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Avatar m tn We agreed that with Fentanyl being widely abused, it would be appropriate to get a urine drug screen. Approximately 9 hours after the medication was allegedly administered, I tested negative for opiates. According to the FDA, the half-life of fentanyl is approximately 218 minutes. How many half-lifes would it take before the substance would no longer be detectable in urine? Who would I report this possible issue to? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Yes, I hear from ppl that have failed a drug screen, even while wearing a patch and claiming they have taken their meds as prescribed fairly regularly. I do believe you can have an inaccurate drug test results - but I can't always or often explain it. I suggest you have a long discussion regarding the results of the drug screen with your PMP. I assume she is keeping you as a patient. Please keep in touch and let us know the outcome.
Avatar m tn Tje last time I used was january 6th and I have been 100 percent clean since then. I had a random drug screen that is a urine test that gets sent to a lab so its pretty thorough and I tested positive for fentanyl 3 months after i used last. Is there any explanation for this.
Avatar f tn How close to a urine drug screen would I take my last 500 mcg. Fentanyl Troche for it to show up in my urine?? I happen to have a REALLY bad month & I want to make sure that it shows up positive...I can also explain to my doctor the horrible month I've have (some new pain & also some SERIOUS mental health issues with my son that I'm sure did nothing but make my already bad near daily migraines all the more worse...
Avatar n tn So that is a very big incentive to stay clean, as if he is tested and found pos for even one urine or swab screen, he is taken OFF the list and put back to the bottom, for one year he has to attend groups and N.A. meetings ,etc. The STAKES ARE SO HIGH. Today, the clinic called us back, as we both have had "take home privileges": (6 bottles a week, the top of the line) and the Director herself met with us and told him that he had a positive urine screen last week for FENTANYL.
1381087 tn?1279223327 First off let me say that I've never used Fentanyl ever and haven't had to do a urine test. I do take vicodin for my pain. But what I wanted to say is kind of what you were talking about, I've been reading on the posts lately and it does seem like there are quite a few people that are failing the urine tests with the fentanyl.
906738 tn?1251010478 Hi Lipsie, I am very surprised that both you and your fiancee failed urine drug screens. I'm sorry but I have no suggestions for you. Maybe someone else can come up with a reason that the both of you would fail. Could it be something in your environment or something you are both eating?
Avatar m tn I have been on oxycontin 40mil and oxycodone 10/325 for 13 years . I did a random urine screen for the second time in 4 months and tested positive for marijuana and didn't touch the stuff and never failed one . Now I'm so scared there going to stop giving me my meds and I have severe nerve damage due to chemo that was left running in me for 2 1/2 hours longer than supposed to be . I am burnt from the inside out from head to my feet. My question is can my Dr.
Avatar f tn To provide a concrete evidence for this you can have a urine drug screen done. In regular users this screen should remain positive for two days. Also please ask your doctor or enquire at the lab, if they are using a oxycodone specific product for screening, as the more common opioid screening for morphiods does not detect oxycodone presence. Emphasize for the specific test. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I was on a 75mic patch last year, every 48 hrs, and the pain doc informed me that Fentanyl would not show up on the typical drug screen. I was lucky enough to have never been randomly selected and I am subject to random drug tests. According to him Fentanyl can be found but the test is quite expensive so most screening stations just dont do it. If the drug screen you are going to take is job related I would not chance it.
Avatar f tn I tried fentanyl patch but was very scared of the strength so stopped and wont go back there. How does talwin show on a urine drug test and how effective is it really. Also on tramadol er with my norco.
5330576 tn?1366526999 Hi, {This was originally a response to another post, concerning false positive urine tests and accusations associated with such.} Information below in my post CONCERNS ME GREATLY, as a Pain Management patient. I would love ANY thoughts or ideas. I'm ALSO INTERSTED in knowing of PM Medications that are having a higher incidence of NOT showing up in your TYPICAL Pain Management urine screen... I know the NEW OPANA is one, because I'VE HAD A FEW FALSE NEGATIVE URINE TESTS!!
Avatar m tn Not fully true, i failed this morning for amphetamines after starting strattera a week ago and having clean drug tests before today.. After doing some digging i found theses http://www.hindawi.com/journals/crips/2013/381261/ http://www.ehealthme.
Avatar f tn What sort of drug screen is it? Urine? Blood? I havent smoked marijuana in a while but im still curious as to whether or not I need to be worried.
Avatar f tn There is a blood test that could be done in place of an in office screen, but as I said, typically, when there is an office screen, that urine is also sent out for confirmatory testing, which looks for all of the metabolites of the opiate as it is broken down in the body to measure compliance. There is very, very little false negatives or false positives in gc/ms or immunoassay testing. I am sorry you are going through this.
