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410475 tn?1262942367 the test were run when I was still on fentanyl and the others like viocoden and norco. and, no I never drink. the viocoden contains a lot of tylenol which I know isn't good for the liver, but do not know about the kidneys, this is scaring me.
Avatar m tn I would seek out advice from the medical facility that has placed you on the donor list for a liver transplant to understand fully what can disqualify you for a liver transplant. If you are prescribed the Fentanyl and Dilaudid for pain associated with liver failure, I highly doubt that these meds will disqualify you from a liver transplant but PLEASE seek clarification that this is the case. In these types of situations, it is always best to seek out clarification.
Avatar f tn Since you were just diagnosed, did you happen to also have a liver biopsy as well and if so what is the condition of your liver? ___________________________________________________________ Pain Management in the Cirrhotic Patient: The Clinical Challenge ".....
1588890 tn?1297073916 s a month ago, Percocet 10 for breakthru and Lyrica for my Fibro. I am trying to quit smoking and HATE that gum! Was thinking about the patch but was wondering if it was safe to have both on? Any suggestion?
Avatar m tn For most of us the biopsy is quick and painless. The most difficult part for me was lying on my right side in recovery for three hours afterwards feeling quite bored. I have had three of them. Let us know how it goes and don't worry.
Avatar f tn The medical research could already be out there that shows which opioids are harder for the liver to metabolize and which opioids are easier on the liver. Keep in mind, you may need to do periodic tapers to lower the liver enzymes and then you can restart the opioid medication. There is also the option of a pain pump implant. The opioid medication bypasses the gastrointestinal system and is pumped directly into the spinal cord to provide relief. And you know what?
356518 tn?1322263642 Some of the pain medications are a bit harder for the liver to metabolize than others ie. Fentanyl vs. Oxycodone. Fentanyl is harder for the liver to metabolize and Oxycodone basically just flushes right through as long as there is no acetaminophen added. I take Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root everyday as they both assist the liver with detoxification and will not interfere with the potency of any medications you may be taking.
Avatar f tn More like a contract not to accept opiates from anyone else. Fentanyl is a powerful drug and if your using the patch form it takes longer to get in and out of your system should you have complications with it.
Avatar f tn I have had painful symptoms for six weeks now. I am sure they would have been much more painful if I wasn't in pain management already and have the fentanyl patch. I had a CT and MRI done within the past three weeks and the physician still can't tell me what the blockages are near the pancreatic head and the in the pancreatic duct. I will be having an EUS on Tuesday, December 23rd.
Avatar f tn s not mg) Fentanyl Patch w/1 lortab 10 per day for break through pain. The reason that the Fentanyl is mcg is because Fentanyl is 80 times stronger than Morphine. It is dispersed by the micro-gram instead of by milligrams because of this. A 25 mcg patch would be approximately equal to 100 to 120 Lortab's a day but without the Acetaminophen. I learned this from one of our member's, Jaybay, who is very versed in the Fentanyl Patch.
Avatar f tn The Durgesic patch contains Fentanyl, one of the most powerful narcotics in the world. It is about 80 times more powerful than Morphine. Also very very addictive. Normally when you hear of medical professionals getting addicted their DOC is Fentanyl. I don't mean to scare you but you should go into this with your eyes open and know what it is you are taking. The patches come in three strentghs -- 25, 50, and 75 mcg. I think - but maybe they have more now.
Avatar f tn Yes, they are safe. Most of us with cirrhosis commonly have an endoscopy and colonoscopy every year or so to screen and monitor the status of our varices. I have taken miralax many times with no adverse effects. What can more problematic is any anesthesia type drug(s) you may be given. I assume this procedure is being performed by your gastro and she/he is aware of your cirrhosis?
1264863 tn?1391118193 I am going into to see my dr and need to switch off the fentanyl. Is there any easy way way to do this and what would be a good option in place of it???? I place one 12mcg patch on every other day and one 25mcg patch. Main reason for stopping is weight gain which is drawing me into major deppression. Any advice is good advice.
Avatar m tn i was on the fentanyl for over 3 years i have been off fentanyl for 2 months, stepdown to oxys i still had a about 12 18 mg oxys wich i used for pain once a day befor bed i am out and off of those now i only have 3mg codiene almost gone and then as a last resort i will take the tylenal 3, i am very selective about my high and fentanyl was my demon of choice, oxys i could manage having lots on hand and not abusing i had rough 7 week no sleep detox from fentanyl of wich 6 days where a blackout fro
2054191 tn?1330453621 You are killing your liver! Having high liver enzymes spells, liver damage! You cannot live without a liver and liver transplants don't come by easy and you are guaranteed to not get a liver transplant if your liver was destroyed by abusing prescription medications. Taking 12 norcos before 10 am is an extremely high intake. The max you can take within a 4 hour period without causing liver damage is 3 norcos. Your doctor is violating the hippocratic oath: First, do no harm!
