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Avatar n tn How long does it take for a 100mcg Fentanyl patch to get out of your system for a drug test?
Avatar f tn How long were you on the patch? How long ago did you go down to the 50mcg from the 100? I'm presuming when you say "my health ended" you're talking about your medical insurance that was covering the cost of the patches? Many drug manufacturers offer patient assistance programs to help people pay for their medications. Some programs cover the cost of the meds 100% and others off a significant discount.
Avatar n tn hey ed, I went of my meds for 3 months I was taking Norco (alot) & it made me very anxious I would also jump in my sleep because of it it got so bad that my dr put me on xanax for it. Than I relapsed & am now taking even more pain pills I want to quit but dont want to be in any pain does the patch work better than pills?
Avatar m tn I hate to here you worry about things to return to normal as that is a major concern to me also. How much were you on and for how long? I told my DR several mos. ago I wanted off but he said I was not in condition with pain to quit. Drs. just dont know what this drug does to people lives. Even my pain mgmt. Dr said to expect only 7 to 10 days to feel better. It has been almost 6 weeks and today is the first day I felt some clarity.
Avatar m tn ) I am supposed to test this month and don't want this showing up. Does anyone know how long it takes to leave the body system? I understand there are prob. alot of variables but I am speakikng in general. I can't believe I did this and now I am scared to death of this showing up on my urine screen.. Any ideas. This is not something I would recommend to anyone. I did this out of desperation.
Avatar f tn I used to put patches on my shoulders an it was ok, now since I've lost some weight it seems patches will only work when I put them on sides of my chest even when I put them I front of chest it doesn't work and also why can't you overlap where you put last patch like take one off and put new one in same place cause when I do it works very well for pain,and I definitely start feeling withdrawal from fentanyal when I put them anywhere but my sides I'm assuming my core temperature is hotter there t
9258244 tn?1402976053 I have been without the patch since Sunday morning but I know I can't go cold turkey right now. I try to see how long I can go in between changes. I'm 55 years old and I also take care of my 80 year old mother with Alzheimer's, so I have to be extremely careful how I do this. I never intended for my pain mgmnt Dr to take me this far. I'm so angry at myself for letting this happen.
Avatar n tn That is a ridiculous way to look at it. I have been on Fentanyl for 2 years now in the UK and if I wasn't I would have to stand in the corner and scream with the agony of my collapsed spine. On fentanyl I go to work and have a full life even though I get alot of break through pain. Of course it is not ideal and yes of course I must be addicted but for goodness sake it seems to me you all feel guilty for taking something that helps you.
Avatar n tn I am thinking that the best thing for me to do is to get 25's and wear those so that there is at least some in my system and taper down... There is no one in my area that prescribes sub, so tapering is my only option!! Thanks for all and any comments!!
623131 tn?1223061075 day (today) how long do I leave on the old patch after I have put on new on.Its been years since iv been on patch.I feel like keeping old one on for a hour or two, till new one kicks in a hair.Although im sure a MD. would say take it off ASAP,so I dont forget.
9258244 tn?1402976053 I would only guess that if are successful in doing it at home you don't end up in my clinic. Just in case you are curious, it takes us three to four days to detox a patient and get him/her back home drug free and feeling well on Naltrexone therapy (no opiates). Tapering down slowly is the best way, but you may still experience withdrawals. Tapering means gradually increasing time periods between doses and also decreasing the dose itself in a consistent manner.
Avatar f tn I'm basically living in pure hell as a monster fentanyl addict. My consumption level has evolved through many years and at this point I'm chewing almost 100 mcg's a day. To make matters worse my wife is also close to my levels. This has caused great loss for us both. I've been forced into withdrawals on a few occasions. I can not express in words the hellish torture I've experienced. After three days at the most I was seriously considering ending it all.
Avatar f tn I had a gallbladder attack the end of March which lead to pancreatitis (the stone got stuck in the duct leading to pancreas) and a month long stay in the hospital 2 and a half hours away from my boyfriend, one year old and all the rest of my family. When discharged the end of April I was given scrips for fentanyl 50 and liquid morphine(I had a feeding tube nothing by mouth) the morphine was comparable to quitting Tylenol no problems at all.
