Fentanyl and fibromyalgia

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2010625 tn?1329372056 In the UK Fentanyl is a controlled drug and can only be prescribed by a doctor, Fentanyl is approximately 100 times more potent than morphine, with 100 micrograms of fentanyl approximately equivalent to 10 mg of morphine and 75 mg of pethidine (meperidine) in analgesic activity. Its a wonderful drug.
Avatar f tn He believes she has Fibromyalgia and wants her to try some of the same medications she has already tried. She had no pain and was very healthy and active prior the her prior to her treatment. Has anyone else experienced this? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/471862'>long term joint pain after chemotherapy</a>.
Avatar f tn I have had fibromyalgia for the past 20 years and 3 surgical fusions in my neck as well as 2 in my lumbar spine........and the migraines since I was a teenager.......sometimes you just don't know what to deal with first, right? My neurologist started me on Topomax for the migraines and it has made an amazing difference........it prevents the migraines from happening about 90% of the time and it also stops neuropathy or nerve pain in my legs.........
Avatar n tn I have had fibromyalgia for the past 15+ years, as well as osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative disc disease and joint damage from being a (very bad) gymnast back in high school. I weigh 110 pounds, and am on 175 mcg of fentanyl q 3 days, as well as 10 mg Norco for breakthough pain. I do not smoke, chew or otherwise abuse my meds. That is the best way to lose the privilege of having them. Questions answered? Thank you...
Avatar m tn I have been on a fentanyl patch for about 8 years for Ankylosing Spondylitis and Fibromyalgia. The doctor who prescribed them is no longer able to prescribe them as his board of directors for his practice has decided that they can no longer do pain management. I have tried unsuccessfully to find another doctor in my area. The doctors want to do nerve blocks/etc. so no one will take me until I come off the fentanyl.
Avatar n tn I have been dealing with Firbromyalgia for 10 years now and for the past year and half I have been on the Fentanyl patch. I am currently on 50 m every 3 days. I want to get off of these badly! I'm sick of the side effects like not sleeping and weight gain.... I feel like I need to just clean my body out of all of it and see where I'm at with the pain. I don't even know!
Avatar f tn Hello, I just joined as well. How are you doing? I'm on day two of withdrawing from fentanyl pain patches. I have herniated discs and fibromyalgia. Anything in particular you'd like to talk about??
Avatar f tn m a chronic pain management patient, with fibromyalgia and flank pain due to medullary sponge kidney. I was originally sent to a pain mgmt doc almost 5 yrs because of the chronic kidney pain (was diagnosed with fibro a year later). For almost 5 yrs I have been on the fentanyl patch to manage pain. I was on a 50 patch every 48 hrs (yes, 48 hrs not 72) for most of that time but almost a yr ago I switched to the 25 mcg/hr patch (still every 48 hrs).
Avatar f tn ..until I got home and hopped on the computer to look it up I figured this doctor was doing me a big favor. I told him today I wanted to get away from Oxys. So he lowered my script from 3 20mgs oxy a day to 3 10 mg oxy a day and put me on Fentanyl 25mcg every 3 days. Anyways, I put one on and don't like them at all. They make me feel very depressed, moody and tired so I looked it up and good grief, it makes oxy look like a walk in the park.
Avatar f tn I have been on the fentenyl. Patch. 50 mcg every 48 for really bad pain from fibromyalgia and lupus for about 2 years and still having breakthrough pain. I have taken so many medications I got so depressed I quit the fent last.f week was he'll and I am so scared that it won't end. I go to the Er and all tdo is iv lost liquids. I can't.keep anything down and all they say is to see my pain md. When I called a million times all I finally got was a appointment for 5 days from now.
Avatar m tn I responded best to the Opioids, but the docs are loathe to prescribe an addictive treatment plan for fibromyalgia. I was taking hydrocodone 4 Times a day and I hated the initial high and the bottoming out when I needed another dose. The highs were my most annoying side affect since I only wanted relief from symptoms and not a crack den feeling! Finally, in 2007, I heard about the MYLAN Patch.
Avatar m tn I was on a similar list last year, and I chose to taper off. I have fibromyalgia and I also had an unsuccessful joint replacement in my thumb that necessitated me having 9 more surgeries and winding up with nerve pain as well as pain from RSD. I was worried about addiction, even though I never took anything except as prescribed. And I worried about what would happen if I needed pain medication for something more serious. I was already on so much, how much higher could I go.
