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Avatar m tn In fact it should be the complete opposite with the patient not getting a wink in at all for quite a long time (particularly since you are on a high dose of fentanyl). The eating varies between different people. Some can't keep anything down and extreme vomiting is common, others are fine with food. It seems to depend on the exact opiate that said person was taking to some extent, I myself was taking oxycontin and that was fine for food.
Avatar f tn They are givin me fentanyl. Which is a narcotic. But am i back at square one? Im still expieriencin the withdraws.
Avatar m tn I am into day 4 of no fentanyl {was using 200 mcg} for years. Trying my best to not go insane. Anyone want to chat?
Avatar f tn i am on my 13th day from detoxing from 150mcg of fentanyl. i need to know why since the detox, my eyes are burning and watery, very sensitive to any light. ive been trying to make myself deal with it and get used to it....not working. also now i am finally hungry and very thirsty well i was happy i had a good meal and then felt pain in my stomach like i ate an elephant.
Avatar f tn Due to medical problems I have been on pain medication for at least 30 years, I am 60 at this time, 5 weeks ago had 2nd knee replacement, I have tried many times to get off Methadone, I usually run out before prescription is due and suffer severe w/d. Like everyone else I do not want to be tied to this drug, it is the worse, I have been on it about 5 years.
Avatar f tn I am wondering if anyone on high doses of fentanyl 175mcg for extreme pain has died going cold turkey and this doesn't mean the side effects which are like death so i have read. Or has anyone who used fentanyl for extreme pain committed suicide due to the withdrawal.
Avatar f tn Then morphine. 60 milligrams like every other day. Quit those. But like 10 days ago I got some fentanyl patches. Not perscribed, but ive been cutting them in fours and eating the gel. Like a patch a day for 10 days. This was before I read all the bad stuff on fentanyl. I agree it was extremely bone headed to do this. And I'm stopping. My question is how bad will the withdrawal be after only taking it for a little more than a week. I took something called kratom to help with the morphine.
Avatar m tn Hi everybody. I have been prescribed Fentanyl for the last 12-months. I was up to 75mcg/hr per 72-hours, and have tapered down over the last month, and started today on 12.5mcg/hr per 72-hours. My original condition was intracranial hypertension which required a few rounds of brain surgery - all good now, and the head pain is gone (thank goodness).
3112530 tn?1434032033 I was 150lbs when I started taking Fentanyl for pain issue. Fentanyl caused me to go down to 108lbs and have stopped the Fentanyl almost a year now. Currently 126 but want to go back to my previous weight. Was taking ensure but have lactose tolerant problems. How do I gain back the weight? Trying to eat a lot more pasta that I love but noting happening. Stuck at 126lbs for almost 6 months now. Any advise?
Avatar m tn Detoxing from fentanyl as been the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life!! The first week was a living hell.... I cant even describe the pain and anguish i was in. I was basicaly in a fetal position puking, sweating , shakeing, my bones felt like the were on fire and I had cramps so bad i could only crawl to use the toliet... i wont even go into how messed up I was in my head.... I basically wanted to die! Well it's been 4 weeks and all the above is over...
Avatar f tn I detoxed of 75 mcg every 48 hours of Fentanyl. All I can say is go VERY slowly. What kind of patch do you have? Fentanyl withdrawal is a bit different than other opiates. Not as bad as methadone but pretty tough in it's own right. But it can be done. At times I tried to go too quickly and that was a huge mistake. follow the Thomas Recipe and above all, keep yourself as hydrated as possible. Best of luck. You can message me if you like.
Avatar n tn How lon were yiu on it? Did you taper at all? It can take a while. It is one of the more difficult drugs to come off. If you read some of the posts on the substance abusenforum, you will find anlot of tips on helping make the withdrawal symptoms more tolerable.
1264863 tn?1391118193 So it may be now that your pain is more controlled on the Fentanyl you are less stressed and eating better. Stress can alone can cause weight loss, for varying reasons. Additionally certain medications seem to change our metabolism. As we say so often on this site we all react differently .... and what may cause me to gain weight may not cause the same in you... and vise versa. I'd take a look at your Caloric intake. and your activity levels.
