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Avatar f tn We have a member (Namnam) that has experienced the same side effect to Fentanyl - weight loss. Luckily she claimed she had weight to lose. It did level off and she didn't continue to lose weight. In time you may have experienced the same results. I think she's been on Fentanyl for about 5 years. It's the only thing that controls her pain. As our Remar suggested talk to your prescribing physician.
Avatar n tn hair loss, blurred vision, drug cravings, tooth decay, et al- be sure to read all the side effects that this drug may cause because many of the side effects listed really, really do happen. I know because I have fallen victim to many of them. Please heed the cautions and side-effects and the long-term effects this drug will have on your health, your personality and your life. Avoid it at all costs if you are able!
Avatar f tn I've been on the Fentanyl patch for a while now (75 mcg/h.) It does help in some ways with the pain, but my breakthrough pain medicine is not where I want it. i am seriously stressed out right now about my dad. (His PET scan is tomorrow and then the lung doctor the following Tuesday.) Other family news that is also bad. No wonder the pain is not well controlled. Question, though, is memory. I have NONE. I seem perfect in my responses (and intentions.
682757 tn?1226867854 My pain mgmt dr. put me on Fentanyl 50mcg/hr 6 months ago after i had my 3rd spinal surgery. I told him from day one that this wasn't an acceptable long term solution for me. After a couple of months of being on the 50s i insisted that we back down to the 25s because I had heard how addictive these patches were. So I have been on the 25s for about 4 months. About 6 weeks ago i started experiencing EXTREME fatigue, loss of appetite and headache which were constant.
1264863 tn?1391118193 I found when I was on Fentanyl that I gained a lot of weight. For me, Fentanyl seemed to change my tastes. I had not ever been a sugar user (in many, many years.) In the past few years, I had been working out hard at a gym and also being very careful about what I ate. I got out of the habit of getting to the gym when I started having a lot of surgeries, but I still was careful with what I ate.
443878 tn?1205103196 I have recently began using Fentanyl 50mcg/hr Transdermal Patches. Previously I had been taking 80mg of Oxycontin bid as well as 10mg of Percocet tid to control breakthrough pain. My physician at that time discontinued the Oxycontin and Percocet cold turkey. Te next month of my life was pure hell and I believe I almost died. The resulting health issues were a kidney infection; bladder infection; UTI as well as severe dehydration with associative muscle cramping. My total weight loss was 60lbs.
Avatar f tn Yes there is writing on the patch. You can cover them with Nexcare tegaderm patches but be aware they are expensive. You must not cover the fentanyl patch with anything else like tape or bandaids as it doesn't breath and too much medicine can be released. The tegaderm allows oxygen through. Trader's the only thing you can use to cove fentanyl patches. You can write mylan about the problem and see if they will you provide you with the tegaderm for free.
Avatar f tn Hair thinning is common, total hair loss is not. Its mostly noticable to the person treating........ No need to shave your head, wishing you the best.
Avatar f tn i had hair loss since 18 years, that will start from head, eye brows, eye laces, chest, and know calfs, but not arms and pubic,still growing but know eye brows and calf skin will appear head lost , know im 37 had an few more problems started since a year back insomnia , pitted nail sometimes disappear sometime come pitted nails, back pain sever , sometimes cant stand or walk , malabsorbtion not good , never had constipation , memory loss , sometime burning foot, sometimes no sensation in leg or
Avatar f tn Low iron levels can cause hair loss. You might want to get that checked.
Avatar f tn I'm losing hair too. Not in clumps but I clog the drain once a week from my hair loss. And all my friends said their hair was so full and healthy during pregnancy and after lost some. I get a ball of hair during evey wash and its not normal for me also my scalp itches like crazy and I don't have bugs lol o had my husband check lol!
Avatar f tn It started freaking me out so my hubby looked it up and said the number one cause of hair loss in women is pregnancy...
Avatar n tn I lost a ton my first pregnancy. I was taking OTC prenatals. This time around my doc recommended prescription prenatals and I haven't had any hair loss or breakage this time. And bonus, the prescription prenatals are free with Affordable Healthcare Act!
Avatar f tn Especially after combing my hair,there is a ton of hair in the sink. However my hair seems to be growing as fast as it falls out so I have thickness still. Someone told me to drink more milk and I find on the days that I do I see less shedding.
Avatar f tn It makes me depress everytime i see how plenty of hair i loss. I tried every hair fall shampoo but none of those worked. I don't wanna comb my hair anymore.
Avatar f tn Is Anyone experiencing hair loss during pregnancy I thought I was Going to have this really beautiful hair but is not working out that way does it mean that I'm going to have a girl?
Avatar f tn Ever since I got pregnant I noticed a lot of hair loss, my hair just falls like crazy! Has anybody else expirenced this?
Avatar f tn I'm very early in my pregnancy and I've noticed some mild hair loss. I have a lot of hair so it's normal for me to shed but this is a lot more than usual. Anyone experience this during pregnancy? Or maybe its due to something else?
Avatar m tn I actually posted about this a month or so ago. I have hair loss that really started post Tx. My hair didn't grow hardly at all during Tx, than about 6 weeks post Tx it really started falling out, probably lost 50%. Everyone says it should grow back fine after 6 months post Tx. I figure it is the least of my worries. Looking for my SVR12 in 3 weeks. Hang in there.
Avatar f tn On a 12 week treatment with peg , ribavirin and sovaldi should I experience hair loss ? I am a hairstylist with very long thick hair ,still planning on working . Not planning to tell clients about treatment ,mostly due to fear they will not understand . How much hair loss should I expect?
Avatar f tn Is anyone else experiencing hair loss, I wouldnt say extreme hair loss. But everytime I take a shower or comb my hair, so much falls out. And it just scares me that by the time im done with thia pregnancy im going to be bald. Im 26w5d.
Avatar f tn 5w 5d and have been having major hair loss in the past 2-3 weeks.. Is that normal at this stage??
Avatar n tn But, every few years my thyroid just burns out, and I go hypo. When I do I experience extreme hair loss and brittle nails. For me, the animal based thyroid substitutes work much better when I'm in a hypo phase. Additionally, sometimes when I am not hypo, the medication I take for my Graves' just knocks down my T4/T3 levels so low that once again I start to lose a lot of hair.
524608 tn?1244418161 I start tx this Friday...I was wondering how bad the hair loss is. I have really long hair and I usually donate to Locks of Love. I donated not long ago so my hair is shorter than usual but still long enough to donate. At what point will I know if I will suffer significant hair loss....I'll would rather just cut off the rest and donate it before I let it fall out and get caught in the shower drain. Gator...