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Avatar n tn I am having withdrawal with nightmares and extreme sweating after being off the fentanyl patch for four weeks. It is now the only problems I have and happens three or four times each and every night/early morning. I came off the patch cold turkey and with my doctor's knowledge but no help in the withdrawals. Any help would be really appreciated. I am 69 yrs. of age.
Avatar f tn It takes the rest of the adhesive off and dries out the skin and stops the itching. I don't know if you have that problem, but it's better than itching and breaking out. One last thing, as far as side effects for me it's the typical stuff. Constipation, dry mouth ( but that could be the muscle relaxers for me) and a little sleepy when my medicine is changed until I get used to the new dosage. Are you sure you don't have a bladder infection?
822153 tn?1333066595 I would stick with the patch a little longer and see if it gets any better with the burning and itching. It seems this medication will work well for you and if you can handle the itching and burning that may go away then I would try it.
767538 tn?1276578920 All of the others( morphine, codine, percocet and methadone) caused me to develop severe skin itching, no visible rash, just bad itching on my arms and legs. After three benedryls and a half hour it finally goes away. Anybody else have these problems?
271872 tn?1238593991 Getting it cleared from your body will depend on your percentage of body fat, your metabolic rate, and the ability of your liver to break down the fentanyl. I would imagine that fentanyl could be found in your body for a month or so after stopping it, but the last couple weeks it would be in very low concentrations-- too low to measure by the standard urine tests out there, and too low to have much of an affect on you. OK... hallmark of addiction...
535089 tn?1400677119 The pharmacy changed to the Mylan brand and I dont have the itching problem anymore.I personally feel the Mylan brand is not as effective though.
Avatar f tn Ever since the second of this month, I have been using duragestic patch (fentanyl patch, mylan brand) and am having tons of trouble with it coming off or sweat blisters forming underneth, and itching. My doctor tells me to NOT cover it, even with tegaderm dressing... and to only put it on my upper arm or back... I sweat there a lot. I find I have better luck if i stick it to my side where the rib cage is. Better luck with it staying, that is.
Avatar f tn I've been on fentanyl patch 25 mcg and 12 mcg combine for 2 years for health reasons . Due to adverse side effects I have come off of them call Turkey . I am on day 5 and it is been hellish to say the least.
5602432 tn?1370732540 I had a friend accidentally OD because he mixed the wrong medications (not Fentanyl) his Doc gave him he took them went sleep and never woke up. They were Xanax and another one that slowed his breathing can't remember what it was. I have never taken Fentanyl before and it slows your breathing along with several others I take.
Avatar m tn I really hope that the members who use the Fentanyl patch and who read this undestand that putting the patch on in a warm place is not a good idea. It will make the medicine go into the blood stream faster than it would normally. Please stick to the arm or chest. It is in your best interest. Thanks....
Avatar n tn I waited another whole year before I tried fentanyl again..so afraid of the same thing happening all over again. And it will-the withdrawal that is, if I go off the same way again. This time, I know to taper and do it over a longer time frame than I did..and to not do it until I am ready. I think other than w/d, you have to be really protective of your meds. People steal them and most drs will not give an early replacement even with a police report.
Avatar f tn How to wean off Fentanyl patches and high doses of Vicodin? Anyone try Suboxone?
Avatar n tn I have been on Fentanyl patches for about 6 months and it was prescribed to wean me off of Norco 10/325 2 pills 4 x day after a surgery. I got as high as 75 mcg patch of Fentanyl every 3 days and then I developed some kind of allergy. The Pain Dr. says the allergy is to the adhesive, not the fentanyl. I am now down to 37 mcg every 2 days because the patches itch like crazy. I wake up in the morning and my patches are scratched off(even withTagederm) and there is blood on my sheets. My Dr.
Avatar m tn I been taking dilaudid 4 mg for 4yrs and on 100mcg fentanyl patch and my lower back and siatic nerve pain going thru both leg is getting worse don't know wat to do cant sleep or do any house work wat should I do
592774 tn?1325397342 DH just started with fentanyl patch and we are having trouble keeping it on. I have been taping around the edges but it does not stay attached in the middle where the medicine is. We have tried his upper arm, upper chest, upper back. I would love any advice on how to keep these things on! I tried using a hair dryer to dry his skin and then warming up the patch with the hairdryer before sticking it on tonight. His movement just makes it separate from his skin.
Avatar m tn I have had, off and on, this terrible itching! It's back, and it's driving me up the wall! It's nothing dermatological and topical treatments don't do a thing. My Fibro dr says she's never seen any patients with this symptom before. Anyone else have this?
