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Avatar f tn He claims he doesn't sleep, but I have laid next to him for hours and he isn't moving and I can tell he is sleeping. He does get up and down from be; restroom, smoking, and to eat, but not much of anything else but watching tv when he is awake. I am at my last end over what is going on. Can anyone help me? He was taking other medication and I was able to get him to give them up because they didn't seem to be helping anyway. The patch doesn't seem to help either in my opinion.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have been taking fentanyl for aprox. 8 yrs and have been on 150mcg every 48 hrs. I started weaning off at 25 mcg at a time. After getting below 100mcgs all hell started. Then I was so miserable and when I was cut to 50mcg I couldnt stand it anymore so decided to do cold turkey just to get it over with. I was like I wanted to die from all the withdrawal symptons. It now has been 30 days and still feel like ****.
Avatar n tn I have been off fentanyl and orals opiates for a month. I am having a hard time with anxiety, depression. how long will this last?
9258244 tn?1402976053 Hey there- I totally understand where you are coming from and regret sorely that I allowed my pain management doc to prescribe me fentanyl. It made me weepy and depressed and it was VERY hard to come off of. I was on 75 mcg/48 hrs. I tapered down to 50 then 25 then I switched to a short acting opiate to taper further before I went cold turkey at 100 mg of oxy. It wasn't pleasant, in fact it was awful, but I had the luxury of full 24 hour family support and no responsibilities at the time.
Avatar n tn I was on it for a couple of years and I could not get my rx on time one time and it was awful. I was just changed from Fentanyl to MsContin and felt no withdrawls at all... but if I were to stop the MsContin I would go into withdrawal... when you use one drug to get off another it prolongs the ending that was coming all along... there will be some withdrawl. Fentanyl is very powerful and so MsContin... anyway you look at it. Good Luck!
516810 tn?1211593806 For the past year I have been taking 75 mcg fentanyl patches every three days.I need and want to stop and get back to living a clean FUN life.I don't get them by prescription so I can not goto a dr to taper off.I have tried on my own and it was total HELL! The thought of those feelings again scares me to death.I read about Suboxone and wonder if someone here can tell me how it worked for them.Also money wise how much did it run?
Avatar m tn I was on Ambien CR, and Xanax as well, but had stopped them in December, so I think part of it could have been rebound effects from stopping them as well. I just take Ibuprofen now, other than the Xanax I took last night for an MRI. One time deal.
8829133 tn?1400871513 I also take up to 3 1 mg xanax and up to 4 percocet for bt pain a day (10/325) I do not take the xanax during the day unless I feel my heart start beating strangely. I have a very high tolerance to opiate medication and I get tolerant pretty quickly, but I REFUSE to up the dose of the patch. Is there another long acting opiate medication I could take instead of the patch?? If so, will I suffer wd's if I am taking something else to replace it???
Avatar f tn I had a gallbladder attack the end of March which lead to pancreatitis (the stone got stuck in the duct leading to pancreas) and a month long stay in the hospital 2 and a half hours away from my boyfriend, one year old and all the rest of my family. When discharged the end of April I was given scrips for fentanyl 50 and liquid morphine(I had a feeding tube nothing by mouth) the morphine was comparable to quitting Tylenol no problems at all.
Avatar f tn Fentanyl can be extremely hard to come off. Withdrawals typically last longer than other drugs, other than suboxone and methadone. I came off Fentanyl a few years ago and it was very rough. It would be great for him to involve his doctor because he can prescribe Clonidine which helps with some of the physical symptoms. They may even give him gabapentin, which also helps with withdrawal and is non-narcotic. The Imodium will also help. Staying hydrated is really important.
Avatar m tn The thing is, my w/d's are VERY mild this time around! I was really expecting to go to hell and back with this fentanyl withdrawal but so far it has been 10x easier than my oxy withdrawals I went through last year. Anyone have any theories why my w/d this time around has not been nearly as bad as last time? I have been dependent for about 4 months this time around, using mainly oxy/dilaudid/fentanyl but I havent had oxy in awhile mainly just fentanyl and dilaudid.
2178523 tn?1337622545 I feel as if I need something. Depending on my pain level, I will either just take 1 mg of Xanax or an oxy. And then everything goes away. How long will this last? I don't think I will ever be able to stop everything because I have panic attacks and I grind my teeth really bad without the Xanax, which gives me really bad migraines and am in quite a bit of pain. But I'd like to get down to the minimum amount of drugs as possible. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
2178523 tn?1337622545 I don't think I will ever be able to stop everything because I have panic attacks and I grind my teeth really bad without the Xanax, which gives me really bad migraines and am in quite a bit of pain. But I'd like to get down to the minimum amount of drugs as possible. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
1472771 tn?1286899080 I have some Xanax (anxiety disorder) but need to know what to expect and tips and how to get through this withdrawl period. (Doc told me to "hang in there and deal with it"~nice......) So I really need some help and I am very grateful to anyone who can help me get through this.
4958267 tn?1372589589 I was clean from Alcohol/Xanax for almost 2 months and recently relapsed for about 4 days maybe 5 drinking liquor and taking xanax bars throughout the day/night and it's been 2 days since I've had a drink or taken Xanax.I would like some input on what to do?Should I take a very low dose of Xanax alone(without alcohol of course)?I feel the W/D symptoms and having trouble sleep would it really set me back if I took a minor dose?
