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1067022 tn?1257777362 You should have felt the effects of the fentanyl regardless of your Klonopin tolerance. I am so sorry that this happened to you. I would be sure that to report this to the hospital and demand an investigation and answers. It shouldn't have happened to you and hopefully demanding and investigation will see that it doesn't happen to someone else. I am not suggesting that he won't but don't depend on the physician to follow through on this. Make lots of noise.
Avatar n tn The side effects mentioned are rare and fentanyl or Duragesic is a very effective way to treat Chronic pain, especially in the elderly.
Avatar f tn One of the reasons that your Neurosurgeon is hesitant to operate on you is because of your age. One of the side effects of back surgery is even more arthritis in your back. I had a herniated disk removed when I was 48 years old and developed severe DDD. He had warned me that it was what would happen and he was correct!! At your age you don't want to face that yet.
Avatar m tn Past use of other meds needs to be taken into consideration but it doesn't sound like you were on that much percocet. As for side effects, the only one I have experienced has been profuse sweating, but thankfully not all the time. I can tell you though that now, this patch has given me my life back, enabling me to work 50-60 hours a week again and not be out of it when I get home at night, although some nights I still am.
5727805 tn?1378196652 Here in new Zealand the epidural is avoided unless you really really need it. Why do you all choose to have the epidural?
Avatar f tn I've had angry outburst that I blamed on the RSDS pain but now think it was the opiates side-effects. I was placed on risperidone to address these angry outbursts but there's the side-effect of Parkinson's Syndrome from taking this medication. That's my next priority to get off of the risperidone! Hang in there, you can do it!
614661 tn?1267277524 I'm sure after being on the patches for a year now, you already are familiar with some of the side effects they can cause. Some of these side effects, such as fatigue/drowsiness, may lessen as your body gets used to the meds, same as with any other med. One of the biggest risks or things to avoid while using the patch is getting over heated or getting the patch too warm.
Avatar f tn If you need more info, just Private Message me! One of the suckie side effects are Anorexia but its just temporary. I remember forcing myself to eat and drink and everything tasted horrible! I had a hightend sense of smell, eww that was nasty! I also was severely sensitive to light. My heart was beating out my chest. I had severe burning all over my skin and felt like I was on fire.No medication would work either. These were just the minor symtoms.
3039221 tn?1340464800 I still have had to take oxycodone for breakthrough pain, but this was mainly because it took so long for the Fentanyl to kick in...I am assuming.. So I don't feel any adverse side affects, I was tired initially, the second day, but now feel about the same as being on the oxycontin, which I never felt, I mean, side effect wise.I did not have very high hopes for the Fentanyl patches, since i tried them years ago, and stopped, but can't remember why, it has been so long.
Avatar n tn There are other methods of pain relief that may want to ask your Dr about the fentanyl patch (spelling?) There are others on this forum who have more experience in these matters of chronic pain relief. I can tell you that if you are going to come off of the meds you have come to the right place for support. We have a group of "angels" here who have been lifesavers to a lot of us. What is important is that you are in the right frame of mind and body for your self and your children.
Avatar n tn Could this be caused by a sedintary life due to the pain and deep depression? It only effects one side but really far up my left leg/groin any ideas or thoughts would be very welcomed.
1931709 tn?1335836695 Every Dr is different on their approach to meds(some favor certain ones), talk to your Dr about what you might get as it just as important to research the IV meds as much as the epideral... this is especially important as some moms are concerned about the meds affecting the baby in anyway, and the mom too!...
503960 tn?1399932852 And the hospital I am giving birth at does not have it there so that is no option for me. But as for the Epidural, Fentanyl and Pudendal Block, I have those options. Okay so I heard that if you are breat feeding that they will want to keep you in the hospital until the baby is breast feeding well. With all those medications they seem to have side effect of making the baby have a hard time breat feeding. How common is that?
Avatar f tn the patch helped for the first 5 months, but it has a lot of side effects for me. not everyone gets the side effects and many find it very helpful. i am going to ask to be switched to oxcontin ER with the percocets for breakthrough pain. at least for a trial period of 2 months.
Avatar f tn html When deciding what to do when you are in labor always research the drugs and their side effects. A natural birth would be to try to avoid the above drugs if possible.