369629 tn?1237816558 hi i am not sure if this is right question to ask here mabe someone can help i have been on the fentanyl patch about 7 months now and am having alot of skin burning and itching,,,my family dr. has switched the patch toduragesic 25 mcg... i was on ratio-fentanyl 25 mcg. and both patches have caused me a great headache. my arms and legs etc are a mess..so now he wants to take me off and try something else....so my ????
Avatar n tn I want off of this drug, but every time I start stepping down to get off the medication I begin having severe muscle pain in my legs and something like restless leg syndrome. I was wondering if this is a normal side effect from getting off of the Fentanyl and if so, what can I do about it because the pain is pretty severe. Thank You!
1006065 tn?1251482269 The best that has come out of this situation is that I know to tell people that, unless they are dying with a terminal illness (like CANCER which, BTW, the Fentanyl was DESIGNED FOR) and need mega pain relief and will never be coming off of it...DON'T EVER LET YOUR DOCTOR PUT YOU ON FENTANYL PATCHES! There have been so many accidental deaths from this medication that there are class action lawsuits against one of the manufacturers of Fentanyl.
Avatar f tn Sometimes,if I take one of the itchy ones with Atarax and benadryl I'm ok for awhile, and then the itching will eventually get too bad and I will have to switch to something else. Tylenol #3 dosen"t work very well for the pain, so my PCP is always looking for something else to try. Are all of the drugs that cause my itching in the same class? Is there something similar to Tylenol #3 or Morphine that you would suggest? Thanks so much for your help.
Avatar n tn Mine all started when I was hospitalized for a pneumothorax. It was my second occurance and I was on Fentanyl for 5 solid days. I had a chest tube and then I opted in for surgery to prevent future occurances happening again. They gave me Dilaudid in the OR and I was back out resting on a PCA of Fentanyl. In addition, they gave me some anti-inflammatory which seemed to have made me itch; however, I am uncertain if that was the cause.
1264863 tn?1391121793 My biggest compaint is that the first three days or so after I switched I felt awesome, happy for the first time in years, no pain, no fuzzy, no ephoria, just like myself again without anxiety etc. Why did I feel so great and social and happy and then it went away? Was it just the Fentanyl hitting my system that made me feel good or will I ever be able to get it back?
Avatar f tn I am so glad that you found us and took the time to post. I can relate to your reaction the the adhesive on the Fentanyl Patch. My physician prescribed the Patch for me about a year ago. The first few seemed to be okay. However with the fourth application I developed a hive like rash around the patch. When I changed it the area under the Patch was very red. So as I always did when I changed the Patch I applied the next one in another location and went to bed shortly after the change.
1460706 tn?1319864268 I just put on my 3rd patch. I am itching uncontrollably for the 2nd night in a row. I was on a high dosage of hydrocodone for several years prescribed by the same pain management doc for a variety of chronic pain issues. This is also not my first experience with fentanyl. Not sure why I went back now. Las time I went off cold turkey after 17 months. My doc made me promise not to do that again.
Avatar f tn So, expected to wake up from my Ambien, clonidine, and zanaflex induced sleep (a very poor night's sleep) feeling ****** and weak and anxious and dizzy and itching for something to ease the withdrawal. Low and behold, this morning was better than yesterday's morning! HOORAY! For sure I'm still nauseous and weak and sweaty and feeling so ******, but joining this Medhelp group gave me so many suggestions and HOPE to keep going and not stop the withdrawal process.
847512 tn?1272570662 But now all of a sudden the last 2 days I have gotten extreme muscle spasms especially in my neck and shoulders to the point where I cant look up or turn my head I can only look down and I have tension in my legs where they feel stiff when walking. Does anyone get that? I also get the spasms in my legs but not so much as in my shoulders and neck. this is getting out of hand.
Avatar n tn Just remember why you are trying to straighten out your life in the first place, and just view this as a small setback. You will be able to get those fentanyl patches soon enough, and you will be able to get back on the right road! Please, Please, PLEASE don't take TOO MANY, Laura! You are a wonderful person, and you have helped lots of new people here. We all love you!
Avatar f tn but sometimes straining to go to bathroom, belching and burping, white spots in stool and yesterday a little blood in the stool. At the time I met with the gastro doctor, was asked if I had blood in stool and I hadn't then. I spoke with someone in his office yesterday and told her about the blood and she said, oh that's not natural.......scared me to death as I had a friend who died of colon cancer six years ago...