Avatar f tn It will be like getting almost home and starting the trip at the beginning. Please keep posting and asking questions and telling your story. It helps. All the best.
Avatar f tn If the hydrocodone left you suffering in pain most of the time and unable to do things, the fentanyl should definitely be much stronger and should help you have a more normal life. On the flip side, you don't want to be so drugged that you don't do anything either. So if the 25 mcg/hr patch feels too strong after giving it a full month to stabilize in your system, you can talk to your doctor about the 12.5 mcg/hr patch.
Avatar f tn I just came off Fentanyl- It completely changed my personality and I started to isolate- and it was hard. I was also taking oxycodone and for the first 11 days I went CT off everything hoping that my pain would settle and I would be able to get by using OTC medication. I ended up getting back on percs after 11 days and those 11 days were the hardest and most grueling experience I ever had. It was torture. My Mom helped with the kids for the first 5 days.
5602432 tn?1370732540 I had a friend accidentally OD because he mixed the wrong medications (not Fentanyl) his Doc gave him he took them went sleep and never woke up. They were Xanax and another one that slowed his breathing can't remember what it was. I have never taken Fentanyl before and it slows your breathing along with several others I take.
Avatar f tn I'll give a big ditto to everything Ray just said. I've used the fentanyl patch for nearly 4 years and it's been a lifesaver. You are going through terrible withdrawal, and your doctor never should have allowed you to quit cold turkey. The fault here lies with the doctor in my opinion. There was no reason for you to suffer through withdrawal. Find a different doctor, and get your pain treated. Life is too short to have to live it in chronic pain when you don't have to.
Avatar n tn How do you afford the fentanyl and/or something like Oxycontin. My doc would give me Oxy's but there is no generic and I cannot afford them...same for fentanyl. However, my insurance (Avmed) "might" help with the lollipops but I have to get them pre-authorized so I will take the form with me next week. What is a good starting dose? I am 46, female, a homemaker (so no driving to a job and back), 5'6.5" and about 158 lbs. I just want to feel better!
Avatar n tn The doctor told me that the fentanyl has been gone from my system and prescribed me some xanax for anxiety for my surgery this week. I was able to sleep all night last night, the first time since june 4th. ( It felt good!) I was able to open up my throat and pop it down and drank some water. My dad was like 50 before he could swallow pills. My sister can swallow big huge pills 4 to a time so we are totally different. I will remember the ice cream trick.
1182133 tn?1266855131 what u r doing is very do-able and many have done this..fentanyl is a tough drug to kick....\and u seem to be well into it..and doing well in the process..give urself a huge PAT on the shoulder and keep moving forward..
Avatar n tn I was nearing 15+Vike ES a day in daily consumption. 2. (or) Continue to zone myself witn Xanax, and the very recently perscribed Ambien,(1 pill #10 MG p/nite, that I admit I am already upping it to 15-30 MG per/nite, in these initial few days. Work is stressful, most particularly in this next month, this it is a conundrum (sp) and why I look here for advice. Any help.
1176986 tn?1264921442 anyway, I just was switched from 80mg Oxycontin 3x daily, (because it didn't work anymore, provided no more pain relief) and now am taking 50mcg/hr Fentanyl every 72 hours for a week, and if no pain relief, I am to up it to two patches every 72 hours... The problem, I am getting no relief whatsoever, does this mean I am tolerant to narcotics? I am starting to freak out, because why doesn't it work?
Avatar f tn YES, narcotics can make you feel breathless, but not usually all the time, please see a dr about this ASAP. I take fentanyl 100mcg and BT meds so if you want to talk further about this or anything similar pls contact me or post on the pain management forum. if you stay on a higher dose of narc than your pain requires then you are really risking your tolerance being raised, which will make managing your pain a nightmare.
667923 tn?1421466324 The very first day I took it my head hurt so bad and I was nauseated, so I stopped it for 2 days and was so desperate and thought just maybe I didn't give it a good chance. I take it again at 10:00 am today and I will let you know @ it. By the way, what do you feel @ it? So far what I have read seems to be good or the good outweigh the bad.Oh, I have been prescribed a pres. of Doxyclyine HYC 100mg. and took it one day and stopped. It scared me. I read some serious things @ it.
Avatar m tn This happened to me with a pain management doctor. He had me up tp six oxy a day and fentanyl patches. I have severe back issues and when I told him the epidurals he gave me did not work, he sent me a dismissal letter stating there was nothing more he could do for me. I was so angry, I tossed my pills and took the patch off. I went through hell and it took about a month and a half to feel human again. My anger at him fueled me to get off everything.
Avatar f tn Hi. I was prescribed Fentanyl Patches for severe osteoarthritis,rheumatoid arth. and degenerative disc disease. the Dr. wanted to put me on 50`s but I refused and he put me on 25`s. The 25`s made me so sick he decreased them to 12`s. I have had serious sweats and nausea from the beginning but have had some pain relief. I talked to the Dr. about the side effects and he basically ridiculed me about it. I stopped going to him and now my family practice dr prescribes them.
10840970 tn?1413222001 You can look that up later if you wish. It's difficult to explain. A psychiatrist prescribed me Xanax out the ying yang...and then I lost my insurance due to my husband leaving his job. That's all water under the bridge. Now comes the RIGHT NOW issue. I've told you all of this above BECAUSE I wanted to give out my drug use history..and to kind of come out of the closet as a user. No one...NO ONE knows the extent of my habits.