Avatar f tn Do you think that the Fentanyl or combo of Fentanyl and Norco helped in suppressing your appetite any? Hope your evening is pain free!!
1658626 tn?1302456819 I have been on Fentanyl for almost 2 years, 100ug every 72 hours. I find that I have been replacing the patch every two days, which results in running out. I try to tell myself that I am going to run out, but I do it anyway - Is this normal, or am I crazy? I don't like the addiction, the strongest meds I took before the patch was ibuprofen. I had surgery on my neck in 2008 and it seems to have created new equally as painful issues.
Avatar m tn How can I help someone close to me get through withdrawal from fentanyl and other pain medications. He has bravely informed us of his addictions, the most recent being 50 mcg fentanyl , one a day for 7 days. I realize that this is a pain management forum. However, sometimes it gets in the wrong hands and is abused. This is a young person who is FINALLY seeking help. He already had a "quiet history" of drug and alcohol abuse. Then he hurt his back and the doctor put him on pain meds.
Avatar f tn I still have severe pain on walking, pain on eating and peripheral neuropathy, but fentanyl never took it away 100% and I want a Fentanyl Fog Free life.
Avatar f tn I know this thread goes YEARS back, but I just read all of this and wanted to post my story. Separate from this, but I do want to add, I've had chronic migraines about 4x per week for the past 12 years. I am a 22 year old female and 1 year ago, literally out of nowhere, I started having chest pains. It felt like I was having a heart attack! My heart area was so tender, I couldn't even lay on my left side. That day, I went to the ER. They did an EKG, X-Ray, Blood work, everything.
Avatar f tn I am now day 9 of detox and have been eating only ensures and water up till yesterday then had some soup and yogurt just fine..well today i cant even drink water without it feeling like i have shards of glass in my tummy and its so bad i cant even sit straight up for a second..what should i do?? anyone know..I tried pepto but nothing..
Avatar f tn I am starting my withdrawal and it stinks. It's way different than coming off Fentanyl- more nauseous less shakes - at least for the first day. Jeez- I can't believe I am going through this for the second time this month. God give me the strength.
Avatar f tn My PM doctor was prescribing 50 mcg fentanyl patches to be applied every three days. They were going to give me a urine screen, but I have interstitial cystitis and a neurogenic bladder. I was unable to provide enough urine, so the nurse gave me water to drink. I was on my way back to the bathroom, when someone other than the nurse stopped me to say I was having a saliva test. I went back to the room and continued to drink water, because I have dry mouth from taking Lyrica and Lamotrigine.
Avatar f tn I am crave peanut butter so bad since coming off fentanyl??? It just has so many calories and fat in it. The last thing I want to do in all this is gain weight cuz that will make me so depressed.
Avatar n tn I've been wearing or eating fentanyl for many years.(25 to 50 mc's a day) My question still is, how long does it take to get fent. out of your system. I've been taking methdn and hardly any fent. Can anyone tell me how long it may take to get fent out of my system. So far I've only used 10 to 20 units of methdn a day. I know the worst is yet to come, but would like to know what to expect.
Avatar f tn ( I just noticed something and am wondering about it. Since I started the Fentanyl patch last week, whenever I take my BT meds (oxycodone), I end up with a headache and sort of long-lasting hot flash. I never felt like this before. Initially I chalked the hot flash up to the humidity here (though I've always been a cold person and never minded the heat. Now I find myself putting the air conditioning on, which I NEVER do.) The headache goes away pretty much if I take 800 mg. ibuprofen.
Avatar m tn Hi folks! I been on patches for the last 4 weeks and need to get off them. I started with 25mcg but got up to 100mcg fairly quickly. Feeling weird weird on these and thinking it's just the start up feelings from the Fentanyl. I'm also on on Celexa and that apparently is not a good combo. So i asked the Doc to get off the Fentanyl and he said OK and gave me my normal dose of Vicoprofen. Of course i'm having big time whidrawls from not being on the Fentanyl.