Fentanyl and urinary retention

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1221035 tn?1301000508 t find retention on the list of side effects - constipation, yes. Dry mouth, dizziness and other usual things too. But not urinary retention. Be sure to mention this to your doctor if it continues for long.
Avatar n tn I had a problem with urinary retention on Fentanyl and though it's not as bad now, I still have it. I'm so impressed you got through this. I hope your new doctor has a better plan for you and that you have more confidence in him.
Avatar m tn Hi, my wife have a difficulty in urinating (Urinary retention). This happens only when she doesn't drink enough water especially during weekend or any off schedules days. She also experience the pain in the back where kidneys are located.Once she starts drinking water, problem resolves in couple of hours. I want to know that how serious is this a problem ? What is the reason and treatments ? Thank you !
Avatar m tn Possibilities that may need to be considered include medication side effect, psychological issues such as anxiety, autonomic or hormonal/ endocrine imbalance, neuro-muscular issues etc. There is no specific time limit before urinary retention becomes an emergency; it usually depends on the amount of urine and more commonly on the severity of symptoms.
Avatar n tn I am 68 years old with slight BPH symptoms (weak stream and two to three times at night). Two weeks ago had bladder retention and went to ER and got Foley put in. Soon there was much blood in urine. Had to go back to ER once to get it irrigated. Later, the blood cleared up and in four days the Foley was out. Urination gradually become normal (as before) without the tight swelling feeling with retention. Urologist did Cystoscopy yesterday and says the prostate appears only slighly enlarged.
Avatar f tn But last week they removed catheter and I had urinary retention with frequent urination . They reinserted the catheter for two more days and again they removed it but the problem of urinary retention persist with frequent urination in every 15 min. Now they have again inserted catheter and will remove it after one week. Pl tell me if the problem will resolve or not.
Avatar f tn Yes, definitely MS can cause urinary retention and bed wetting. I've had problems with retention, and urge incontinence (wetting myself when I cough, sneeze, or throw up.) I think I also have problems with fully emptying my bladder, as I've had more UTIs recently.
Avatar m tn I experienced urinary retention after removing the catheter the day follow HoLAP. The procedure, necessitated by ongoing BPH symptoms, went smoothly, and I was back home that same day. After enduring 8 hours of retention, a catheter was reinserted with cathetrization to be continued for another 6 to 7 days. There was no indication of infection, although I don't know if a urine culture was even taken. But, I am taking Cipro 500MG twice daily.
Avatar n tn A weak bladder muscle, chronic obstruction, and nerve diseases or injury all can contribute to chronic urinary retention. Please discuss these possibilities with your urologist and check which ones have been ruled out in your case. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar f tn my 3 year old suddenly cannot pass urine he is generally in good health he was admitted to hospital and had an MRI scan,x rays,ultra sound scans and a camera inserted into bladder and to date no cause has been found he was discharged home with a catheter insitu we are for review next week but im worried what will happen next and whats causing this problem
Avatar f tn Has antone had a cysto done for urinary retention? I had a uti 3 weeks ago (which has since healed) but ever since I've had retention anywhere from 50-200cc post void. the urologist suggested a cysto I'm concerned that the irritation from surgery would make things worse. Does anyone have any insight?
Avatar n tn Hi and welcome. Are you female or male?
Avatar f tn It sounds like me and I have retention issues. The bladder is not tied directly to the brain. It is the one thing which most MSers will have a problem with.
Avatar f tn Sorry to read of your problems. I would think that the doctors would repair the bladder, uterus and rectal prolapse during the surgery. Prolapse of the urinary bladder, Cystocele, can cause urinary retention, frequent UTI's, urgency and frequency, and in some cases obstructive voiding resulting in reflux to the kidneys that may damage them. These issues can be evaluated with testing, Urodynamics / Cystometrics.
Avatar n tn With self catherization I have had some UTI as well as kindey infections, but it is less frequent. I wash and reuse my catheter during the day and use a catheter a day. It would be best to empty the bladder in the morning and than try to void normaly for the duration of the day. Than once again prior to going to bed. This way it is less likely to introduce bacteria into the bladder. Self catherization takes time to get used to, but it is not as bad as it sounds.
Avatar n tn Im not quite sure about this cocodamol, but alot of medications etc can cause problems with urination, mostly problems like urinary retention - where the bladder can become so extended and needs just an in out catheter to release it, or a subpubic catheter wich is more permanent. Its more likely to effect the elderly more, but i myself have had troubles with meds and urinary retention. Hope i have helped out at all.
867582 tn?1311627397 Hi, all, Like many of you, I have the frequent urge to do #1 (tinkle) which causes me to make multiple bathroom trips and interferes generally with my work productivity. I'm not incontinent, at least, but I don't empty fully. In fact, I now have a very bad UTI that required Bactrim DS to treat. I read that drug was outlawed in England? The cause of my infection was not the usual E. coli, but was Citrobacter koseri.
Avatar n tn Citralka liquid or Sodium Acid Citrate, is indicated for acidosis, Pyelitis, Urinary retention, Chronic renal insufficiency and Urinary retention. Hope this information helps. Best.
Avatar f tn why there is complications like wound infection, anastomotic leakage,intestinal obstruction, urinary retention and intra-abdominal abscess after colostomy? can you provide me with an answer to my respective complications? thank you...
Avatar n tn As I posted in my other topic (sorry for making two topics), I have been having fluctuating urinary symptoms for the past 6 months. Mostly chronic urinary retention, where I feel like I empty 70%-90% of the bladder. When I have a bowel movement my urinary symptoms are the worst, and I'll feel like I have to urinate but I push and nothing happens until I "release". Anyway, I had a bowel movement today and the usual happened (urine came out in short bursts).
Avatar m tn I also suspect my bladder may be overstretched slightly due to excessive water consumption (volume of just over 1000ml on last visit to urology dept though I normally release well before this). The problem is that I am unable to completely void my bladder and this results in a chronic urinary infection. I am taking Tamsulosin - this helps but does not fix the problem. My prostate is normal (I am 45 years old).