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Avatar f tn Her new Oncologist insists the joint pain has nothing to do with her cancer or treatments and wants her off the Fentanyl. He believes she has Fibromyalgia and wants her to try some of the same medications she has already tried. She had no pain and was very healthy and active prior the her prior to her treatment. Has anyone else experienced this? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/471862'>long term joint pain after chemotherapy</a>.
Avatar f tn My 10 year old rotti just had surgery for bone cancer in his leg. It had not spread to any other parts of the body but he had multiple stress fractures in the top of his front right leg. Our only option was euthanasia or operate. We decided due to his strength and how young he still acted to operate and try to give him another year or two. He pulled through the operation with flying colours and was doing well post-op. I got a call the next morning that he had not made it throught the night.
Avatar m tn ve read a lot on this and most of the people on Fentanyl take it more for recreational use but I do have issues from the cancer treatment. Oddly enough, I've been on Fentynal so long I'm not sure what I would feel like clean.
7598782 tn?1392903245 I feel your pain (literally). I have DDD, bulging disc, bone spur, severe low back issues and SI joint pain bilaterally for the past 3 years. I use warm water therapy, chiropractic care, deep tissue massage, TENS unit, acupuncture and for meds: fentanyl patch, dilaudid for breakthrough pain & daily ibuprofen, acetaminophen and naproxen. I also had 2 injections in my low back and a shot in each SI joint (not at once of course, but over a year). Those shots were bittersweet.
1390687 tn?1281157239 s thought i had bone cancer after two open bone removals. AWEFUL PAIN. i got bursitis from that. then i had a massive heart attack from the diabeties at 27 and had 5 heart surgeries so i got costo chondritis from that which feels like a heart attack at all times. i was put on fentanyl 75 pain patches for 2 years and decided to come off cold turkey. it was horrible. i tried to commit suicide last year because i was sick of pills and being sick all my life. pills had a lot to do with that.
Avatar f tn I have been on fentanyl for 3 years d/t bone pain, last year I had a nerve ablation on my lower back(L4/5 S1. Ever since I had this nerve ablation I don't have bone pain anymore. Was on Fentanyl 100mcg due to bone pain. I find out now that Fentanyl is not helping anymore. My Doc wants me to try and titrate down on Fentanyl,I had asked him and he suggests that I should start from 100mcg to 75 then to 50 and then to 25mcg. What would be your suggestion? Please say some prayers my way..
Avatar f tn I recently got off 60 mgs of morphine sulfate and 100mgi fentanyl patch I changed every 48 hours. I have been clean, as they say for 8 weeks as of tomorrow. Even at these high doses (I couldn't have anymore-I was maxed to the morphine level I could have) I still had severe pain every other day. Timed exactly with the 2nd day on the fentanyl patch. Since being of the morphine and fentanyl, my pain is at constant state of intolerable to severe.
Avatar f tn I have stage IV breast cancer metastasized to bone (skull, spine upper part of long bones (arms and legs) sacral area and ribs. So far have had success with mastectomy and estrogen blocker. Stable scans since Aug 2011, when diagnosed. I noted another person on MedHelp with metastatic breast cancer that is 6 (SIX!!) 100 mcg fentanyl patches. My question is: Just how painful is this going to get?? I am on one 50 mcg fentanyl patchy q. 72 hours with hydrocodone for breakthrough pain.
Avatar f tn wow didnt know that tramadol was for cancer ,my vet gave to me for my baby boy kiz when i though his legs were hurting, but now after x-rays his dr did say he might have a mass in his stomack, maybe his dr knew all a long unless the med used for everything, my kiz is gone now no more pain cant stand the look of help me . kiz was taking 1 and halk pills of the tramadol some times it worked sometimes not , so not sure how stronge it was.
5135507 tn?1367163227 Fentanyl is a good drug to treat pain for terminally ill patients , or ppl who need 24 hour pain relief. But drs are passing this drug out to patients who don't need it or they keep increasing the dosage until its almost impossible to get off of it when the time comes. I know, it happened to me. Then wnen the dr was fired after I was on it for 5 yrs, I was basically screwed.
564735 tn?1263943526 s office today I am getting a new prescription for 75 mg of fentanyl patch and I think another pain med for break through pain...I pick up the prescription tomorrow. I have had 3 chemo treatments of carboplatin and etoposide. I am experiencing three different types of pain...one is bone pain in my hip on my right side, the second is pain on my right side like an appendix pain and third pain is strong menstrual like cramps( feels like someone is twisting an ovary...which i no longer have).
Avatar f tn Many many doctors prescribed actiq when they knew it was only meant for cancer patients. When it first came out Medicare paid for it, then around 2007 Medicare decided it would no longer pay unless the person had cancer, many insurance companies followed suit Now unless the doctor is a pain doctor they are not allowed to prescribe such high dose pain meds Can your sister ask for a fentanyl patch?
