a day or my boobs hurt so bad is rediculous, but I found that massaging them with Vaseline or other oils makes my nips a lot less tender and painf
Avatar f tn and today i gave it too him but its very watery. is that normal for breast milk. he usually has milk run out of the corner of his mouth a little bit and its very white but when i gave him the bottle that had been in the fridge it was more clear and watery. i feel like its not as good as if i just feed him from my breast.
Avatar f tn When will you start to get milk in your breast? I am 31 weeks and have yet to get mine, it makes me nervous cause I plan on breast feeding.
Avatar f tn When do you usually notice your milk coming in. I'm 24 weeks and haven't noticed anything, this is also my first child?
8552937 tn?1398781959 I was in a motorcycle accident in 2003 messed my back up, and in 2011 found out I had staged 4 breast Cancer! Had both of my breast removed, been on chemo every scene. Had radiation last year....I just got in remission about 2 months ago!!!! Im still on chemo until my doctor says otherwise. So as far as me chewing on my patches I don't do it no more, read a lot about it and it explain's a lot about side effects. Thanks for your support .....
Avatar f tn Sent by nukte9 2 minutes Hi ,iam mother of 13 months of boy i was expressing additional milk and breast feeding as well tonight i found blood in my breast mikk while expressing darker pink colour would be problem should i concern about it Thanks
Avatar n tn Milk usually doesn't come in till after baby is born don't worry ur body will know wen its ready I'm 26 wks n breast still the same size as before I was pregnant just sometimes they feel swole but don't worry Hun ur body is made for this it knows wat to do wen its time
Avatar f tn That is an interesting question. I have no idea how much fat is supposed to be in breast milk but I can say that the layer of fat on my milk tends to be thin as well and my almost 3 month old is at the 96th %ile for weight. What color is your baby's poop? If you baby is getting plenty of fatty hind milk, then his poop will be yellowish in color. If he is not getting enough fat, his poop will be greenish and frothy. The fact that your doctor is not worried is a good sign.
Avatar m tn So i asked her about the possibility of what i tasted could have been breast milk and she said no because she never breast fed her baby and that there wouldnt be any milk in her breast for this amount of time. So i am worried about the possibility of having breast milk in my mouth and making out with this girl, She says that she doesnt have any STD'S but people do have them and dont even know it.........
Avatar m tn i had a sex with a girl who is unmarried. she was getting a few drops of milk from her breast, i dont know whether i had a few drops of milk in my mouth and also i dont know her hiv status ? 1.How come a unmarried girl can get milk from her breast ? 2.Any chance of risk in this milk 3.I have a stomach ulcer, any possibilities of HIV spreading buy drinking milk 4.Whether i need to test for hiv ? Please let me know ur valuable suggestions.
Avatar f tn Is the breast milk flowing okay ...can you express the milk your self, it could be the ducts are blocked , try using a pump see if the milk is flowing okay ..
5612058 tn?1373576034 Enough wet and poopy diapers and if the baby is thriving. Breastfeeding is a supply and demand thing so just let baby eat and you will produce enough. Make sure you drink water and stay hydrated.
Avatar f tn Since my first baby 20 yr ago iv had milk in my breast it never dried up I had another baby 3 yr ago and I still get milk I stopped breast feeding but still have tender breast and milk
Avatar f tn i heard the if your child wont drink out of one of your breast that it could be a sight of breast cancer. when i feel in that stop where it hurt i and feel a lot of little lumps there. could this be a sign of breast cancer of a infected/clogged milk duct?
11367320 tn?1421799959 I was always told by my health visitor 5 days in the fridge (make sure you keep it at the back of the fridge and not in the door), 5 months in the freezer, also to defrost breast milk by putting it in the fridge over night.
Avatar f tn Im actually here to discuss my problem which is a considerable decrease in my breast milk. My daughter is going to be three months on the 25th of april and i find it really hard sometimes when she keeps on latching for hours and sleeps and then wakes up too early for a feed again. Im hyderating myself really well and also have started having a half cup of milk in the morning two as i take a full one in the eve.. Dunno whats the reason behind this problem.. Can anyone suggest a remedy?