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624839 tn?1221807899 I am currently battling Recurrent Ewing's Sarcoma and to manage the pain I am on Fentora (Fentanyl Buccal tablets). No matter how drowsy this medication makes me sleep just doesn't exist with me. I was curious to know if anyone knew if I would be able to take Fentora and another medication containing Diphenhydramine to help me gain sleep as well. I have spoken to my Dr.
Avatar m tn I do have dilaudid 4mg tabs with directions that say 2 tabs every 4 hours (max 8 tabs) I also take Methadone 10mg twice a day ( which I was on HUGE doses, I have been able over the last 4 years to switch from 175 mcg of fentanyl to methadone. I also take Clonazepam 1 mg twice a day for anxiety. Excuse my misspelling, I am literally falling asleep while to type, I have had no sleep for 4 days because of the knee.
1271743 tn?1320892461 For breakthrough I am going to ask about the Actiq lollipop, awesome idea. I asked about the fentanyl buccal tablet, He would not prescribed the tablets b/c he said even though they are quick dissolve up to 800mcg each. They are very fast acting they do not last long enough to take care of a breakthrough episode of a chronic pain patient. It was designed more for cancer pain b/c of the length of breakthrough pain episodes. I wear a brace everyday.
Avatar m tn How often daily does he need the diazepam and the fentanyl now? The opana does the same thing as the fentanyl - - keep those as far apart as you can. Dont mix the lunesta and the diazepam in too close a dose. They will also mirror each others affects. Sounds like Doc Jeff could help a little more if he knew how many of what and at what times he takes them. You have a couple that are used for pain and a couple along the nerve pill line.
Avatar m tn I have been using fentanyl subliminal (?) Tablet 400mcg for approximately 1 year when I was switched to the Subsys fentanyl 1600 mcg spray. I was on this spray for 1 year. I was abruptly taken off of this medicine (cold turkey). My only saving grace was some 200 mg Nucynta tablets that I had used for break through pain ( Friday through Tuesday) I used these tablets until the doctor could see me last Tuesday @ 2:45PM. I have been given 60 MG morphine sulfate and 8 MG hydromorphone.
Avatar n tn Daily I've been getting small white/clear films/strings appearing on my buccal mucosa on the right or left or sometimes both sides. Preceding the onset of the film/strings my mouth feels a little dry for some time. Then several hours later I see this material accumulate on my buccal mucosa only. It does not form or spread anywhere else in the mouth, not on the tongue (laterally, dorsally, ventrally etc), not on the floor or the mouth or the tonils or posterior pharyngeal wall etc.
Avatar m tn 2- #9 has very thin buccal bone.. if all is ok and the tooth is healthy, I would leave it alone. Many of the teeth in this region will have very thin bone on the buccal.. that is just the way they are for most of us.. so unless there is clinical need I would not go in there. 3- As far as gum grafting.. it can be done at the time of impant placement, and it may need to be done again later.. there is no gaurantee either way.
Avatar f tn Dilaudid and Opana IR are the only IR pills stronger than oxycodone on the market. The next tier up would be the fentanyl lollipops or buccal tablets. Good luck. Let us know how things go.
Avatar m tn 100 mcg Fentanyl patches every 48 hrs. with 400 mcg Fentora (sub-buccal med, very fast acting). Needless to say, I've been out of my pain meds for almost 3 weeks; spent a week in the hospital where they started me on Suboxone, which by the way, did absolutely NOTHING for my pain (but it is a good med for those with opioid addiction & drug seeking behaviors, which I am either).
1219328 tn?1266881841 I have been weaning off fentanyl patches and i put my last one on today. Its exciting and scary....dont know whats ahead of me. I am still on the percs....weaning off of those also. I am down to 6 a day from abt 10 a day. I am weaning slowly reducing it half a tablet every week. Can anyone tell me if the withdrawals from fentanyl will be much worse after I stop applying the patch? I am only on 6mcg (I cut my 12.5 in half). Like I said...i have been weaning off slowly to this point....
Avatar f tn does a buccal swab paternity test test for any stds hiv etc while conducting the test.....
Avatar n tn I have been taking ultram 2x and lortab 3x daily for 2 yrs.Doctor continues to ask me if I would start fentanyl therapy,which I have tried and only helps for 2 days and not 3 days which the dosage is set at.I have declined the fentanyl treatment and now DR. wants me to see surgeon for my cervical stenosis.My neck is only a part of my problems.I first started pain management for leg pain which still continues.
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Avatar f tn Hi, I just joined and am uncertain of how these posts work exactly, but I hope I can find some help or guidance. I suffer from chronic pain and I was just prescribed fentanyl patches. My husband and I are trying to conceive and my question is whether it is safe to conceive while on the patch and of the patch effects fertility?
Avatar m tn I am a 28 yrs old guy, who had right knee total knee replacement at 2005. ever since then I have terrible pain following me. I have tried many different pain medication and even TENS unit, all of those didn't work. After trying all those option at yr 2009 my pain management doctor offered me to tried "FENTANYL PATCH." FENTANYL PATCH really help. Before the FENTANYL PATCH, I use to took 8 -11 tablet NORCO (325mg/10) per day for pain.
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1386676 tn?1280247305 Hello All I was wondering if anybody else out there has had any experiences of using fentanyl patches (especially uk durogesic and matrifen users that were previously on tilofyl or other brand gel based patches) that have had problems with withdrawal symptoms either from faulty patches, changeing to a different patch brand or changing over from oral morphine or other strong oral opioids like oxycodone, methadone, or dipipanone ? Which brand or type works best for you ?
Avatar f tn also one more point fentanyl patches are a very long acting preperation of fentanyl (the fentanyl continues releasing the drug into your bloodstream for a while after last patch is removed ) so its withdrawals are a lot longer than if you was on the fentanyl buccal talets , pain sticks or lozenges and are more compareable to methadone withdrawals although probably not as intense. hope thers somthing there thats helpfull to you !
Avatar f tn My stricture was 2cm and did not require a buccal graft. My main problems are 1)cathetar as it is incredibly uncomfortable, 2) lungs seem to have some build up due to anesthesia causing difficulty breathing and talking, 3) bleeding by tip of penis and cathetar, 4) swollen testicles, 5) day 4 and no bowel movement. Anyone experienced these symptoms and could offer solutions/remedies?
Avatar n tn m eating 200 tablets of THYROXMORM than what whappen?
Avatar f tn Your descriptions suggest irritation fibroma on buccal mucosa. Seeing an oral surgeon is advisd.
Avatar f tn It appears that you have a long-standing non-wipable white lesion on buccal mucosa. Seeing an oral pathologist is advised.
Avatar f tn this is the situation. I had back spinal surgery and as a result I am on fentanyl duragesic patches 25 mcg. Well, I was having a problem with a patch staying on and eventually (the morning of the second day)it fell off,and after trying to reach my dr and only reaching the answering service I took one of my husbands oxycodone ir .5 tablets.