Avatar f tn These are used to treat bone pain. Cancer cells that have spread to the bone upset the normal activity of your bone cells. These drugs slow the bone changes related to cancer. This relieves pain and helps keep your bones from breaking. Calcitonin may help with certain types of pain, such as phantom pain. Antidepressants, to relieve pain and help you sleep. Anticonvulsants, to help control nerve pain like burning and tingling.
Avatar m tn How long does withdrawal last? I have been on fentanyl for about one year, 100 every 48 hrs. This was prescribed for me after my cancer surgery.
Avatar n tn I went for a bone scan they injected the radio active material into the vein and then I went in for the scan and the only place they detected the radio active material was on the injection site. So they could not do the bone scan. What could have happened to the radio active material.
Avatar m tn The first vet took a needle biopsy and said there were cancer cells. It could be bone or fatty cancer. She wanted to do a biopsy but after looking at x-rays she was convinced it was bone. I got a second opinion, the second vet did not want to biopsy said it was to painful we would just watch it. This was Nov. it is now March. In Dec. the second vet said it had doubled in size he was sure it was bone cancer and he had only a couple of months left.
Avatar m tn Also, with all the CT scans, and with my recent normal blood count, can I rule out cancer? Ive had this uneasy anxiety about having cancer for two years, and I would think something major would have shown by now, atleast in my blood counts. The anxiety just came on one day, and it just hasnt left. Thanks for your help!
Avatar n tn My grandfather was proscribed zyrtec after treatment for his bone cancer, I thought this was crazy too, but apparently it has cetirizine hydrochloride which has been found to greatly help in relieving pain, and is believed to help through an anti-inflammatory process. check this url out: shwachman.blogspot.com/2008/03/zyrtecmay-help-bone-pain.html This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/198474'>Zyrtec for bone pain??</a>.
Avatar m tn Is anybody able to help with this, I am really worried about cancer and although initially thought it may be a brain tumour, that has been ruled out and now I fee like it could be bone cancer, has anyone had similar symptoms or able to offer any advise or expertise about them?
Avatar f tn ve been on Fentanyl 50 patch and sublingual fentanyl 600micg ( A bit like the Actiq Lollys)10 times a day for 3 years for pain as a result of Cancer and treatment. I now want to come off it by reducing the sublingual fentanyl(Actiq Lollys) first. I am now down to 4 a day over 3 weeks but have suffered sweats ,diarrhoea and anxiety in the process. My Drs supporting me but am I going too quickly ? if I go slower will there be less side effects or will I get the withdrawal symptoms any way?
Avatar m tn Hmmm, I am also surprised that your Doctor put you on the patch before giving you something in the Oxy family. This isn't normal practice. I really can't understand why he did this to you. Fentanyl should be for extreme cases only... Like cancer for instance. It's Doctors like these that have people so addicted. I would consider finding a new Doctor. Seriously.
Avatar f tn My last visit was my second visit after being put on fentanyl patch 12mc. I got a total of 15 for the month changing every other day. I also get 90 pillsof hydrocodone max three a day. I went to the er after first starting them cuz i passed out and had heart palpitations. Ive been on opiate drugs for pain for over 10 years. After my second visit and second script for the patch i got sick with an upper respiratory infection,ear infection and sinus infection.
Avatar f tn I required 3 injections one 24 hours after chemo and then 1 each day after fora total of 3 With that said they can cause severe bone pain.. Just ask your oncologist for a pain reliever and you can get through it.. NOthing is ever as bad as it appears before you do it... I go through it and my white blood cell count remained stable enough I could fly home to visit my kids...
Avatar f tn I have an unusual situation. Our 17-year-old cat Bubbles has a rare form of cancer. Our vet has prescribed Fentanyl pain patches for him. We clip/shave a spot on his back where he can't reach the patch and replace it every 2 to 3 days. It works great on his pain. The problem is that the adhesive on the patch is so sticky that I can't get it off. It's awful. I've tried pulling it off like a BandAid and ripped his hide right off.
Avatar f tn I have a rare tumor/cancer for the last 10 years, I also have an oncologist at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. I have been on fentanyl patch and the oral "lolly pop" the same quantity the last four years. I have to say it has controlled my pain better than any other medications, tens units, patches with medication. I have easily seen 5 to 6 pain doctors with all the moves to different states due to my husbands jobs.
Avatar m tn This is being written by some one who was on the Fentanyl patch and the fentanyl lollipops/ sublingual tabs for advanced cancer. If you want to life in a Fent Fog. There are also new restrictions on driving whilst on this drug in the UK. I don't know about other countries. If your not sure it's working then its not working. You either have pain or you don't. Find out all you can about this drug and then decide if you want it in your life .
586247 tn?1255907790 It turns out after being fused from my neck bone to my tail bone they are considered failed surgries. I had to have a implanted pain pump for my legs do to nerve damage that will never get better. I got an infection my painpump site got large as a watermelon , they did major surgery I was in the hospital for over a week came home with in house nursing.