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Avatar m tn I was given fentanyl 12 mcg patches for back pain which I used for just over 4 weeks. I stopped without support because of the side effects. . However, I am experiencing withdrawl side effects. I feel totally detatched from reality. My GP prescribed an antipsychotic initially and then moved on to diazepam. There're has been no improvement. How long will this last can anybody help?
Avatar f tn The Neurontin also works a little bit and again, am looking for one pain RX that would work for all instead of taking more than one. Have a friend on the Fentanyl patch and she swears by it. Says it is much better at pain relief than the Percocet or Vicodin and she's not on Neurontin. Please help.
Avatar m tn I dealt with my pain for a long time without looking to pain meds for help but a couple years back my pain got to a point where it took over my life completely and I wasn't able to get out of bed anymore or work or take care of my child. I'm so confused as to what to do about these darn patches.
Avatar m tn I concur with your advice. As an individual suffering from RSD and the neuropathic pain associated with it, I've found that neurontin works best for me. I got off the fentanyl patch 100 mcg/hr and vicoden two 10-325 tabs every six hours after many, many years. I believe the change in behavior, angry outburst, effecting loved-ones is opiate related. Also I agree with you that neuropathic pain really doesn't respond to opiates!
Avatar f tn I am a 28 year old woman who has been on some form of pain man. for almost nine years. I have switched my long acting med from oc 80mg + 40mg to fentanyl175 every 48 hrs. It has been a few months and I am still feeling very unstable, when I talk to my doc about it she just thinks I need to keep going up and give it more time. The only reason that I switched in the first place was cost, I lost my ins and have to pay out of pocket.
485259 tn?1519047026 New research for neuropathic pain. This video interview with Dr. Allan Basbaum discusses the possibility of replacing damaged Gabba cells with new functioning ones, thus virtually eliminating neuropathic pain. This video also provides a good explanation of the different types of pain: acute/chronic/inflammatory/ and neuropathic as well as Trigeminal Neuralgia. Hopeful and informative. http://www.facingfacialpain.org/index.php?
Avatar f tn Hi,your questions can only be answered by your pain management team.Why do you risk your welfare to uneducated strangers?????????????????????
1337431 tn?1280955899 m going to see him tomorrow but I am so tired of being on meds and not even working all the time. I do have a lot of neuropathic pain and also have Fibromyalgia. I am pretty frustrated because it just seems like your life revolves around your pills. I sometimes take more than I have to to get rid of the pain in the real bad days. I've always taken them normally not chewing or anything like that. I have considered going on suboxon.
Avatar f tn But its the pain in my chest i wanted to know about it was my doctor who prescribed the Amitriptyline tablets he said they where used years ago to treat depression but would do the same job for my pain and he said it sounds like i have damaged nerves in my chest they did take away the soreness but its comin back again i have it now about 7 months he also called it Neuropathic pain its like a burning ,stabbing ,aching pain very uncomfortable its even a worse pain tht the frozen shoulder please
Avatar f tn http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/j.1532-2149.2012.00157.x/full Free registration needed for this. "What's already known about this topic? Neuronal dysfunction is a prerequisite of neuropathic pain, but it is unclear how the degree of structural and functional neuronal impairment is linked to the intensity of neuropathic pain. What does this study add?
Avatar f tn I was at the highest dose too. I have neuropathic pain and I have heard that this kind of pain , ub is not good for. I have heard it does help some for pain and met a few ppl online that it did help. Why not just take long acting opiate medication if u are not an addict? Let me tell u that if you do go from methadone to subs, the magic dose for mathadone to sub transfer is 30mg of methadone. Anything higher of meth will not be covered by sub.
Avatar f tn Is widely used to treat neuropathic pain. It is FDA approved for post-herpetic neuralgia. It has always been very effective in treating other forms of neuropathic pain. Neurontin has been demonstrated to reduce the symptoms from periodic leg movements during sleep (PLMS) also known as restless leg syndrome but dosing up to 2400 mg per day may be required. This drug is also widely used in the prevention of migraines and the list goes on.
Avatar f tn Hi martint1955, First, I want to welcome you to the PM (Pain Management) Forum and let you know that we are glad you found this Forum. We are all CP (Chronic Pain) Patients that help each other with our own expertise and experiences that we have developed through our own CP Issues. I'm sorry that you are having trouble finding a Doctor to prescribe what you think you need for your pain. From everything that I've read on the patch it is the very same medication that Suboxone is.
1713150 tn?1314467342 thanks so much!!!
1264955 tn?1381782221 it is a deep bone type pain and nothing relieves it. I have been on the Fentanyl patch for the last six months but it made me so sick, I am on my third day off. It helped with some of the pain but not all. If I get into the Mayo, I don't want drugs in me. I want to be able to explain my pain and symptoms as they are happening. I cannot live in this pain the rest of my life....I think about suicide sometimes it is so bad. I am on all the nerve drugs and antidepressants also.
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Avatar f tn Hi could anyone give me any views on carbamazepine for pain please?
Avatar m tn Many Heppers experience some neuropathic pain.
7303500 tn?1389997641 Has anyone ever gone to rehab to be medically detoxed from fentanyl and oxycodone? I've been on pain meds for about two years now. I've only been on fentanyl for three months but I want off everything. I feel like I'm in a constant fog. I hate the way I feel. The fentanyl is making me depressed really bad. It also gives me anxiety. I have chronic pain but I think I would rather be in pain then deal with the way pain meds make me feel.