Fentanyl and low blood pressure

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1006065 tn?1251478669 I was prescribed Fentanyl Patches while in the hospital with severe kidney issues which caused excruciating pain. I was kept on them for four months and I am the one who asked to be taken off them because of breakthrough pain and withdrawal symptoms at the 48-hour mark of the patch life...I just could not justify staying on them with the withdrawals I was experiencing on a patch that was not handling my pain. My last patch was removed on Thursday, August 20th, which was 12 days ago.
793219 tn?1238064201 Usually narcotics lowers your blood pressure and when you stop taking narcotics your blood presure will go up.
1390687 tn?1281157239 i wound up in a hospital because i threw 250 times a day and started throwing up blood. i got dehydrated. my blood pressure and blood sugar shot up out of control. coming off of this is far worse than the patches and they sucked. i am on my 3rd day now and slowly getting better. it is the hardest thing i have ever done. i feel for all of you and i blame dr's because instead of figuring out what was wrong with me they just shelled out pain meds.
1006065 tn?1251478669 I went off the Clonidine because it was bringing my b/p down too low...then my blood pressure spiked up so high my head was about to burst and the top of my head felt like it was floating. Okay...that was just as bad as the low blood pressure, only different! I decided to take 1/2 a Clonidine and it brought my blood pressure down to an acceptable level, but only for a short period of time and then it would spike up again and I could not get rid of the headache.
268911 tn?1213744781 Withdrawal from narcotics is a dangerous game, the worst of the discomfort any addict will tell you comes on the third day and lasts till the fourth. This is the dangerous time, low blood pressure can lead to seizures and respiratory failure.Any body with any true knowledge about addiction will tell you that a medical detox is the only safe way, then getting help for the reasons why you are taking part in such a life destroying activity.
4250330 tn?1388621179 i went to the doctor and they said everything was fine my heart was fine, and they checked my thyroid and i havent got the results back for that yet they said my pulse was high it was 135 and it is usually 90bmp so idk whats going on with my pulse and idk why my blood pressure got so low... and i usually type in big letters..
Avatar n tn I have low blood pressure and have a hard time getting out of bed most days and want to start exercising but how do I get my blood pressure up and excercise without complications
Avatar f tn i went to the doctor yesterday and she took my blood pressure. it was 80/44 is that bad to be at the age of 17.
Avatar n tn I always have low blood pressure because my iron levels are super low.
1488651 tn?1296698023 Low potassium levels and low blood pressure are typical for a primary adrenal insufficiency. It has an autoimmune origin and in association with Hashimoto's disease is also called polyglandular syndrome II. The advanced symptoms are: Fatigue/Weakness Poor Appetite Weight Loss Nausea, Diarrhea Muscle, joint, abdominal pain Light-headedness upon standing Low blood sodium level Skin darkening Low blood potassium level Tests: - A.m and p.m.
Avatar f tn hi! i was diagnosed with vasovagal syncope. but i feel dizzy almost everyday in the morning after breakfast , sometimes feel dizzy the whole morning and sometimes the whole day, sometimes after eating sweets,sometimes after mild exertion, sometimes get dizzy with stress.my blood pressure is mostly 90-100/65-70,pulse 90-100 (sitting) i'm 35 years old.female skinny.
Avatar f tn t give me anything they just want to check me sooner and if my blood pressure is still low they will take me for a c section that day ! I told him I've been feeling really tired and weak lately, he said if it keeps on going or gets worse to call him ASAP !
Avatar f tn You should try to ask a doctor why he thinks your blood pressure is so low. Ask about your thyroid. Hypothyroid can cause low blood pressure among other things. Weight loss could cause your pressure to lower. Get yourself a home monitoring pressure device and take it daily in the morning and evening and adjust your diet accordingly. It sure has helped me.
Avatar m tn anything below 90/60 is considered low. I have low blood pressure when i was preganant it was 90/58 but because i have no dizziness the doctor said im fine and we will treat it if it effects me at all.
Avatar f tn Drink water!
Avatar f tn I guess I feel alright it just worries me that my blood pressure is running low and I'm having these other health issues. Just took my BP again and it's 96/55 currently. My hands are always cold and I have been more tired recently. This is all so frustrating to me and I don't know what to do. I've had such a bad day with my chest aching, it's miserable. If that is acid irrirating my esophagus, then why aren't PPIs helping me?
639406 tn?1308877111 one is high blood pressure and other is low blood pressure.
4939681 tn?1361299299 I would lay down, the nurse would take my blood pressure it would be normal. I stood up and my blood pressure dropped dangerously low, about 30 points less which caused me to pass out or become very dizzy in less than a minute. Not sure if yours is like that but I would say Lyme does have an effect on BP because of all the people I know that have that. In my non medical opinion.
Avatar f tn So anyways, I was told I have low blood pressure. My problems have been for over a year, tired, (went from being extremely hyper person/ single mom with 3 kids running non stop and living off of 4 hours a sleep.) and feeling like I was stopping breathing at night. Had a fainting episode in that time frame where they found I need the pace maker. So now 4 months later I still have alot of symptoms that wont go away.
287996 tn?1312023682 hey i've been noticing low blood pressure lately i'm on high bp meds but as of lately when i check it its like 114/72 105/68 110/71 113/70 109/76 97/68 what could this mean???
Avatar f tn Hi mommies. I'm 16 weeks and just had a doctor's visit Friday but my blood pressure was lower than normal, 96/50... I know normal is 120/80... anyone else have/had low bp while pregnant and have/did you have any symptoms or complications? Doctor said it's not alarming. I get occasional migraines, dizzines and nausea but so far my pregnancy has been good.
Avatar m tn m 31 male, until one year back I had little bit low blood pressure due to regular exercising. For the past 3 days and out of the blue I feel dizzy, and feeling to vomit ( low blood pressure) although I'm not exercising since few months now. It is really weirded as I it's the first time to happen and on daily basis for the past 3 days, feeling the same symptoms, rest for couple of hrs, then I'm fine. Go to work next day , feeling okay, then it happens in the after noon.
Avatar n tn The "official line" on low blood pressure is that in and of itself, it isn't a bad thing, per se. Low blood pressure is a health problem when it is causing symptoms. So at whatever level it starts causing you to have symptoms, that's what is too low for you. It's probably a good idea to ask your doctor what warrants a trip to the ER and what doesn't, just for clarification, since each of us is different. But generally, I think this is not considered an emergency.