Avatar m tn Thanks vicki for saying that. And please listen to her!!! This is scary stuff and you need to stop the fentanyl NOW. p.s. and thanks vicki i didn't know that about methadone that it wasn't an opiate blocker. thank g-d you are here.
Avatar m tn I would think a good Pharmacy or a Pain Clinic would order them for you. The generic is Oral Transmucosal Fentanyl Citrate (OTFC) and the trademark name is Actiq®, manufactured by Cephalon. I would also check to see if your insurance covers them. I wish you the best...
11214965 tn?1416269155 The fentanyl patch is meant for people who have chronic pain and are tolerant to opioids. When the percocet stops working and you need multiple dose escalations, your doctor may suggest changing to a long-active / extended release opioid analgesic, like Duragesic. There's another problem with Percocet -- it contains tylenol, and too much tylenol can stress or even damage your liver.
Avatar f tn I blindly went along with my doctor prescribing the Fentanyl patch along with other meds for BT pain. I realized the Fentanyl had a lot of negative things for me (like increase in sugar intake, nodding off when I stopped doing anything, no short term memory.) Do a search on Fentanyl here and see what people have gone through with it. Personally I think it should only be used for end of life pain. If you have reason to think you won't ever come off it, then it would be okay.
Avatar f tn t you tell his dr he is abusing them and have the dr cut him off from the more dangerous ones? Fentanyl and dilaudid will make you fall down, for sure. Using drugs IV is counterproductive to liver transplant success and I can't imagine why anyone would do this after going through so much with a transplant. Drug counseling seems like a good idea too. Good Luck to you both.
Avatar m tn Since I do not have your liver and kidney status, it will be difficult for me to recommend the exact dosing regimen. Please consult your provider using this as a guideline. 2. If you are on Opana ER 30mg, why are you still taking Dilaudid? Is the Dilaudid dose taken into consideration in the conversion? 3. Opana ER is recommended to dose every 12 hours. Not sure if the three times daily (or TID) dosing is better for you pain regimen.
Avatar n tn Doctor continues to ask me if I would start fentanyl therapy,which I have tried and only helps for 2 days and not 3 days which the dosage is set at.I have declined the fentanyl treatment and now DR. wants me to see surgeon for my cervical stenosis.My neck is only a part of my problems.I first started pain management for leg pain which still continues.What is your opinion about fentanyl,and also surgery on neck when their are multi-level problems causing same symptoms?
Avatar f tn If the hydrocodone left you suffering in pain most of the time and unable to do things, the fentanyl should definitely be much stronger and should help you have a more normal life. On the flip side, you don't want to be so drugged that you don't do anything either. So if the 25 mcg/hr patch feels too strong after giving it a full month to stabilize in your system, you can talk to your doctor about the 12.5 mcg/hr patch.
495284 tn?1333894042 I got chills reading the article. Fentanyl is deadly and when people start sucking it and shooting it and smoking it they are playing Russian Roulette. It was sad to read about him and know that there was help for him if only he would have reached out....
Avatar m tn I secretly told my doctor that she did it all the time and finally she convinced my daughter to take a blood test, (which she did NOT want to do because the cat would be out of the bag, and she was worried about the codeine). Well, the was DYING from liver failure from the TYLENOL. They hospitalized her and were looking into liver transplants, and just waiting, she was on a bag of fluids only, and we had to wait to see if her liver would start functioning on its own. It was horrible.
Avatar n tn hate this medication. went to the doctor today and she took blood to test my liver function and it came back ok. she refuses to believe it could be caused by this dang patch.
Avatar f tn I was on Morphine (before surgery), Then after surgery I was on ,Oxycodone, Oxycontin,Gabapentin, Lyrica, and finally Fentanyl patch. The Fentanyl start was 25mcg every 3 days. Later my PM doctor increased dose on 50 then 75 with Oxycontin. I have never been painkiller user in my life , so i put myself in trouble because I didn't pay attention of how dangerous all of those mentioned medications can be.
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Avatar f tn Fentanyl is a very good pain medication and yes, it is standing operating procedure to wait a week or two (in some cases) in order to make adjustments to medication adjustments, especially when working with opiates. My late wife was on the patch and I spent a few months on the patch a couple of years back for a serious diagnosis of pancreatitus and it is very affective in pain control.