1337431 tn?1280955899 The tingling and burning sensation is unbearable, on top of all this, I also have Fibromyalgia, arthritis on my legs, and carpotunel. I have a 17 and 3 yr old to support, but only able to work part time because of the pain. I've been on oxycontin, Percocet 10mg 325, MS Contin, Roxicontin, and nothing seem to work. So now I'm on this patch which did get rid of the tingling and numbing that goes down my left leg to my toes, but I'm still not able to walk too well.
Avatar f tn I was given my first dose of Lyrica last night and I slept brilliantly for once, today I've been very sleepy and when I took a nap I couldn't stand up when I awoke because my hip just flared up so badly I couldn't even walk. Luckily I am in hospital, so they gave me morphine straight away and its feeling much better. I really don't know very much about Lyrica and I'd like to hear what some people have experienced with it.
Avatar m tn This happened to me with a pain management doctor. He had me up tp six oxy a day and fentanyl patches. I have severe back issues and when I told him the epidurals he gave me did not work, he sent me a dismissal letter stating there was nothing more he could do for me. I was so angry, I tossed my pills and took the patch off. I went through hell and it took about a month and a half to feel human again. My anger at him fueled me to get off everything.
Avatar f tn I have been on them for almost 7 years for severe fibromyalgia and a type of arthritis. I started out on 25 for a year, then 50 for about 4 years, then 62, and now I'm up to 75 mcg/hr every 2 days for the past year, and I hit the wall, for me, with dealing with the tolerance and dependence issues, and I want off.
Avatar m tn Lupus, fibromyalgia, spondylitis and M.S? These have many of the same symptoms and you may have been misdiagnosed somewhere along the line. My guess is you REALLY have one or two of these. Are you seeing a specialist (rheumotologist) or a general doctor who may not have the expertise, background and knowledge? Are you taking anti-inflammatories? Sounds like you are experiencing cortisone flare due to crystals in the steroid that irritate soft tissue.
1373852 tn?1307843048 I would like to know if drugs such as levaquin and cipro and the medicines they use to keep a person in a medical coma can cause fibromyalgia or symptoms like it that persist once the person is recovered from the original illness.I had a bad asthma attack nine months ago,was put in a medical coma for respiratory failure because of it.I have had every test or almost.cbc,autoimmune,hiv,hep c,b,a.I have had emg,eeg,nerve conduction,brain mri,cervical spine.
1128145 tn?1260343690 ve had a cervical fusion as well as 2 other cervical surgeries and 4 lumbar surgeries and fibromyalgia. I too was using the same patch. I wasn't in any pain when using it. I was on 25mg, then up to 50mg, then 100mg. Although I was out of pain I was completely out of it. I was sleepy or asleep all the time. I had no appetite, felt depressed and yes it has many serious side effects. But all pain medication does.
Avatar n tn I would go back on the patch if they will give it to you again and get another series of epidurals. I was also try IcePaks/Heat and get a TENS Unit and apply stimulation at the same time as ice or heat. You must have some specific issues related to your case that are going to prevent you from being dispensed any oral opiates. These doctors won't even prescribe you (Ultram) Tramadol because of this and it is non-narcotic. I have given you the best advice I can.
9258244 tn?1402972453 Hey there- I totally understand where you are coming from and regret sorely that I allowed my pain management doc to prescribe me fentanyl. It made me weepy and depressed and it was VERY hard to come off of. I was on 75 mcg/48 hrs. I tapered down to 50 then 25 then I switched to a short acting opiate to taper further before I went cold turkey at 100 mg of oxy.
Avatar f tn I also take Lyrica for nerve pain, Trazadone and Flexeril at night to help with sleep and muscle spasms, and I am on Zoloft and bloodpressure meds. I went a long time with no pain meds then to Tramadol then to Lortab, etc.... I have very high pain levels on a daily basis plus I have a high tolerance to meds so the weaker ones never worked well for me. The meds I am on now help more than anything else ever has and I am so thankful! I still have pain but it is a lot easier to deal with now.
Avatar m tn s are VERY mild this time around! I was really expecting to go to hell and back with this fentanyl withdrawal but so far it has been 10x easier than my oxy withdrawals I went through last year. Anyone have any theories why my w/d this time around has not been nearly as bad as last time? I have been dependent for about 4 months this time around, using mainly oxy/dilaudid/fentanyl but I havent had oxy in awhile mainly just fentanyl and dilaudid.
Avatar f tn I have been on the fentanyl patches for 5 years and have had the worst side affects of any medications I have ever taken in my life, and believe me I've been on plenty to be a pharmacy tech without the schooling (that's what it seems like if you know what I mean). Anyway I have also been taking opioid pain meds other than the fentanyl for over 10 years.
Avatar n tn you may have fibromyalgia. You need to get some medicine to come off of fentynal. Go to a pain mgmt dr if you can and he should help you.