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Avatar m tn when I lay down the room spins like I have had a night on the beer and I feel very sick, i often loose my balance and when I bend over I become dizzy to, some times I get numbness in my hands tas well,.I have Heart trouble and I am on these tablets and wonder if it may be side effects Bisoprolol,Bumetanide,Spironolactone,Aimias, my blood pressure is good .I.m also a diebetic but my sugars are under control and not low at the time of dizzyness .so any ideas ??
Avatar f tn You have symptoms of orthostatic hypotension (also called orthostatic intolerance). Orthostatic hypotension is a form of low blood pressure; the blood vessels do not constrict (tighten) as you stand up. This condition is usually a symptom of an underlying condition rather than a disease in itself. The drop in blood pressure reduces the flow of oxygen to the brain.
Avatar m tn s are VERY mild this time around! I was really expecting to go to hell and back with this fentanyl withdrawal but so far it has been 10x easier than my oxy withdrawals I went through last year. Anyone have any theories why my w/d this time around has not been nearly as bad as last time? I have been dependent for about 4 months this time around, using mainly oxy/dilaudid/fentanyl but I havent had oxy in awhile mainly just fentanyl and dilaudid.
Avatar m tn I was at an appointment this morning at the neurologist office for my constant lightheaded sensation,when they took my BP while sitting down it was 110/75 i think but they ask me to stand up while taking my bp it was quite low,90/70 and the doctor says that could be the reason why i have been feeling dizziness and lightheaded.
1279189 tn?1275244868 No, with fentanyl on board you will have no withdrawal symptoms from the vicodin. However, it takes two or three days for the fentanyl to reach a steady dosage in your bloodstream, so you may need to overlap with the vicodin a bit as your body gets used to the change. You will not get a "buzz" or as you put it, increased spike in energy from fentanyl that you experience with vicodin.
1108194 tn?1378424522 I have had at least 3-4 episodes where I get instant severe fatigue while I am eating. I actually have to stop and go lie down. I have just noticed connected the dots about it happening during a meal. Could this be a type of food allergy? I almost like my blood pressure or something drops.
Avatar f tn Then a couple friends showed up and gave me a few fentanyl pills. The subs blocked most of that but I feel ok. I have to work again in 8 hrs. I have about 6 more pills of fentanyl. I know if I use them I'll get through work but I don't want to start a fentanyl addiction.i was wondering if I take subs instead if I'll just get sick again or if they'll help now. I need to work or I'll lose my car. That's the only reason I'm considering taking the fentanyl tomorrow.
1390687 tn?1281157239 How much of each were you on and for how long? The fentanyl withdrawal will probably be the worst... I had the roughest time with the fentanyl... and no withdrawals from the percocet/oxycodone... it all depends on the person and amount and how long the person has been using,.. good luck.
Avatar n tn I was getting ready to tell you to go to the ER! So, that is a relief. What about hypotension? Orthostatic hypotension? I know you say you don't get it when you stand up but . . . sounds similar. What about your blood sugar? If it is too low, it can cause these issues too.
Avatar m tn My wife has been perscribed fentanyl patches and has been told not to eat grapefruit, does this apply to all citrus fruit ie.
1588890 tn?1297073916 s a month ago, Percocet 10 for breakthru and Lyrica for my Fibro. I am trying to quit smoking and HATE that gum! Was thinking about the patch but was wondering if it was safe to have both on? Any suggestion?
7157762 tn?1390862911 ve stopped taking my percs and taken off my last dose of Fentanyl patches. Wanted to thank all the folks here especially Ms. H who has supported me throughout this bumpy ride. My cold turkey wasn't completely planned. A friend of mine and I planned to jump together but things always seem to come up for us both. Less than a month ago, I went to my pain management doc for yet another refill. I opened up to my doc and issued my wish to be off the patches.
