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Avatar f tn Hydromorphone and fentanyl appear to be the least affected by renal dysfunction, and fentanyl has less hemodynamic disturbance (due to lack of histamine release associated with other opioids).39" "NSAIDs and opioids may be used at reduced doses in patients with chronic liver disease without cirrhosis. Patients with cirrhosis have fewer analgesic options.
Avatar m tn I am on Fentanyl and I like it. I dont like the dilaudid b/c it messes with my vision and gives no real pain relief, I like the oxycodone 15mg for breakthru pain...
Avatar n tn Renal failure may be either chronic or acute. Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) is a progressive, irreversible deterioration of kidney function. Because cats hide their illnesses and the very early signs of CRF are subtle, this disease may only be recognized when the patient reaches the 70% deterioration level and more dramatic symptoms are observable. The seemingly sudden onset may appear to be an acute condition but is most often a crisis point of CRF.
Avatar f tn yesterday we noticed a patch of hair gone so took him to the vet had all the blood work done and this morning we received a call saying Tye was in renal failure and may only have a few months to live.we brought him into the vet to get SUB Q fluids and this is needed for the next few days he will get a special diet and have to take a water pill and antiacid as well as another medication i cant remember what it is called let alone what it is use for.
681148 tn?1437661591 Before I wised up and learned that spelt was simply just a non-hybrid and natural form of wheat and that it still has gluten in it, I would go to make some toast with this spelt bread. Before I ever got the butter on it, the cat was trying to take the bread away from me. And, she usually has much better manners than that. I noticed that I wasn't stopping at one or two slices of this bread myself. I wised up and didn't buy any more of it.
Avatar n tn My cat, Miss Kitty has just died from renal failure. We did not notice any symptoms except weight loss and as she was about 14,, we attributed this to being older. She was still active and eating, until one Friday night when she collapsed. We took her to an excellent vet who gave her aggressive treatment over a period of weeks, including IV fluids, saline,blood supplements, phosphorus blocker, CCRF supplements, KD cat food, and we also gave her Astro Oil.
Avatar f tn and was rescued from the streets in houston. she has renal failure and has really bad teeth. The problem is two different vets.said it would be too risky to put her to sleep to pull or work on her teeth. Her breath is really bad and I know she is in pain. My poor little girl needs some help. Does anyone have a suggestions?
874521 tn?1424116797 I think it's sad how contaminated our food supply has become with GMOs, chemicals, pollution. It's a wonder any of us are alive! Here's a link to a website that discusses renal failure in cats. Hopefully you will find it helpful. http://avidlifepet.
1047522 tn?1258145704 ve added Early stage renal failure, End state renal failure, Renal insufficiency, and Renal hypertension to the list of events on the Kidney Tracker. Thanks, MedHelp ------------------ View a gallery of Kidney Trackers: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn My story is long and complex. I'm on fentanyl for degerative disc disease. I was forced off methadone after taking 50mg/day for 3 years. I tapered down over 2months to 30mg/daythenquit it when put on the Fentanyl. I immediately started getting sick.Absoluely no help from Dr. Was also taking 15mg5x aDay of Roxicet and forced to go cold turkey. Since July I've been taking around 30mg day of ambien and 10mg of methadone twice a week to help with withdrawls.
Avatar m tn Renal anomalies could be responsible for decreased or deranged renal function and may lead to renal failure. One working kidney is enough for normal functions of the body. It would be difficult to comment if your other symptoms could be related. I would suggest discussing the situation and the suggested management plan in detail with your treating nephrologist. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar n tn His left kidney has atrophied and the right is failing. She is now on a drip and antibiotics, renal failure this time possibly an acute episode triggered by infection. I hear that renal transplant is possible in USA and Canada.. Guelp in ontario? UC Davies in Canada? Now I know I need a donor and my golden retriever could possibly be one. any other options? Any cadeveric donors like humans ? Any other choice of places? I am based all the way in Hong Kong...
512560 tn?1222560127 Chronic renal failure is a gradual and progressive loss of the ability of the kidneys to excrete wastes, concentrate urine, and conserve electrolytes.Alternative names are Kidney failure - chronic; Renal failure - chronic; Chronic renal insufficiency; CRF; Chronic kidney failure. It most often results from any disease that causes gradual loss of kidney function. It can range from mild dysfunction to severe kidney failure . Progression may continue to end-stage renal disease.
Avatar m tn The EF below 30% is heart failure range and that can cause renal failure. Early complications of cardiac insufficiency include renal vasoconstriction and the development of sodium and water retention, which are hallmarks of the very early stages of congestive heart failure. Heart failure is a physiologically delicate condition in which therapy is designed to block the sodium retention and simultaneously interrupt excessively activated neurohumoral mechanisms.
1069888 tn?1421936741 We know that she will be in the hospital for at least another 3-4 days. As far as the renal failure, it is looking as though it was induced by the meds and they are hopeful that what they gave her through IV is correcting the problem. Everything is on a wait and watch basis right now. Thank you again for continued prayers. Blessings!!!
Avatar n tn I am a 70 year old man and I was admitted into the hospital March 28 because I was in renal failure. At that time my BUNN was 123, Creatinine 5.98 and GFR 8. Meanwhile as you can see from results below, it wasn't the only this wrong. They said it was acute renal failure and I should just be patient for numbers to get better. Here are all of my results now and not one doctor can give me answers as to why this is all happening .
963889 tn?1359677334 Renal cortical thinning is usually indicative of chronic renal failure as opposed to acute renal failure. The high white cell count and increased counts in the urine indicate an infection. So, to sum up the results show findings of chronic renal failure with hypoalbuminemia and probably an infection. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn s), and none have had aneurysms. The one that had kidney failure successfully received a transplant and is living and healthy today, and so far no one has died from anything related to the condition and all that have passed on lived long normal lives into their late 70's and early 80's. So, PKD is NOT a death sentence and can be lived with in a very happy and normal way.
Avatar n tn It is possible to have acute renal failure and still have normal-sized kidneys. Renal atrophy may result from chronic renal disease or infection, as well as other conditions such as narrowing of renal arteries or obstruction of urinary tract.
Avatar f tn He has been hospitalized in another state with acute renal failure and has started hemodialysis that they’re hoping will be short term. Creatinine levels are have remained concerning and they’re also trying to now manage blood pressure (180/99). Waiting on the results of biopsy to know more. During his hospitalization, he’s simultaneously tested positive for Hep B and Hep C. No other recent health issues, history of psoriasis and asthma - both mostly untreated.
3093770 tn?1389739126 As of 9/1/2011 the only known risk of NSF is in patients with renal failure in pre and post liver transplant patients. For us pre-transplant patients they measure our creatinine before each MRI to make sure our kidneys are functioning well enough before we receive an MRI with Gadolinium. For us with liver cancer it is critical that out cancer is monitored every 3 months with MRI and contrast as that is the best way to diagnosis hepatocellular carcinoma tumors.