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Avatar f tn At our hospital we have a Fentanyl protocol, and this might work quite nicely for you. Fentanyl has a rapid onset of action, and wears off quickly. If you were my patient, and likely to deliver quickly again, I would strongly consider using this medication for you. By the way, it is also safe -- safer than Demerol actually. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I too have Hep C and finding the right balance can be very very difficult. If Demerol works for you and helps with the pain and doesnt give you hallutionations then I say go with it. I hate to think a Dr is that stupid that he would prescribe something contraindicated when you give such an accurate medical history. The first thing you should do is find a doctor that you trust.
Avatar m tn I was just curious, does fentanyl patches work the same way as percocets? And what is the difference btw. a opioid, vs. opiate? The more knowledgable to all these drugs the better huh.
Avatar f tn I was just thinking of all the different medications I've been on over the last year or two and the pros and cons to all of them. Then it occurred to me I'd never tried Demerol for BT pain, and now I can't remember ever seeing anyone here refer to it. Has anyone used Demerol? Is it maybe not used for chronic pain for some reason? I remember getting it twice in my life. One was a shot in the bum when I threw my back out about 8 years ago.
Avatar m tn I'm currently taking 25 mg fentanyl(change out every 72 hrs) and 50-100 mg of demerol every 4-6 hrs for break-through pain from testicle surgery(chronic pain from this).My Pain Management doctor wants to go up on dosage of patch, but I would like to know what other patches are available other than Morphine and Fentanyl.Someone told me there was a hydromorphone patch.If so,please list name and dosages.
Avatar f tn My mother had demerol with my brother at 8 cm and it completely stopped her labor. They had to give her pitocin to get her to a 10.
Avatar f tn We are currently down to about 60mg a day and are running out of supply. We do have some 50mg Demerol and was wondering if that would help keep the withdrawals at bay and also help us with tapering off.
Avatar f tn How well does demerol work durring labor? I'm due in 9 days and I'm still not sure what I wanna take while in labor but I'm leaning towards demerol, so what are pros and cons about it?
374225 tn?1269899262 According to my research Demerol is not as strong as Oxycodone or Morphine but again everyone responds differently to different medications. Demerol works better for me than Morphine does, and that makes no sense either. Tramadol is a non-narcotic and works well for some ppl. It does have addictive qualities in spite of it's not scheduled status. I would suggest you discuss all this with your prescribing physician. He/she can assist you with your decision. Again good luck to you.
Avatar f tn s a sister drug of morphine and they mix it with benedryl or Phenergan and it works as a pain medicine along with nausea and the antihistamine in it will help keep you relaxed and sleepy.
Avatar n tn It is not anesthesia, it is called conscious sedation and is generally versed and fentanyl or demerol. We ask all of our patients if there is a chance they could be pregnant for this reason.
Avatar m tn I thought you said you are on the Fentanyl but would prefer to return to the Morphine. Please clarify. And I do not think that once you take Fentanyl (25) and it doesn't work for you that morphine won't work for you again. We all have different systems and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. I tried it at the 25 dose of Fentanyl and though it worked somewhat I was severely allergic to the adhesive. It scared me too.
Avatar f tn ll get a separate breakout for Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Vicoden, Morphine, Codeine, Oxymorphone, Heroine, Opium, Hydromorphone, Cocaine, Demerol, and several other Opiates/Opioid drugs; Along with their concentration levels (ng/ml) in your bloodstream.
686246 tn?1252425081 There are pain meds much stronger that demerol. Dilauded, Fentanyl,and Methadone are a few. They are all highly regulated and addictive, but have an important place in managing moderate to strong pain. (Do not go into the er asking for a specific drug, they could take it wrong.) A few months ago, I had a bad kidney stone attack. I had taken dilauded (similar to morphine) and it did nothing so I tried a demerol and I was still in unbearable pain.
Avatar m tn Hi. After 18 years, over a couple dozen surgeries, and all that time on every narcotic you can name (now on Fentanyl patches and percocet) I want to quit all the narc's on my own terms even with the chronic pain! I was just in the hospital again on a high dose demerol PCA pump, then a fentanyl pump and I hated what it turned me in to.