Avatar f tn Other stuff your doc may try is gabapentin, which also has some serious side effects that change your mood, or make you suicidal. I wish I had an easy answer for you, but there isn't any. You either find a way to tolerate your pain, or medicate carefully, using other methods like hydrotherapy and meditation to keep your med usage as low as possible.
Avatar f tn some said natural way was better n some said epidural was devine..some even went for epidural but it was a disaster..the conclusion was that its how ur labor is destined..n its all abt ur luck..i m due in jan.. I pray to God that my epidural works n i get painless n smooth delivery :) .. Hope u get smooth delivery as well..
503960 tn?1399932852 And the hospital I am giving birth at does not have it there so that is no option for me. But as for the Epidural, Fentanyl and Pudendal Block, I have those options. Okay so I heard that if you are breat feeding that they will want to keep you in the hospital until the baby is breast feeding well. With all those medications they seem to have side effect of making the baby have a hard time breat feeding. How common is that?
1727909 tn?1314848810 I (while in between Anesthesiologists) have been treated for failed back surgery pain syndrome, spinal stenosis, (among other painful side effects of my body disjointing) for 22 years. An Anesthesiologist is quite effective at treating pain at the spinal cord level(something necessary to properly treat failed back surgery pain syndrome) Technically, an anesthesiologist is the only properly trained medical professional, for treating our type of pain.
Avatar m tn He told me I could ween off this patch in 9 days with no side effects and this would be safe. Knowing what I know now...he deserves a good *** kickin. What really scared me about the w/d's is not knowing what to expect..doc would not tell me. Had the body aches, sweats, chills, depression, anxiety and everything else. I knew I had to do it and I finally did. Guess it left such a bad taste in my mouth I never wanted to go back to it.
Avatar f tn So there are a couple of directions to take if you decide the Opana ER is not worth the side effects.
Avatar m tn He had his first epidural injection (which contained steroids) on 19th July (2013) which gave him very insignificant relief for about 3 days. He is on a long waiting list for the second injection which we have been told can take months to get. Seemingly they try 3 injections before giving up on this pain management route so then there would be a third injection. In terms of other medication.
Avatar f tn At this point, I'm battling pain which is getting worse and many side effects from the Lupron. It's good to know that others have gone through these struggles, and I'm not along. You all have provided great insight and suggestions. Thank you so much.
1401023 tn?1280784958 I find it best to explain your pain level in detail. Inform your PMP how it effects you activities, your sleep and your ability to function "normally" and any changes this pain has caused in your daily life. After you are certain your PMP understands what you have shared with him, ask for his help and advice. Let him make the suggestions. And try what he recommends. I have never asked for a specific narcotic.
1354757 tn?1277147950 I did have facial flushing which was sort of annoying but no major side effects. Oh except for gaining 10 pounds and it sent my anxiety through the roof. Those are things they don't tell you. But my PM gave me some Xanax so that helped. Let me know if you have anything other questions. I pretty much covered everything start to finish.
Avatar f tn Hi Staci, Welcome. I am sorry to hear about your pain. The journey through Chronic Pain is filled with challenges. Betty Davis once said, "Old age is not for Sissies." I would have to say, "Chronic Pain is not for Sissies." My heart goes out to you. You have some difficult choices ahead. I have not had a pain pump though I have heard good and bad from those that have had or do have one. My biggest concern would be if you require removal of the hardware.
Avatar m tn Definitely call the doctor. Unfortunately, there are side effects with every medication. Personally, I am not a fan of Tramadol as it can be very difficult to come off and I think there are much better both long-acting and shorting-acting meds that can be used.
Avatar n tn Wow, I can't believe they refuse to give you fentanyl. As a fentanyl user, I am so sorry they stated that. I use fentanyl and I do not have cancer but disc problems in my neck and back that have been going on for years. I've also done injections, accupuncture, physical therapy and and surgery. Hopefully they will reconsider.
Avatar n tn The data I've read indicates that 5 HTP is as effective as SSRIs for relieving depression. So far, I have not experienced any side effects from 5 HTP. I have heard that SSRIs often cause side effects that sometimes result in the patient discontinuing the drug. I have some limited experience with Prozac a few years ago. I hated the stuff. It didn't relieve my depression so much as it "flattened me out" emotionally, meaning I went from depressive emotions to no emotions.