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Avatar f tn Just curious, what was the numbers to your HIDA scan? I have been having severe cramping in my upper abdomen, right rib, back and even into left rib now. This has been going on for the last year and a half. The attacks last anywhere from 5 hours till yesterday where it was off and on for 15. Seems to be random but notice higher fat things increase the change of it happening! My HIDA scan supposedly was "normal", I had NO reaction to the CCK but my EF was 99% !
Avatar f tn I begged him not to and he referred me to a surgeon. The surgeon did a HIDA scan and it showed my gallbladder had stopped working. I had surgery 2 weeks later and I made it to my Hawaii trip a week after surgery. Ask for the HIDA scan. It shows the function of your gallbladder. Good luck!
Avatar m tn Its very normal, HIDA scan checks the function of the gallbladder, I didnt have stones but my gallbladder was extremely sluggish. Was yours functioning properly on the HIDA?
Avatar m tn While having a Hida Scan yesterday my small intestine did not show up and they had me to go eat then come back in 30 minutes. I did - was on machine for approximately 5 minutes longer and that was it. They did not run the "stuff" thru the IV. I'm waiting to hear from my doctor - did not hear today. Do you know what could be going on? I feel fine. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have had several test ,including a small bowel follow tru, gastric emptying, upper GI, endoscopy,colonoscopy, MRI and HIDA scan. and the only test that showed anything abnormal at all was the gastric emptying and the doctor said it was delayed in emptying but that this was not my problem. is it possible for the MRI and HIDA scan to be normal and it still be my Gallbladder? has this happened to anyone else.
Avatar f tn I'm really glad that your colonoscopy was clean! You probably don't have to have one for another 5 years? Did you have it because your age triggered it (they like 50 year olds to get a baseline) or because you were having symptoms they wanted to check? The HIDA scan is imaging done to check liver, gall bladder and bile ducts. It's mostly done to check out your gallbladder. Again, have you had symptoms that prompted them to want to check this out?
Avatar m tn I was then sent for a HIDA Scan and I am waiting for the results which I was told will take 3-5 business days. During the HIDA Scan it took almost 60 minutes for my gallbladder to appear and even when it appeared the technician wasn't sure it was my gallbladder. When she injected the CCK I felt a wave of nausea which lasted only 1-2 minutes. Is it normal for the gallbladder to take so long to appear and do most people experience a reaction to the cck?
1440967 tn?1284063883 How long does it take to get results back from a HIDA Scan? If there was something wrong I would have gotten a call right away, correct?
1640444 tn?1300631095 but mine was extremely sluggish which caused me all my symptoms of pain, nausea vomting, I had mine removed in Jan 2011 and all my symptoms have gone away... have you tried a low fat diet and try and stay away from caffeine (coffee, pop etc) this used to give me the worst pains.
512694 tn?1216161406 Does anyone know if your HIDA scan is normal can you still have a bad gallbadder? Or not a great functioning gallbladder?
Avatar f tn I'm going in for a HIDA Scan today and I'm pretty nervous. My doctor said that the test is non-invasive, just quite boring as it takes 2.5 hours. After doing a bit of research online I've learned that there is a bit on pain involved, sometimes severe, once the CCK is injected. Can anyone tell me what to expect when I have this scan done? What does it involve exactly? I was only told that I would be receiving an IV and that scans would be taken of my Gallbladder and that's it.
Avatar f tn Does the hida scan usually cause extreme pain on the left side, under the rib?
Avatar m tn I have the same thing going on right now no stones, CT and MRI clear but HIDA scan showed severe Bilary Dyskinesia (slow gallbladder) did they do anything for you? Are you hvaing pain, Nausea, vomitting? My GI told me to stay away from alcohol as it will make the pain worse, guess it has to do with the filtering through liver.. not sure I am just obeying as I dont want to add anymore pain. I am now waiting for new GI and a possible biliary manometry depends what she says.
Avatar n tn When having a Hida scan, Do you lay in a machine such as the one of an MRI or what?
