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Avatar f tn m 32 weeks preg i went for my chk up and they found some sugar in my urine and also some UTI. i had my GTT at 28 weeks and it was -ive which means that i hve nt developed Gestational diabetes. I cant understand that if my GTT ws -ive y did i get sugar in my urine now? The annoying thing is the sample i gave to the hospital for further investigation they have no results for it in their system. So now i hve to go again in two days time to get it chked again till then i will be in agony.
Avatar m tn Did your doctor order a GTT? If you get a GTT, make sure you get a 6-hour GTT, not the 2-hour GTT used to diagnose diabetes. Do you ever check your blood pressure during these episodes? Some people have hypotension and actually need medication to keep their blood pressure up. You might want to get a BP kit. You can also get a finger-stick glucose kit pretty cheaply and do your own GTT.
Avatar m tn Till now I have no history of either diabetes or hypertension. I am 26 weeks pregnant and have to undergo glucose tolerance test (GTT). It is usually advised to take the test early morning as metabolism falls in afternoon due to diurnal rhythm. My problem is that I have an upside routine for the past 5 months, I sleep during day around 8-9 AM and wake up at 5-6 PM in the evening. Can I take my GTT in evening, I assume that my biological clock is now set according to my sleep cycle?
Avatar f tn Has anyone failed 1-hour GTT and had to take the 3-hour test??????? Did you pass the second time or fail????
Avatar f tn I failed my 1 hr gtt and passed my 3 hr with flying colors in my last pregnancy. I wouldn't worry too much about it (easier said than done, I know). As for the iron, I just had to take an over the counter supplement twice daily. I could have gotten a prescription, but otc was much cheaper.
9062499 tn?1426957962 Hi ladies i have gtt today and I have been told not to eat anything befoe the test. So I just want to know is it OK to have some kind of drink. I havnt been told about that.
Avatar f tn Sitting in the doctors waiting to do the GTT. Bored.. and they're so late doing this I'm almost 31 weeks, surely that'll effect the results?
212350 tn?1376428115 i had my glucose tolerance test (gtt) today, i have had it with all of my preganacies and have never had a problem, but today about 30 mins after the second lot of blood was taken i felt sooooo ill, i was very tired, but then i got really light headed and dizzy and neally passed out, i had to eat some chocolate and have some sweet juice pretty quick, i have never expereinced this before, so i am a bit worried about the results of this test, has anyone here had this test done and felt like this
614343 tn?1258041519 today we had a doc appt and had to do the 3 hr. gtt. cause my one hr came back high. and my little guy has been measuring big im only 32 wks and im measuring 36 so im a little nervous about that. i asked my doc. if we could get another u/s just to get some real measurment to see how big he really is but he wants to wait till the gtt. results come back.. we did get to set our c-section date today as well so my little guy will be here on 5-30-09 if not before.
Avatar f tn Hi, I took a OGCT – Oral Glucose Challenge Test during the 27th week of my pregnancy and the result was 153 (borderline was 139-140). Now I am advised to go through Modified GTT test (3 blood samples in 2 hours). I am very worried about the results of Modified GTT test. Please let me know what I should do if the Modified GTT test results also come more than normal...
Avatar f tn I went for my 24 week scan last week and was told there is to much fluid around my baby I'm very worried because I don't understand what this means I have my gtt on monday but have no signs of diabeties and didn't have it in my 1st pregnancy can anyone help me please
Avatar n tn nt he hardly could ,so he stopped it midway,,an finally masturbated an came out,,now after 2 days i gtt my periods along with which i gtt severe etching due to which i gtt small cuts,an now boils around,,i consulted a doctor she claims it to be shaving,,this is the second day of my treatment im not able pass urine it burns to death,,now i hav'nt explained about the wednesday episode to the doctor,,,, im worried an hoping it not to be HIV or anyother serious issue....
3054705 tn?1348415479 So I just got back from the doctor and took my GTT test. Ever since I drank that drink my baby has been doing flips and turns and just kicking away. Is this normal ?? Lol he's being soo funny!
Avatar n tn dont do the 3 hour GTT for diabetics but the 4-hour GTT for reactive hypoglycemia. Your blood is taken after a 12-hour fast. Then you are given a glucose challenge (a sugary drink), and your blood is taken at one hours intervals for for 4 hours. The test itself is really a pain but I am happy I did it. It turns out my blood sugar drops extremely low after meals and this is accompanied by heart palpitations.
Avatar n tn My understanding is that HgA1C tells you what your glu has been for the last few months, so you need not check it very often. The 2 hr glu tolerance test (GTT) will be abnormal up to 2 years before an abnormal HgA1C, so the HgA1C is NOT a good screening test for diabetes. Please ask the lab how to prepare for these tests. Sounds like you may not be doing them right. Treating your anxiety will definately help your ability to do the lifestyle modifications that Dr. Ramsetty recommended.
Avatar f tn I have my GTT test tomorrow and im so nervous :( hate needles (phobia) and nervous about havint diabetes :( who else is at that stage?
Avatar f tn m 26 weeks today and my appointment for the GTT test is tuesday. How did you feel afterwards because I plan to go to work as soon as the appointment is over?
Avatar n tn Yesterday I had a 3 Hr GTT test. Results were: Fasting:122; 1/2 HR:225; 1HR:266; 2HR:150; 3HR:65 About 15 minutes after the test I started feeling weak, dizzy and disoriented. I made it to the candy machine and ate some peanut butter cookies. After sitting about 20 minutes I felt better and drove home but was exhausted the rest of the day. This morn. I feel normal again. I have a Dr. App. in a week to go over the test results. Was this a normal reaction to the test?
Avatar f tn Ive got my gtt test next week and im super scared!, I dont mind the blood taking and 2 hours of waiting but I have to wait 14 days for a letter if I dont have it, or if I do have it I have to wait for a phonecall, its so nerve racking and the waiting for my results is going to have me worried untill I get them :(, has any one on here had diabetes and if so how was your pregnancy and how did you deal with it?
3104777 tn?1363885649 Yes I just did my 3 gtt yesterday i'm scared..still waiting for the results...
Avatar m tn i had a gtt test done i fasted and my starting blood sugar was 90 it was a 3 hour test but i dont know full results all i know is when i went home i tested my sugar and it was 65.........they called and said i have hypoglycemia but they never said what kind.....plus when i get my muscle pain and nausea i test it on my glucose meter and im always around 100 so im not gettin what is going on ....cause low blood sugar is considered under 70 at least ......they sending me to a specialist??
Avatar f tn A few days ago I mentioned having almost passed my 1-hour GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) and they wanted me to do 3-hour. Technically my 1-hour one was FINE but whatever. Results from the 3-hour are that I'm in the normal range. Technically my doctor has seen the results yet so he hasn't given the "all clear" but I'm pretty sure all is well. He may ask me to eat a more restricted diet, just to be safe, because PCOS can cause some diabetic issues.