592912 tn?1307406761 I had an Endoscopy last year and did not wake up during it, did not remember a thing, didnt even remember going home so I called the Dr that did that and found out he gave me Fentanyl and Versed. This Dr went up on the scale to a better drug and the other Dr went down The Dr knew that I was on Paxil long term and had been on Ativan short term. He said both can cause a person to be difficult to sedate.
Avatar f tn I am opiate intolerant. Morphine I am allergic to. Vicodin does not work. I understand where you have a problem. They had to put me on the Fentanyl patch after my surgery. Dilaudid works for me but I see that you are allergic. Demerol If It works and You don't have another option is what they will have to give you. Also ask about Ultram.
Avatar m tn I take a Zofran(ONDANSETRON 4MG TABLETS) with them for stomach upset and an ativan (LORAZEPAM 1MG TABLETS) to help relax and let the stone pass. b) Toradol really helps when a stone is stuck or actively moving. It is an NSAID, not a narcotic so I prefer it. It is not safe to take more than 5 days at a time. The rest of the time I would take a demerol, if it did not help I would take a dilauded. If that did not work I would head to the ER. I have not had to rely on these lately!
Avatar f tn I don't have a similar story but I just wanted you to know that I am praying for your success. I've taken all prescription opioids at one time or another and your characterization of this drug as the "great white lie" is so accurate! Safe as fire and gasoline. Somebody should pay for the deceptive way this stuff was marketed and prescribed. Yes codeine withdrawal is bad, hydro is worse, percs, fentanyl, Demerol...
610983 tn?1351309926 s 75mcg and 100mcg for Fentanyl patch available as you are on 50mcg Fentanyl Patch right now and as for Percocet, 10/325 and 10/650. Just try those first with increasements of dosages first and see how that goes. I believe that should help to relieve your pain somewhat, hopefully. Talk to your doctor about this. Good luck. Yes, I have heard about side effects of Methadone and I don't even want to be on it.
Avatar m tn amitriptyline, botox injections, celebrex, clonazepam, cipralex, demerol, fentanyl, gabapentin, imitrex, maxalt, metoprolol, migraine prophylaxis, oxazepam, proplylaxin, prednizone, topamax, toradol, tramacel, valproic acid, zoplicone, zolmitriptan (I apologize ahead of time for spelling and/or duplicates in the list, there have been others as well but I have no records on hand) I have had the usual tests and seen the usual professionals associated with migraine such as MRI's, EMG, otolaryn
Avatar f tn m wondering what would happen by taking amitriptyline (100 mg), fentanyl (100/mcl/hr), OxyContin (80 mg. x 2) and benadryl together? Thanks for the input.
687729 tn?1397992727 Demerol, Morphine, Methadone, Percocet, MS-Contin, Fentanyl patches, and Hydrocodone. I am going to see my primary physician Feb 23 and seeing a Physiatrist on March 4. Does anyone have any thoughts, any suggestions, or appropriate questions I might want to run by these doctors? I am having problems with arthritis, too; and I can hardly walk, even with a cane. I can't seem to exercise and my body is turning to putty. Thanks for any thoughts you have to share.
1663682 tn?1303916562 Doctors are often reluctant to prescribe demerol because its a narcotic pain pill, and therefore can be addictive, and it has a potential for mis-use. I'm not saying you are planning to abuse it or are addicted to it, but it does happen so doctors are cautious. Also, tolerance, (if taken regularly) builds quickly, so more and more is needed for the same pain killing properties of it. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn How well does demerol work durring labor? I'm due in 9 days and I'm still not sure what I wanna take while in labor but I'm leaning towards demerol, so what are pros and cons about it?
8829133 tn?1400867913 I have been on 50 mcg Fentanyl (change 48hrs) for about 4 or 5 months and I have such fatigue with it I cannot stand it anymore. It does help a little with the pain (not so many ups and downs, trying to catch up to the pain in the morning, etc), but I may as well be in pain because I have been in bed for 2 months. do not even have the energy for a shower. I do take one, but it takes everything I have and I rush to fall into bed before I can even get dressed.
Avatar f tn I have 5 or 6 100mg of demerol and 1 80 of oxycontin. I have 8 10 mg of val. and that is it there are no mor pills so this is it and I have no ideal what the hect to do, I have no one no one.