Avatar n tn I am having the hida scan in the morning. Is there a certain percentage at which surgery is required immediately? Also is it possible for the gallbladder to rupture when give the hormone to contract?
Avatar n tn Never heard of a hydro scan. Did you mean HIDA Scan? If so, here is info about it...... A HIDA scan is an imaging procedure that helps track the production and flow of bile from your liver to your small intestine. Bile is a fluid produced by your liver that helps your digestive system break down fats in the foods you eat. A HIDA scan, which stands for hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid scan, creates pictures of your liver, gallbladder, bile ducts and small intestine.
Avatar m tn Late reply, but I had a HIDA scan last month and they were out of CCK and gave me a bottle of Ensure instead. Not sure how accurate that was since my results went form 70% a year ago to 81% this time and I'm in more pain than ever.
Avatar m tn t be sure unless he performs a HIDA SCAN. I have sought a second opinion and the second doctor did not feel the HIDA scan was necessary. I' m very reluctant to do the HIDA scan, because I don' t want to expose my body to any more radiation specially if it' s going to be injected into my body. So the question is. Should I do the HIDA scan? Is it OK to take Metamucil daily? I' m only 27 years old. thank you!
Avatar f tn I had a HIDA scan yesterday and became very nauseated during the second part and had to go home b/c I ended up with a case of diarrhea and felt really bad. I woke up this morning with chest pain that radiated all the way in to my back. Is this a sign that my gallbladder is not working properly? Can anyone help? I stay nauseated 5 out of 7 days. I am miserable and feel like there is no end in sight. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn My husband had it done a while ago and they did an ultrasound then the Hida scan. In his procedure they injected the contrast, scan him for an hour, then gave a high fat ensure and scanned again for an hour. But in mine, they did ultrasound, Hida scan with contrast, scan for an hour, then another hour of scanning but no ensure. The tech did comment that he hope it would show in the second round. I don't know what that means or why I would drink the liquid. Any insight?
499534 tn?1328704178 2mm wall thickening of my gallbladder, and sludge. I had my Hida scan done yesterday and the only result I know is that the EF was 52% which is great. I am very symptomatic with pain and it has increased over the months to constant. What is the protocol for thickening walls of the gallbladder? Do you leave it in or take it out? Isn't it a sign of activity and inflammation? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Last week I had a hida scan after having every other test done 2 determine what my pain and diarrea was from. It turned out my gallbladder was only functioning at 8%. It was the last test I had and it proved to be the right one. I had my gallbladder removed 3-02-09 and I am doing so much better. I was in the hosp. for 6 days before they could find out what the problem was. Im recovering from the surgery but I feel that without this test they would not have found the source of my problem.
Avatar n tn I had an attack during my HIDA and my level was 81%.
974371 tn?1424653129 Well, my last HIDA scan (done with the ice cream) came back normal. So now I have had 2 HIDA scans with the ice cream that are normal while the one dine with CCK showed an 18% ejection fraction!! I am NOT happy!! A friend, who is a Nuclear Med Tech, said the CCK test is really the standard. Now I have no idea if I do or do not have a gallbladder problem!! The doctor says he can repeat the test, if I want, but would have to check to see if Medicare would cover it.
Avatar m tn A HIDA scan will not visualize any stones or sludge. That will only be seen with the ultrasound or another test like it. Although liver and gallbladder flushes purportedly 'flush out' stones/sludge there is little evidence that they actually work. I believe if you went back and redid the u/s both the stones and sludge would still be seen. With the presence of polyps, the older suggestion was to wait and if they grow then the GB should be removed.
Avatar f tn Only in my case I went in to the ER with SEVERE pain and the filled me full of morphine and demerol then sent me for my HIDA scan. The problem that I have learned is you need to be free of Narcotics in your system or it will "throw" the results. I was only at 28%, so they performed a lap chole and now almost a month later I am still in severe pain. They have put me on the most insane medication regimine I could imagine. Zoloft, bentyl, codeine, nexium, wellbutrin, and welchol.