516810 tn?1211593806 The dosage depends on your drug of choice, how long taking it, how much daily, and many other factors. I have rx insurance, but I know how expensive it would be without! If you can't afford it, there are other options for getting off fentanyl. Methadone is much less expensive, but has it's own issues. Try finding someone in your area that won't charge for a consultation regarding Sub, and pick their brain about it! There is lots of info available online at subutex.com or suboxone.com.
Avatar f tn Their bodies do not utilize and excrete drugs as effectively as it once did. Drug toxicity is a more common occurrence in seniors. Yes Fentanyl or any narcotic can effect our short term memories, regardless of our age. Physicians walk the fine line of memory impairment or pain management. It is my guess you would rather see your mother with some memory disturbances instead of dealing with chronic pain that would make her days and nights absolutely miserable.
767538 tn?1276578920 Any general experiences I'm looking for both positive and negative. Did it last the full 72 hours? How long until you have go higher on your dose? Many thanks. Brian.
271872 tn?1238593991 take only one at night but it only helps me sleep maybe 2 or 3 hrs. Do you think the Fentanyl is out of my system by day 8?? I have 4 halfs of Darvocet left. I'm afraid to throw them out, even though I have not taken them in 2 days. I'm afraid the really bad WD's might come back. Is the worst over? Can I or SHOULD I throw them away? My Doc said I could not do this WD's & said I would be back. I do not WANT to go back. I can't go to NA.
Avatar n tn I'm researching the pro's and con's of the fentanyl patch. My fiance has been in a great deal of back pain and is prescribed oxy's, morphine and percocet. However, he doesn't take them because they the only things that work for him are 80's and roxy's that he gets from family and friends. The doctors won't prescribe them so he is not under medical care, he self medicates and even though he doesn't take more than 2 pills a day, I'm still worried.
Avatar n tn Depression is pretty common, but it will go away. Everyone is different so there's no way of telling how long it can last. Some people experience memory problems if they've been on meds for many years. Again, that's not everyone, and again, it will go away. If he can sleep for even a two or three hours, he's a lucky man. Most people going through withdrawal want so badly to sleep, but it proves elusive.
1331804 tn?1336870958 I was initially fearful of Fentanyl because of how potent the medication is (100x stronger than morphine) but I researched the heck out of this med and got comfortable with using it long term for chronic pain. I apply the patch on the upper abdomen just a little bit below the bra line and I switch sides when I apply a new patch every 48 hours.
Avatar f tn Please, if anyone has any suggestions or knows how long this insane burning will last please speak up and let me know. I am so suffering. Would appreciate any advice! Thanks so much!!!!
Avatar f tn I have called the ER, detox centers, my own doc, and tried to look on the internet (but my eyes refuse to focus), and I've gotten different answers as to how long this takes to detox from? What is the answer? Someone please help me, if you can. It's much appreciated.
Avatar f tn My guess is that your PM doc switched you to the fentanyl patch because he felt that you needed a long acting pain med as opposed to the hydrocodone (short acting) that you were taking. I understand about you not wanting to get addicted to the pills, however, you must remember there is a BIG difference between dependence and addiction.
Avatar f tn For me, it was different than some of the folks who comment that took pills orally. Fentanyl is extemely strong, it stays in your system for a long time as it is deposited into you fat cells, etc. That is the way I understand to have read it. I don't want to discourage you but for me, I just got better after day 18. Some days were brutal some were ok. What I did was worry about ME first and made no apologies. It is a fight for your life, literally. YOU come first right now.
1337431 tn?1280959499 have been (most recently) on fentanyl patches and oxycodone for a long time. They have been nothing but trouble for me...however, I differ from you in that I was a heroin addict years before pain was ever an issue. I quit heroin when I was 19 on my own, and would never have touched opiates again if injuries and pain hadn't made it seem necessary. I have gotten into a lot of trouble by abusing my meds, and am now trying to get off.
1187071 tn?1279373298 Anyway, had to chuckle about that, but since I've never been on it I don't know anything about it but that they gave me a fentanyl shot in the hospital and it seemed to work great for pain. So, I'm sure once you get the fentanyl patch going, you won't have to take as much percocet either for break through pain, but I know most people that have the patch do have the break through pain meds too.
Avatar m tn I need to clean out the drugs that are already in my system and this is the best way I know how. As mentioned, I stopped the fentanyl patch 50mg on June 12, 2012 and the morphine on June 25th, 2012 and toady is July 8th. At least I can get a decent nights sleep along with vitamins and forcing food into my system weather I like it or not.