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Avatar n tn If you look up the warning signs of Fentanyl overdosing it will list prolonged sweating, excessive sleepiness and shallow breathing just to name a few. In the long run, Fentanyl has worked wonders for my pain. I now have round the clock pain control and am taking very few Oxycodone for breakthrough pain. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I had a drug coach and was giving up more a week and felt horrible. It lasted about 3 months, tapering and sweating and it was summer besides! I had to go to Ohio so I stayed at the same dose for 20 days. That delayed my tapering system. I hated the sweating worst of all. I didn't have much pain at the time but felt weak and listless. Could hardly walk my dog. It was like torture slowly tapering. I did lose a lot of weight though.
Avatar f tn Hello. My doctor prescribed fentanyl patch for pain! Wear 3 days, remove and replace. After wearing the second patch I went back to my doctor asking to go back to my previous opioid pain killers. My problem was the patch really left red weeping swells where I had worn the patch. The first patch area was getting better but he thought it was best to not continue. My other problems were the sweating which was so bad!
Avatar f tn There is definitely a connection between the meds and the sweating as last year I was off meds for several months and never had a drop of sweat during that time. Back on meds and back to drenching nightclothes and bedsheets!!! I can't even hug people sometimes....and I am a lifelong hugger. But it is just too embarrassing! Miss my hugs and hope we can all figure out a solution!
Avatar f tn t worked because twice he asked if I felt doppy and twice I said no. I had 2mg midazolam,100mcg fentanyl, 20mg buscopan. As I was given a coffee and biscuit after my colonoscopy was when I felt my sedative work. I felt floaty like I'd had a drink .
847512 tn?1272567062 But now all of a sudden the last 2 days I have gotten extreme muscle spasms especially in my neck and shoulders to the point where I cant look up or turn my head I can only look down and I have tension in my legs where they feel stiff when walking. Does anyone get that? I also get the spasms in my legs but not so much as in my shoulders and neck. this is getting out of hand.
Avatar m tn it use to be every 2nd day but as the increase became more tolerant but i have serious sweating issues and for the past 4 years my former doctor prescribed 2 100 every 24 as well the wsib understood that as well i soak in the tub every day ive tried tegaderm but it causes severe rash because of sweating i am very seriuos about this drug and the end results are scaryquit i tried once and for 7 days nights i may have slept 10 hours a=nd lost 40 lbs as well lost my fiancee cause she didnt want to
Avatar m tn I stopped taking my Suboxone strips for 24hrs. Went into immediate surgery. They gave me Fentanyl, several hydromorphone doses, and a benzo. Got out of the hospital waited 12hrs took my Suboxone. Been taking it for a week. Still feeling surgery effects and I have these weird withdrawl like symptoms. One minute the hairs on my neck stand up, the next im sweating only minor, then I get nausea, then I feel shaky. Its been 8 days since surgery.
Avatar m tn I don't know how long it takes to build up a dependence and/or tolerance, but as far as what withdrawal symptoms and how long they last, google gives me this; Symptoms associated with fentanyl withdrawal may include any of the following symptoms: • anxiety • muscle aches • back pain • joint pain • diarrhea • rapid heartbeat • rapid breathing • fever • tearing from your eyes • runny nose • sneezing fits • chills • sweating • yawning • anorexia • nausea • vomiting • a feeling o
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been on fentanyl 75mcg and oxycodone 5-10 mg/day for the last year - ischemia and trigeminal neuralgia. I really want to get off these meds b/c of addiction issues etc. My doctor maintains that I have probably developed a tolerance to these meds. (tolerance vs meds - same thing??). In any event I stopped the oxycodone 10 days ago and my doc tapered the fentanyl patches to 40mcg for 1 month then 12.75mcg for the next month. Also rx'ed clondine and klonopin for anxiety.
Avatar f tn Fentanyl is hard to come off and the wd's can last for awhile. There is light at the end of tunnel so hang tight. Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids, eat bland foods and get up and move around as much as you can. I would ask your doctor if that is the plan to get you off all the meds. Many times after we have taken pain meds for so long they quit working and our pain actually feels worse. You may be feeling increased pain right now and that is your brain playing tricks on you.
