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Avatar f tn I seriously doubt that a patient who has taken fentanyl for six years for an advanced condition would even remotely respond to acupuncture. This patient needs a med of near equal analgesic value, especially given she is opioid tolerant.
910419 tn?1289483727 ve heard good things from one of my friends about the Fentanyl (sp?) patch as it lasts for days, which would be awesome for my marathon migraines which can last weeks. (that's on top of my 6/10 or higher pain level for the past 8 years). My mom suggested talking to my psych about the patch first, as she and my neuro work with each other on me and some other patients. But I don't know how to broach the subject. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn I have had optical migraines as well as the typical headachey migraines but never for that long of a period. My neurologist is at Rush in Chicago and she said that you can have some inflammation of the nerves in the head and it not show up on an MRI...but if you have contrast, it should show any lesions and can even show small spots on the brain produced from migraines.
Avatar m tn Based on what everybody knows and/or has experienced, HOW LONG for this? And any suggestions for these symptoms (especially the exhaustion) in the meanwhile? Thank you, 10001 thnks in advance!
Avatar m tn s before each meal. Neither worked for me. It took a very long time for my doctors to relate all of my symptoms to my dumping syndrome. They kept saying it would get better. I lost my sight, ended up on a fentanyl patch and spent a month in the hospital. Don't let people push you around! Get your surgery before its to late! Mine is scheduled for ten days from now!
7303500 tn?1389997641 Has anyone ever gone to rehab to be medically detoxed from fentanyl and oxycodone? I've been on pain meds for about two years now. I've only been on fentanyl for three months but I want off everything. I feel like I'm in a constant fog. I hate the way I feel. The fentanyl is making me depressed really bad. It also gives me anxiety. I have chronic pain but I think I would rather be in pain then deal with the way pain meds make me feel.
Avatar f tn I am going to get off the Fentanyl patches and put on Methadone using Suboxone as a bridge .I have never heard of this med called Suboxone.I am on 200mcg of Fentanyl how long will it take to get off the fentanyl?
1507560 tn?1294774077 I do suffer major pain from sever ostioarthritis, carpotunel, and very bad migraines. But 12 plus Norco a day is not good and each I try to reduce the amount I take but most days I unsuccessful. What I have become is addicted and depended and pretty much a slave to these pills. I also have been given the Fentanyl patch as the Doc know thinks I should on long acting meds.
Avatar f tn ) I feel so stuck and tired of it all. I had terrible migraines for the first 6 months post op--was never a headache person before the surgery--and then this horrible pressure pain started suddenly one day, almost exactly 6 months after surgery....I rarely have migraines anymore, but constantly deal with this pressure. Can be hell. Feel like I'll try anything, but I don't want to make matters worse. I've read around about other people using topomax for pain.
5009469 tn?1362276993 Hello, I've been on 300 mcg Fentanyl & 120 mg Oxycodone for over 8 yrs. I started seeing a new Dr 12/31/2012, she first told nme she wanted NOTHING to do with my pain meds, she referred me to a PS. Since I couldn't get into see him until April, she decided to decrease my pain meds, the first time she dropped my Oxy to 60 mgs. then 17 days later she decreased my Fentanyl to 50mcg & my Oxy to 15 mg, it's been 6-7 days & my body is going thru alot of different things....
Avatar n tn How long does it take for a 100mcg Fentanyl patch to get out of your system for a drug test?
611067 tn?1458591483 for instance when a methadone user wants to quit i mention kim715...for fentanyl i mention jacquii...would it be ok to send benzo users ur way?
Avatar n tn I asked if I could bring my unused fentanyl patches in to the office for destruction and then receive a prescription for an equal number of patches, which I would then fill with my preferred (Mylan) brand that has adhered more consistently to my skin. I also mentioned that I was still experiencing breakthrough pain, as I wrote above, and that I would appreciate the opportunity to talk with my physician at my next scheduled appointment about pain management.
6815927 tn?1395511425 Jenelle, thank you for your thoughts--I was hoping to hear from someone that had been on methadone. I had heard that methadone was the hardest opiate to detox from and I don't know why my psychiatrist thought it would be easier. I think it is one of those incidences where the medical community thinks they know what is best but had never experienced a practical application of their beliefs.
Avatar n tn Also recently there was a recall on the fentanyl patch for releasing too much of the med too quickly and causing breathing problems among other things.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed the Duragesic patch, (also known as fentanyl) a treatment typically reserved for end-stage cancer patients. The advantage of the patch was that it maintained a steady dose of the drug around the clock, but the dose she switched me to wasn't exactly equivalent. By day seven off the patch, for the first time in my life, a migraine rendered me unable to walk.
Avatar f tn How close to a urine drug screen would I take my last 500 mcg. Fentanyl Troche for it to show up in my urine?? I happen to have a REALLY bad month & I want to make sure that it shows up positive...I can also explain to my doctor the horrible month I've have (some new pain & also some SERIOUS mental health issues with my son that I'm sure did nothing but make my already bad near daily migraines all the more worse...
1417802 tn?1282173063 That is a HUGE jump up to fentanyl....and could be VERY DANGEROUS! I would recommend NOT putting that patch on! It sounds very strange...why wouldn't the dr increase the # or norcos you could take?
Avatar f tn On the fentenyal patch and told my us came back positive for oxycodone how is this possible?
Avatar m tn my life has changed. I was told by the doctor I had been seeing for years, that I would be on the fentanyl for the rest of my life. I was so depressed. I was always in pain...my quality of life was just awful. I have been very hesitant to post about this, because suboxone is usually used for addiction...and isn't widely used in pain management.....but it is the best pain reliever I have had over the past 5 years of pain and surgeries.... So.,..
2178523 tn?1337618945 Hi and welcome to the pain management community. I am surprised that your surgeon or orthopedic spine specialist or primary care doctor is not helping you taper off of these medications! You shouldn't have cold turkey'd the 100 mcg/hr Fentanyl patch. Instead you are supposed to slowly reduce the Fentanyl by stepping down through the lower dose patches. The Xanax withdrawal can cause life threatening seizures.
Avatar m tn I am currently taking Opana ER 30mg /2 TID for long term spinal pain due to breaks and fusions. I am going to try replacing that for a short time with a Fentanyl Patch to see if I have any improvement in Pain Mgmt. I am just wondering what regimen I should use to safely do this. For example. Is it as easy as waiting 12 hrs. after my last Opana ER and then apply the patch (it's a 3 day patch) then take another ER once the 3 days has expired?
Avatar n tn im in detox from fentanyl. my dr. prescribed wellbutrin for 30 days. I was on 50 mg so I was given 25mg and wore the patch for 4 to 5 days before putting on a new one. after my last patch I started on xanax for withdrawls symtoms and put on a catapress patch. this worked real well and I feel like im starting to feel good. there are times my skin hurts and muscles hurt so that's where the xanax helps. I had neck surgery to replace a blown disc and know what pain is like.