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Avatar f tn the other way I know of is to change to suboxone, BUT ONLY ALLOW A DOCTOR TO TAPER YOU DOWN ON IT OVER 21 DAYS, or you will put yourself in a much harder situation than the Fentanyl. I am aware how addictive fentanyl is.. Opana is in the same category (or classification) as Fentanyl (and heroin), so these are intense drugs...... the problem is to find a doctor that really understands Suboxone......please read about it on my doctor's website. He has an article on there about suboxone.
Avatar f tn Hi. I was prescribed Fentanyl Patches for severe osteoarthritis,rheumatoid arth. and degenerative disc disease. the Dr. wanted to put me on 50`s but I refused and he put me on 25`s. The 25`s made me so sick he decreased them to 12`s. I have had serious sweats and nausea from the beginning but have had some pain relief. I talked to the Dr. about the side effects and he basically ridiculed me about it. I stopped going to him and now my family practice dr prescribes them.
2030686 tn?1351688548 Does anybody know what the early classifications were before hep c? He was born in 1966 and contracted hep b as a child. Is it possible that he had hep c and they just didn't know about it yet? I assume I got the hep c either from him or other people we "partied with". I never used needles but he had so I just assume he had hep c as well. I just don't understand how I could have one and not the other.
Avatar n tn BIRADS classification is applied for each breast independent or sum of both breasts? e.
1431003 tn?1283341073 from 1998 American Heart Association Classification of Stroke Outcome Task Force has worked to develop a valid and reliable global classification system that accurately summarizes the neurological impairments, disabilities, and handicaps that occur after stroke.
Avatar f tn The World Health Organization is responsible for applied codes relating to disease/illness. This is defined for classification of a recognized disease/illness, used by physicians and for deciding disabilities. In 1992 FMS held the classification of: Rheumatism, unspecified. In 2009 they developed another International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD 10-CM), which will be implemented in 2013.
Avatar f tn I found an article on a new proposed classification system for SLE which includes fever in the criteria. The poll results are favour of the scheme - 71%. "CONFERENCE COVERAGE New classification system for systemic lupus erythematosus moves forward Publish date: July 20, 2017 By Michele G.
Avatar n tn What is the generic name, chemical name, classification and contraindications for Lyvoxil?
1233210 tn?1267684288 The most widely used classification of uveitis is the one devised by the International Uveitis Study Group (IUSG) in 1987, based on the anatomical location of the inflammation. This classification includes anterior uveitis (iritis, iridocyclitis, and anterior cyclitis), intermediate uveitis (para planitis, posterior cyclitis, and hyalitis), and posterior uveitis (focal, multifocal, or diffuse choroiditis, chorioretinitis, retinitis, and neuroretinitis).
Avatar n tn PT2.PNO (I-).PMX. We do not understand this classification. Also there was no other tumors anywhere else. A PET and a CAT scan was done and the one tumor was it. There is a disagreement as to whether radiation and chemo should be done. We do not see the point since everything else was fine. Could you help us understand the situation better. Both the surgeon and oncologist says they have never seen this type before due to its rarity. Thank you for shedding any light on this for us.
Avatar n tn AIDS definition is when ones CD4 drops down to 200 or less or one has a low CD4 but also has an O.I. Once you are in the AIDS classification it no longer matters how high you CD4 level gets, your classification will stay as having AIDS. If you don't care for the term AIDS, you can use Advance HIV Disease it means the same.
Avatar f tn So what I am trying to figure out is if that means I do have heart disease. Or if class I is what people without heart disease goes into.
Avatar m tn Fourteen months ago, my wife was diagnosed with LIVER SIDEROSIS. Or how to write that diagnose doctors from Kiev (Ukraine) in the survey conclusion: regenerative (siderotico) nodules, according to the classification LI-RADS-LR2. Destructions indicate the presence of Fe and / or Cu. I didn't get any consultation from our doctors about the medical treatment of the disease, they only offer maintenance treatment and liver transplantation (but the transplant surgery is very expensive for us).
Avatar f tn In general, in the USA, about 20% of biopsies performed come back with confirmed malignancy. The BIRADS classification refines that somewhat, with BIRADS 3 being mostly benign (80% or better coming back benign), whereas the BIRADS 5 category having statistics somewhere in the range (quite variable in this category) of 60% to greater than 95% confirmed malignancy).
Avatar f tn I am going to get off the Fentanyl patches and put on Methadone using Suboxone as a bridge .I have never heard of this med called Suboxone.I am on 200mcg of Fentanyl how long will it take to get off the fentanyl?
Avatar n tn The stages vary from one cancer to the other. This was just a broad classification. Please let me know what type of cancer is it? Then I will be in a better position to answer your question.
Avatar n tn My 16 yr old son had a stent placed via catherter in his descending aorta to fix a coartation (restriction). He has also been diagnosed with a "mildly" dilated ascending aorta and bicuspid aortic valve (with a "trivial" gradient). One month after the stent procedure, he had a cardiac and head MRI which found nothing unusual. We await a stress test which will occur ~3 months out from the procedure, which we hope will allow him to return to competitive baseball.
7150746 tn?1388570705 Correct Classification of Bronchial carcinoma.The report says C/W(compatible with)Bronchial Adenocarcinoma,a type of Non squamous cell carcinoma.But there are other subtypes like Acinar adenocarcinoma, Papillary adenocarcinoma,Bronchioloalveolar adenocarcinoma,Solid adenocarcinoma with mucin production with repeated Cyto histological examination by a pathologist. Classification of Lung Cancer is very important to plan treatment or management.
Avatar n tn You might be referring to the New York Heart Association (NYHA) Functional Classification. This is a simple way of classifying the extent of heart failure. It puts patients into four categories based on how much they are limited during physical activity. These limitations/symptoms are in regards to normal breathing and varying degrees in shortness of breath and/or angina pain. Class III is defined as: Marked limitation in activity due to symptoms, even during less-than-ordinary activity, e.g.
Avatar m tn Good morning everyone Recently an aunt was diagnosed with 1.6mm superficial extensor melanoma, stage 2 and level IV, according to Clark's classification. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor, and the investigation was negative for lymphoma. What are the chances that it will be 100% cured and what are the risks of that tumor coming back?
Avatar m tn If the pain is still there, obviously the Fentanyl is not working and you need to address what is actually happening. Fentanyl CAN relieve pain, depending... It also dopes up your mind and body. You have no way of knowing this until you can think clearly and the Fentanyl prevents that clear thinking. Find out what is really going on and GET OFF THE FENTANYL, THIS STUFF IS DANGEROUS!
Avatar n tn interactions between prozac and fentanyl. My husbands meds were recently doubled. Prozac now 40mg and fentanyl 50mcg. and he is now talking in his sleep every night and constantly scratching at himself in his sleep.