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Avatar m tn My doctor prescribed Fentanyl patches for me to help relieve neck and spine pain, the patches are 50Mc.
Avatar f tn I am wondering if anyone on high doses of fentanyl 175mcg for extreme pain has died going cold turkey and this doesn't mean the side effects which are like death so i have read. Or has anyone who used fentanyl for extreme pain committed suicide due to the withdrawal.
Avatar m tn Feeling weird weird on these and thinking it's just the start up feelings from the Fentanyl. I'm also on on Celexa and that apparently is not a good combo. So i asked the Doc to get off the Fentanyl and he said OK and gave me my normal dose of Vicoprofen. Of course i'm having big time whidrawls from not being on the Fentanyl. So my question is what do i need to overlap 75mcg off fentanyl?. do i need to go to Percocet or something else to not have the whidrawls coming back ?.
Avatar m tn I read about this and remember when I quit Fentanyl. Fentanyl did me so much damage, it almost killed me. I went cold turkey which is difficult but worth the result. Keeping you mind strong that you need to get control of you mind and body and not the drugs is the most important focus. You will feel much better once the drug is out of you system and you will be able to think clearer. Keep the advise mentioned here and stay on top of vitamins.
Avatar n tn Any thing I can do to support you I will, I myself am trying to come off these things but where I ****** up was I started eating the 100 mcg patches, at my worse I was eating 3 patches a day I was taking in over 30 millagrams a day of Fentanyl I am now down to to one 100 mcg patch a day, so I am taking in 10 millagrams a day.
Avatar m tn Hi everybody. I have been prescribed Fentanyl for the last 12-months. I was up to 75mcg/hr per 72-hours, and have tapered down over the last month, and started today on 12.5mcg/hr per 72-hours. My original condition was intracranial hypertension which required a few rounds of brain surgery - all good now, and the head pain is gone (thank goodness).
Avatar f tn i am on my 13th day from detoxing from 150mcg of fentanyl. i need to know why since the detox, my eyes are burning and watery, very sensitive to any light. ive been trying to make myself deal with it and get used to it....not working. also now i am finally hungry and very thirsty well i was happy i had a good meal and then felt pain in my stomach like i ate an elephant.
874891 tn?1240436020 How will I know when im ready to start subozone, and can I take Clonidine while Im in withdraw from the Fentanyl, How many hours from fentanyl to suboxzone.Please Im anxiuos to start, I have A Grand child on the way thank you for any advice!!
Avatar m tn I was on 1200mcg's of Actiq per day until I found this forum. I am now on the fentanyl patch 25mcgs to manage my cancer pain. I am due to possibly start a chemo regimen that will have about a 50/50 chance of killing me. I was abusing the actiq, because I could take as much as I wanted to numb my senses. I decided that I didn't want the w/d's drug stealing, and all the other bullshet that came with it, when my scrip had run out. Got sick of being sick.
Avatar f tn Then morphine. 60 milligrams like every other day. Quit those. But like 10 days ago I got some fentanyl patches. Not perscribed, but ive been cutting them in fours and eating the gel. Like a patch a day for 10 days. This was before I read all the bad stuff on fentanyl. I agree it was extremely bone headed to do this. And I'm stopping. My question is how bad will the withdrawal be after only taking it for a little more than a week. I took something called kratom to help with the morphine.
8829133 tn?1400871513 I have been on 50 mcg Fentanyl (change 48hrs) for about 4 or 5 months and I have such fatigue with it I cannot stand it anymore. It does help a little with the pain (not so many ups and downs, trying to catch up to the pain in the morning, etc), but I may as well be in pain because I have been in bed for 2 months. do not even have the energy for a shower. I do take one, but it takes everything I have and I rush to fall into bed before I can even get dressed.
Avatar n tn my father is on the Fentanyl patch and oxycodone and is experiencing the side effects of not eating, sweating; weakness- he is wasting away. His legs are numb from knees down and has extreme pain in his hands from neopathy. Is there any help out there?
Avatar f tn ) One other question about Fentanyl, if anyone has experienced it, do you eat a lot? I've gone from hardly eating anything on the oxycodone to feeling like I'm eating all the time!! Off to make the burgers for the kids and my dad. I've done takeout 4 nights in a row; so I don't dare do it again tonight!!!
Avatar f tn I am on my 13th day from detoxing from 150mcg of fentanyl. i need to know why since the detox, my eyes are burning and watery, very sensitive to any light. ive been trying to make myself deal with it and get used to it....not working. also now i am finally hungry and very thirsty . well i was happy i had a good meal and then felt pain in my stomach like i ate an elephant.
Avatar m tn I have been on the fentanyl patches since 2003 and am up to the 100 mg/h patch for the past year. I still have breakthrough pain and take percocets 10/325 twice a day. My physician refered me to a pain management Dr. because he said as a GP he couldn't prescribe anything stronger and on my 1st appt. with the pain mgt dr. he said he wants me to enter detox right away as he believes the medication is actualy causing the pain to be worse. I am stunned.
Avatar n tn Fentanyl is a mean drug to w/d from. I am wearing a 25mcg and a 12mcg patch now. I was going to go down to just the 25 but I have a sore throat and a slight fever, so my Dr. said to wait until next patch change which will be Sunday. It's good to talk with other fentanyl users because there aren't many of us. I think I could ring the neck of the nurse practitioner who put them on me to start with. She did it for post op pain and after the first few days I didn't have much pain.