Avatar f tn Due to the hot sticky weather, an allergy to adhesive overlays and sweating caused by a systemic staph infection infection my patches are not sticking at all to me. They do however stick to clothing, sheets, the floor and each other very well. I replaced a few at times because I needed some help with the pain (end stage osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, RA and systemic lupus.
Avatar f tn I used fentanyl patches for a year and had an extremely high tolerance for opiates, 1 100mcg/hr has about 10 mgs of fentanyl. Fentanyl is 40 times stronger than morphine. So in essence, chewing one 50 mcg/hr patch is about 5 mgs of fentanyl which is equivelant to 200 mgs of morphine. That's like doing 2 and a half 80s at once. What they're doing is dangerous, end of story, take it from some one that knows first hand. I'm not a dr.
1176986 tn?1264917842 I have been a bit concerned that I may be experiencing WD symptoms, for those of you that know me and know my med history, I guess this is for you, today I woke up feeling shakey, runny nose, cold and clammy skin, going from sweating and being really hot to having the cold sweats and freezing. Not diarrhea, but looser bowels then I normally have had being on the medicine i'm on.
Avatar f tn running eyes and nose, icey cold, sweating hot, uncontrollable yawning and facial spasms, flu-ish, resless legs, writhing in bed, in bed most hours of the day. Have lost a lot of weight, can't eat. Does anybody know what this is all about? Thank you.
Avatar f tn My husband and I decided to try and have a baby which means I have to bite the bullet and just deal with the pain and get off all the drugs. I have never abused my meds and always followed my doc's orders... which I know really doesn't make a difference in the grand scheme of things since abused or not I know I will be having a ***** of a time getting off these things. I had quite dilaudid last year cold turkey to see where my pain levels were at which was absolutely horrible...
Avatar f tn i have ben on the fentanyl patch quite awhile 100mg and have gone down to 50 mg, my health ended and my last patch ends in 4 days and im scared.
Avatar f tn ll be going down to 50mcg of fentanyl next month. My question is, will I have withdrawls if I stop taking the Percocet and just stay on the fentanyl as we continue to lower that? Thanks so much for your help.
Avatar m tn I've stepped down from 75m Fentanyl patch gradually over the past 6 weeks and removed my last patch on New Years Eve. The w/d are so bad. I'm sweating, puking and shaking and all while trying to keep my job. Actually the worst of the withdrawals are the crawlies. I know most of this stuff will subside and it will just be about staying away from the Vicodin that takes the edge off. Neurontin has been suggested and seems less dangerous than Suboxone. Can anyone give me an opinion on this?
682757 tn?1226867854 I was supposed to replace my patch every 48 hrs. I started noticing that I was getting exremely jittery, nauseaus and sweating after having the patch on for only 35 hrs or so. My life since has been total hell. I feel like this medicine has stolen my spirit. I am not myself. I am very irritable and grumpy. Everyone around me has noticed the change. So I went to my pain mgmt dr and told him that I want off of the Fentanyl.
Avatar m tn s then the last 2 yrs fentanyl. it has caused so many problems for me. I have finally reached a point where i want to be off of it. I was using anywhere from 300 mg to 400 mg every 3 days. i have weined down to 150mg every 3 days the last few weeks. now in 5 days im going to quit cold turkey. If anyone out there has gone through getting off fentanyl they know the hell I'm about to go through. My question is does anyone know anything i can do to help with what Im about to go through?
Avatar m tn Further, when it comes to Fentanyl, a lot of time and effort and *communication* between the doctor, myself, pharmacist AND manufacturer would have to take place to make SURE the kind of Fentanyl I am chopping up/trimming/cutting is the kind that is acceptable to do so, because cutting or modifying the wrong kind of fentanyl WILL KILL ME! And, possibly others around me, getting that gel over doorknobs, etc., people may die.
Avatar f tn straight last night and am feeling back to myself today. The last to go for me is the anxiety,sweating and and ability to sleep. Today will be my last day of xanax and feel some anxiety about it but have cut myself to 1/2 mg for the past 10 days which I think wont be so hard to quit. I just cant belive how my whole thinking process and feelings have changed. Fentanyl really deceives you as you will find out very soon after quitting. It changes you and you dont even know it while using.