Avatar f tn Go to another facility and pay if you must for the blood drug screen or better yet demand one from the facility that has required the urine drug screen. We have rights too. I sincerely hope that your concern is for not. If it does return inaccurately you will be forced to find another physician. So be prepared to start your search immediately. I wish you the very best. Please keep in touch with us and let us know how you are doing. I will look forward to hearing from you.
14468396 tn?1434674089 I have had the same doctor for 3 years, she put me on Fentanyl 25 every 72 hours and 4 norco 5/325 for break through pain. A month later, she upped the Fentanyl to 50 mcgs every 72 hours due to pain coming through even with the norcos. A month later, she upped it to the Fentanyl 75 mcg every 72 hours. A month later she upped it to Fentanyl 100 mcgs every 72 hours. That is where she stopped. I have been on that same dosage now for 2 years.
Avatar f tn My PM doctor was prescribing 50 mcg fentanyl patches to be applied every three days. They were going to give me a urine screen, but I have interstitial cystitis and a neurogenic bladder. I was unable to provide enough urine, so the nurse gave me water to drink. I was on my way back to the bathroom, when someone other than the nurse stopped me to say I was having a saliva test. I went back to the room and continued to drink water, because I have dry mouth from taking Lyrica and Lamotrigine.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me if Tramadol will sow up in a Health Care Professionals urine drug screen? And if so, how long will it take for it not to? In other words, how long does Tramadol stay in your system?
1379106 tn?1279033147 re probably only doing a general screen. You can easily test negative if you drink a lot water and the urine is very diluted. That counts as a "flush" in drug testing terms and is usually an automatic fail. You'll need to try to find intelligent life at the lab to explain to you exactly what they've been told to look for. They might also be able to shed more light on why false negatives can crop up than the doctor can. Another possibility is lab errors.
Avatar m tn Every half-inch of hair detects drug use for a period of 30 days. The typical hair screening test uses 1.5 inches of hair and approximately 90 to 120 strands of hair." From - http://www.truckingtruth.com/truckers-forum/Topic-971/Page-5/dot-drug-testing-urinalysis-or-hair-follicle another good link is here - https://www.healthtap.com/topics/can-you-beat-a-hair-follicle-test. So really sounds like it depends on when the hair test is taken.
Avatar f tn My pcp doctor drug tested me and claims NO drugs were in my system ! She claims i broke the drug contract i signed and wont see me anymore. How is this possible ? I demanded a retest and was told no, the dr even suggested my caregiver was taking them or we were selling the stuff ! Im going thru withdraw now, alone with no weening just an abrupt stop cuz she wont refill the script and dont know where 2 turn.
Avatar f tn It is correct that depending on body habitus and the type of the drug, some medications (depending on their molecular structure) can get attached to either proteins or fats in the patient's body and leach out in to the system for weeks. Thus they will be picked up in minute amounts in the urine test as positive. I would recommend that you find an expert in pharmacokinetics to testify for you.
Avatar f tn Use can also lead to opioid tolerance, where the body becomes accustomed to the drug and no longer responds to its intended effects. Traditionally, it had been thought that a decrease of analgesic effectiveness was caused by the development of a tolerance or the progression of a disease or condition. Doctors are now coming to understand that increased pain can be caused by this opioid-induced pain sensitivity.
Avatar f tn m sorry for what you have and are going through physically - and now the mental anguish of a failed UDS (Urinary Drug Screen). I hear your story so often here - and I hold my breath every time I have to take a UDS for fear my results will be misread - or a human error will occur. Most of us live in fear. UDS have become much more accurate in years past - the one factor science cannot control - the human factor, human errors.
Avatar f tn I was given a urine drug screen last night that tested positive for benzos. I have not been on any tranquilizers! My current medication regime includes Effexor XR 150mg bid, Seroquel 200mg, taking 400mg qhs, Betaseron 1cc qod subq. I was put on Bactrim last week bid for 5 days for a urinary tract infection. In May, June and part of July I was taking Trazdone 200mg qhs, but then switched back to Seroquel 200mg, taking 400mg qhs. I am confused as to what caused the positive test for benzos?
Avatar f tn Dehydration will not effect a drug screen either. It is not rare for a urine drug screen to be in error. Unfortunately like so many other ppl that have erroneous drug screen there really is no recourse for you. I wish I had better answers for you. Talk to the HR Department or your boss. Ask for more information. I too am curious as to what was found in your urine. Good luck to you.