3112530 tn?1434035633 It has been a month today that I have quit the fentanyl patch (50mcg) and I have been prescribed diazipam to help with the anxiety 1/2 tab 3times a day but I only take this as needed when the anxiety gets rough. The sleeping is the worst part. The legs kicking is getting better but sporadic sleeping but at least I am getting a couple of hours now and then. I take vitamins, force myself to eat, take walks when ever possible, baths, and even take Melatonin (over the counter).
Avatar m tn Hello, recently detoxed at facility for Fentanyl Addiction. Now on Subs. And outpatient rehab. It has been 3-4 months. My dose is 3-2mgs per 24 hours. Last two days, I am at 2-2mgs per 24 hours. I want off this crap! Most all others in my rehab. are on 2-8mgs per 24 hrs, i think my dose is good, isnt it? they actually made mistake at detox, gave me 2mgs, they meant to give me 8mgs. i reacted well and felt good. After clinic discovered issue they wanted to up my dose asap to 8mgs.
Avatar f tn Hello all, I'm in trouble and in a lot of need for help, advice and hopefull words. I'm addicted to Fentanyl for 6 months now. Before that I took temgesic 0.2 (= same as subutex/suboxone). I didn't use those meds with 'the help' of a doctor but got them in my hands by the illegal way... I only have 2 25ug and 2 50ug fentanyl patches and some tramadols and it's all gone.
Avatar n tn I've noticed that they are kind of stuck on how to correct it since surgeries have made it worse so they are very good at dishing out pain killers. i've been on actiq-fentanyl lozenges for about 3 years. I used to also be on the patches but quit those. I'm also on methadone. 20 mg-4 times a day. I have been taking 6 + 600mcg suckers a day and i'm trying to get off of them. I take 50mg methadone right now and i'm down to 2 suckers a day. that was a big difference from 1 1/2 weeks ago.
906738 tn?1251014078 It takes a long time for the Fentanyl to leave the system. It has a very long 1/2 life. If you are using the Fentanyl on a regular basis and then stop abruptly only using the Norco, your body is going to react in an unpleasant way. Fentanyl is very strong and Norco cannot replace that. Strange......... Well, I guess I don't have any answers for you at this point.
1176986 tn?1264921442 anyway, I just was switched from 80mg Oxycontin 3x daily, (because it didn't work anymore, provided no more pain relief) and now am taking 50mcg/hr Fentanyl every 72 hours for a week, and if no pain relief, I am to up it to two patches every 72 hours... The problem, I am getting no relief whatsoever, does this mean I am tolerant to narcotics? I am starting to freak out, because why doesn't it work?
Avatar n tn My husband is on the 100mcg fentanyl patch and has been (on various doses) for 3 years now, he is going through something terrible, we are constantly in the ER because he has withdrawal WHILE WEARING THE PATCH. Recently his doctor decided that he might get in trouble for what he's doing to my husband and cut him off cold turkey.
1524811 tn?1333244901 I am currently 23 weeks pregnant, on 100 mcg per 2 days of Fentanyl & due to a miscalculation by my dr have NO meds for at least 3 days. How dangerous is this to my unborn child? How bad is the withdrawal gonna be, how long will it last & what withdrawal symptoms should I expect? I'm EXTREMELY scared for the safety of my unborn child as well as myself. I have 2 other kids that I am raising on my own & need to know what to expect. PLEASE HELP !!
Avatar m tn Detoxing from fentanyl as been the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life!! The first week was a living hell.... I cant even describe the pain and anguish i was in. I was basicaly in a fetal position puking, sweating , shakeing, my bones felt like the were on fire and I had cramps so bad i could only crawl to use the toliet... i wont even go into how messed up I was in my head.... I basically wanted to die! Well it's been 4 weeks and all the above is over...
1264863 tn?1391121793 So it may be now that your pain is more controlled on the Fentanyl you are less stressed and eating better. Stress can alone can cause weight loss, for varying reasons. Additionally certain medications seem to change our metabolism. As we say so often on this site we all react differently .... and what may cause me to gain weight may not cause the same in you... and vise versa. I'd take a look at your Caloric intake. and your activity levels. Do they differ since you have been on Fentanyl?
Avatar m tn I would imagine you'll experience withdrawal symptoms long before you have an appointment. Chewing or eating used patches is not recommended -- who knows what's in there besides Fentanyl, which metabolizes very quickly. There is also the danger of dose dumping -- getting a large bolus of F. from chewing the patch. Wouldn't it be better for you to come clean re: problems with patch falling off?
Avatar n tn I am on my sixth day without any fentanyl at all. I have been on it for almost 5 YEARS. I had a terrible car accident in 2003 and have been on as much as 75 mcg. every 48 hours. I have been tapering down since about March of this year, and did the "cut the patch" thing (with MYLAN only) on the 25's for about a month and got it down to about a third of a patch for about 2 weeks and then nothing. I am miserable.
1658626 tn?1302460419 I have been on Fentanyl for almost 2 years, 100ug every 72 hours. I find that I have been replacing the patch every two days, which results in running out. I try to tell myself that I am going to run out, but I do it anyway - Is this normal, or am I crazy? I don't like the addiction, the strongest meds I took before the patch was ibuprofen. I had surgery on my neck in 2008 and it seems to have created new equally as painful issues.