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Avatar m tn It depends on the test that is being used and that the assay cutoff is for that particular test. The test for Fentanyl is specific to look for that drug and a normalized value can be detected usually 3-4 days after. You were given such a small dose IV, it may have been a much shorter time span.
Avatar m tn Just wanted to ask if anyone had any experience with switching methadone 95mg once daily, to fentanyl patch 100mcg Hour patch? or know the methadone mg fentanyl dose equivalents?
Avatar n tn I was lucky enough to have never been randomly selected and I am subject to random drug tests. According to him Fentanyl can be found but the test is quite expensive so most screening stations just dont do it. If the drug screen you are going to take is job related I would not chance it. The problem you are going to have is Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than Morphine...it is just about as close to heroin as you can get....and detoxing from this wont be easy.
Avatar f tn Yes there is writing on the patch. You can cover them with Nexcare tegaderm patches but be aware they are expensive. You must not cover the fentanyl patch with anything else like tape or bandaids as it doesn't breath and too much medicine can be released. The tegaderm allows oxygen through. Trader's the only thing you can use to cove fentanyl patches. You can write mylan about the problem and see if they will you provide you with the tegaderm for free.
Avatar m tn I have been snorting fentanyl for almost 2 weeks now. Doing it pretty much all day every day for this time period. I am going to stop cold turkey tomorrow. Should I expect any withdrawl and if so for how long?
Avatar f tn I'm writing this in the hope that it keeps some people from getting on fentanyl. This drug will ruin your life in so many ways. You may think in the beginning that its the best thing ever for your pain. It's not so bad when your first on it but after about 6 months your on a downward slope. You will build up tolerance quickly and need more and more and more for it to work. Not to mention once your tolerance increases you start having withdrawals before you change your next patch.
Avatar m tn Just began on fentanyl patches for chronic pain. I have had radiation damage but am a cancer survivor so not bitter just tired of pain.
906738 tn?1251010478 Here is some surprising info. The urine test the Veterans Admin uses to "test" people for the Fentanyl Patch use... it does not test for the drug. It is a dummy test. They expect you to pop negative results for Opioids. Since Fentanyl is a synthetic derivative it will not test sensitive to the test. They would have to run a more expensive Immuno Assay test (Spelling?). They do the test to make sure you are not taking another prescription drug not prescribed by their doctors.....
Avatar f tn Im on oxycodone 60mg a day and fentanyl patches 75mg every 3 days. I swear on the bible i have never missed 1 dose. My pcp doctor drug tested me and claims NO drugs were in my system ! She claims i broke the drug contract i signed and wont see me anymore. How is this possible ? I demanded a retest and was told no, the dr even suggested my caregiver was taking them or we were selling the stuff !
Avatar f tn I've been on the Fentanyl patch for a while now (75 mcg/h.) It does help in some ways with the pain, but my breakthrough pain medicine is not where I want it. i am seriously stressed out right now about my dad. (His PET scan is tomorrow and then the lung doctor the following Tuesday.) Other family news that is also bad. No wonder the pain is not well controlled. Question, though, is memory. I have NONE. I seem perfect in my responses (and intentions.
Avatar f tn I have been on Fentanyl 75mcg for over 15 years. The side effects of constant sweating and extreme exhaustion have forced me to discontinue. I have severe JRA for 48 years, I was just 4 years old. The joint destruction, multiple surgeries and severe pain, I was put on fentanyl, which worked wonderful for many years. If I knew then, what I know today, in would have NEVER started using Fentanyl I have been off of the medication for 9 days now, hardest thing I have EVER done!!!
Avatar f tn Fentanyl (Transdermal, Transbuccal, Transmucosal, Sublingual) Norfentanyl 4-N-(N-propionylanilino) piperidine 4-N-(Nhydroxypropionylanilino) piperidine 1-(2-phenethyl)-4-N-(Nhydroxypropionylanilino) piperidine So are neither opiates showing up in your UDS - or just the Fentanyl? If it's the Fentanyl then your physician may just need some education is reading Fentanyl UDS results. It's not your other medications that are influencing the results of your UDS.
Avatar f tn The rpn said since I never failed a test she was going to have me do a saliva test. She also said that if fentanyl she’s up again she would not be able to give me my oxy. Ihave a appt with the dr next week. I am scared.
682757 tn?1226867854 My pain mgmt dr. put me on Fentanyl 50mcg/hr 6 months ago after i had my 3rd spinal surgery. I told him from day one that this wasn't an acceptable long term solution for me. After a couple of months of being on the 50s i insisted that we back down to the 25s because I had heard how addictive these patches were. So I have been on the 25s for about 4 months. About 6 weeks ago i started experiencing EXTREME fatigue, loss of appetite and headache which were constant.
Avatar f tn I have an unusual situation. Our 17-year-old cat Bubbles has a rare form of cancer. Our vet has prescribed Fentanyl pain patches for him. We clip/shave a spot on his back where he can't reach the patch and replace it every 2 to 3 days. It works great on his pain. The problem is that the adhesive on the patch is so sticky that I can't get it off. It's awful. I've tried pulling it off like a BandAid and ripped his hide right off.
Avatar n tn I had surgery and was given fentanyl and nearly 2 mos later still shows up on drug test. I only have 1 kidney, but I'm still totally shocked and it has caused me bad problems as the dr doesn't believe me when I tell him I did not take this from the street! I don't even know how to get this from the street per se! Please has anyone else had this issue with fentanyl?
1264863 tn?1391118193 I found when I was on Fentanyl that I gained a lot of weight. For me, Fentanyl seemed to change my tastes. I had not ever been a sugar user (in many, many years.) In the past few years, I had been working out hard at a gym and also being very careful about what I ate. I got out of the habit of getting to the gym when I started having a lot of surgeries, but I still was careful with what I ate.
410475 tn?1262942367 ok here is the question? I had surgery, then withdrew from fentanyl, my post are all over here. sometime during the past month my dr ordered some blood work and today called me to say my liver and kidneys are not functioning and my sugars are high. once before, years ago this happen with my liver due to to much meds, can this be the case now? does anyone else had this happen to them? should I be worried? clean now for 35 days!
5135507 tn?1367163227 ( Congrats on getting fentanyl free!!!
Avatar f tn How close to a urine drug screen would I take my last 500 mcg. Fentanyl Troche for it to show up in my urine?? I happen to have a REALLY bad month & I want to make sure that it shows up positive...I can also explain to my doctor the horrible month I've have (some new pain & also some SERIOUS mental health issues with my son that I'm sure did nothing but make my already bad near daily migraines all the more worse...
Avatar f tn I had my urine test sent in on that 4th day and I just realized what I did! It would be ok but I want to make sure the fentanyl test comes back positive from the lab. I've been a FAITHFUL pain management patient for almost two years and it would crush me if my doctor didn't trust me. I have never had this issue before so I don't know if it's possible to leave your system that fast! I hope not. If you have any experience to share I would be grateful. Thanks so much.
Avatar f tn I recently went to pick up my two prescriptions for fentanyl and the oxycodone on the 29th of October, NOW that I'm on a pain contract. After picking up the prescriptions I didn't look at it until I was getting ready to have them filled. The fentanyl was right for 10 patches, but the oxycodone was for 10 mg pills 1 every six hours for the amount of 72. He gave me that EXACT script the month before and I thought our goal was to get me to just have to have one script of each.