Avatar m tn Is there a way to diagnose intracranial hypotension even though I will be stressed up and my condition therefore improved during the test? 2; Is it possible to diagnose or rule it out just with an MRI without contrast? 3; Should I just skip the MRI and ask for an epidural bloodpatch immediately? (I mean, if the diagnoses is tricky and an epidural bloodpatch is easily made, what is the point of an MRI after all?) I appreciate all answers and comments, both from professionals and others.
Avatar n tn I have experienced postural hypotension in the last week twice, when first i stood for long time on empty stomach in the queu in the early morning , slowly i felt my face is flshing and i felt as if my sugar levels are falling and had sweating and little dizziness. So I took sugar chips immediately and after 5 mts i became normal and i stood for another half hour and then drove my car home. I immediately checked m yBP with my Omron and found that reading at 101/ 66.
Avatar f tn You should ask your dr about ANS (autonomic nervous system) problems, although they may not know . Having ANS problems can be difficult to diagnose and some of us go years for a doctor to take notice and find what's wrong and have to find the right dr who understands ANS problems. If you have HYPOtension (low bp) then it's probably due to the vagus nerve and you may need a tilt table test to help diagnose it. Also, have you been tested for sleep apnea?
770109 tn?1235035062 My boyfriend and i both have low blood pressure and his was inherited from his father where all his other 2 siblings are inherited too. As for mine, it was passed down from my grandmother to my mum and to me. I've heard that if both parents have hypotension, their baby is most likely to be unhealthy. Does that mean that it's impossible for my boyfriend and i to have a complete and healthy family? His parents strictly object their children's partners to have hypotension.
Avatar f tn especially after getting up or down or bending over. I also have tingling and numbness in my legs and feet. Sometimes my legs ache at night so bad that I cry. I am not normally a crybaby!!!! I am so miserable that depression has become a big part of my life. Doctors have sucked my insurance of over $10,000 worth of MRI's cat scans...blood tests.
Avatar m tn Everytime I eat, my blood pressure drops 25 to 35 points, with fatigue and weekness folowing. I know the medical name for it but I don't know why it is happening. I have pancreatic enzyme deficincy also with malabsortion problems and am losing weight. I have slight heart palpitations as noted by a halter test. After eating, blood rushes to the stomach area and pressure should go up....if the blood vessels do not constrict properly to maintain the pressure, then the pressure drops....
Avatar f tn If I go from sitting to standing really fast I get extremely lightheaded and sometimes I faint (or fall, sometimes I dont completely black out) i have had issues with circulation as well. My legs and feet get really cold and purple and the bottoms of my feet turn white. I sit down on my chair and straighten my legs with them pointed towards the floor. I dont have any rhyme or reason as to why this works to me, I have figured it out through trial and error.
Avatar f tn At home, I know when to just kick back and drink water and eat something salty. Thanks for answering my question. Maybe others will too. Hope all is well with you.
Avatar n tn Age 69 male........toprolxl 50mg for hypertension and PVC's , and Plavix75 for stroke caused by atrial fib. I exercise vigorously in the early day lifting weights and running 1/2 hour building my max heart rate to 135. I have a BMI of 24 and feel great. I have been on the beta blockers for 18 years now and am quite used to them. My Blood pressure is 115/65 .
Avatar m tn just to name a few. Anxiety and stress play an important role in the development of erectile dysfunction; and is the most common possible cause. At a primary level, I would suggest being a bit relaxed and working on the psychological factors. You could also see a psychotherapist/ behavioral therapist for the same. It might also be beneficial to get rid of factors like smoking/ alcohol/ drugs, if involved.
Avatar f tn What can be the reason of hypotension espacially postural hypotension in hbv pateint.can vit D and k2 supplemnt be the cause? My friend is is hbv patient and concerned about it.he sometimes feels dizzy.his vit d was too low before taking vit d supplemnt.now pth and vit d are in ranges from the last 6 months..he is taking tdf for 2 years with dna undetactable now. Age 24 otherwise healthy.plz do comment.