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Avatar m tn i was on the fentanyl for over 3 years i have been off fentanyl for 2 months, stepdown to oxys i still had a about 12 18 mg oxys wich i used for pain once a day befor bed i am out and off of those now i only have 3mg codiene almost gone and then as a last resort i will take the tylenal 3, i am very selective about my high and fentanyl was my demon of choice, oxys i could manage having lots on hand and not abusing i had rough 7 week no sleep detox from fentanyl of wich 6 days where a blackout fro
Avatar f tn On my husband side there is a lot of family members including him allergic to the medicine of codeine. I want our baby to get tested for this allergy so if and when our baby does get sick i will know not to give him anything w codeine.
Avatar n tn There have had to have been folks out there that needed emergency surgery with an allergy to opioids and the doctors had to have had a workaround...I would think. But I doubt it was as effective as opiates for pain. They could have been kept in a medically induced coma until some of the healing from the surgery transpired. But honestly, I don't know for certain.
Avatar n tn I got as high as 75 mcg patch of Fentanyl every 3 days and then I developed some kind of allergy. The Pain Dr. says the allergy is to the adhesive, not the fentanyl. I am now down to 37 mcg every 2 days because the patches itch like crazy. I wake up in the morning and my patches are scratched off(even withTagederm) and there is blood on my sheets. My Dr. suggested spraying Benadryl but there has been no difference.
Avatar m tn I was just curious, does fentanyl patches work the same way as percocets? And what is the difference btw. a opioid, vs. opiate? The more knowledgable to all these drugs the better huh.
Avatar n tn Panadeine Forte is a combination of 30mg codeine and 500mg of paracetamol, and due to the higher dose of codeine, requires a prescription. For long term use on a daily basis, other medication should be considered. For occasional use to treat flare-ups in pain, a person may be allowed to take up to 8 capsules a day, which is 240mg of codeine and 4gms of paracetamol. The danger with combination drugs that contain paracetamol is that paracetamol can be fatal in large enough doses.
Avatar f tn Took an awful long time to figure that I was SENSITIVE to morphine/codeine. After operations I went nuts with nausea and ITCHING...that dang oxygen thing up my nose!! I told them FINALLY about this that I finally had to figure out on my own and got on different anesthesia. WOW. What a difference!! Allergies imply something altogether different and one CAN develop an allergy to drugs such as morphine and THAT YOU don't want happening.
Avatar f tn When she has abused them in the past, and used them too quickly, she has taken 12 Neurofen Plus and 12 Paramol a day which deliver 243 mg of codeine. She had a liver function test a year ago and it was O.K. She used her last patch a week ago, and has been using the over the counter painkillers, plus anti-sickness tablets, anti diarrhoea pills, and sleeping pills. She has had a lot of horrible withdrawal symptoms, vomiting, cramps, etc.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor an he gave me robitussin with codeine I am so afraid of taking anything with codeine because I heard it can harm my baby.i just Don't know what to do please I need your advice.Has anyone been sick before while pregnant? If so how did u over come it?
Avatar f tn I teach anatomy and have a clinical understanding of what opiates do to the brain. For a long time your brain has quit producing the normal neurotransmitters/chemicals that send information around your nervous system. The opiates take their place so the cells stop making them. This information included things like naturally feeling good about normal everyday things. They will start making them again with time, taking care of yourself (good nutrition, extra vitamins, sleep), and encouragement.
Avatar m tn The following drugs are all i take, No more and no less. Fentanyl 50mcg. Tylenol3, Tylenol, Norflex, Ambien,Seroquel, Cymbalta, Ibuprofen and Naproxen. PLEASE HELP!!!!
Avatar f tn I know this thread goes YEARS back, but I just read all of this and wanted to post my story. Separate from this, but I do want to add, I've had chronic migraines about 4x per week for the past 12 years. I am a 22 year old female and 1 year ago, literally out of nowhere, I started having chest pains. It felt like I was having a heart attack! My heart area was so tender, I couldn't even lay on my left side. That day, I went to the ER. They did an EKG, X-Ray, Blood work, everything.
Avatar n tn How long did you take the codeine, and were you taking a high dose? If it was high and long term, the w/d can get pretty Is this your first time trying to quit? What made you decide you want to quit? What are those mental symptoms you are talking about?
6815927 tn?1395511425 I went to my PCP today about getting off the fentanyl (200 ug / 2 days) and oxycodone (120 mg twice / day for BT pain). She was very supportive -- maybe too supportive?!? She decreased my fentanyl to 175 every 2 days but left the oxy as is--she said I may need it for extra pain. She also prescribed clonidine 1-2 mg 2x day as needed at my request as well as ambien for sleep. I also asked for gabepentin to help with pain but she didn't want too many variables at one time.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have a cough for 1 year to date and can't get any relief. I've seen 4 different doctors other than my Oncologist and no one can help me. I was diagnosed and treated for colon cancer in Sept 2010 and cleared in July 2011 after treatment. I developed this cough in Nov 2011 and still have it today. I've seen a Lung Dr., Gastroologist (which found that I also suffer from Acute gastritis), Family Dr., Oncologist and my allergy Dr. all to no avail.
Avatar f tn Although methadone and fentanyl are also heavily protein bound and as such require reduced dosing in patients with cirrhosis, the metabolism of these agents does not yield toxic metabolites, and hence they, along with hydromorphone, may be better tolerated37,38 (Table 2)." ".....Hydromorphone and fentanyl appear to be the least affected by renal dysfunction, and fentanyl has less hemodynamic disturbance (due to lack of histamine release associated with other opioids).
568435 tn?1216770794 i broke my foot about 6 weeks ago. i am allergic to codeine and nothing the doctors prescribe works. ive lost more than 20 pounds and i think im getting a little depressed bc nothing helps my pain. i never sleep. please help me with medications to suggest to my doc bc im terrified. he wants to operate but i cant have any traditional pain meds after surgery....
Avatar f tn I have been on Fentanyl paches for about 5 years for chronic pain but in the last 2 years I have developed a severe skin allergy to the glue they use. My skin gets red and itchy within hours of applying the patch and then small weeping blisters form. I have tried all different brands and tired things like hydrocortisone on my skin hours before the patch is to be applied but nothing is working.
Avatar n tn I'm allergic to codeine. I'd been taking vicodin, then norco. now i'm having itching and anxiety when i take it. Any suggestions? I'm seeing my Dr. Monday..this is Friday. Thx!! I also take lyrica, trazodone (RLS), celexa, synthroid. I have degenerative disc & joint disease, injury to coxica & sciatic joints and severe fibromyalgia.
Avatar f tn he wrote me a prescription for Tylenol with Codeine (fairly standard at the time) except there was a big ALLERGY sticker warning of my allergy to Codeine on my chart! He called it in to the pharmacy and they actually filled it...even though I had used the same pharmacy for 3 years and they were aware of my allergy. I always double check all meds...so I didn't take any (I didn't even leave the pharmacy with it). I learned then to never assume anything.
Avatar f tn Sorry to confuse - I can take the co-codamol which is 8mg of codeine phosphate and 500mg of paracetamol (side effects managable) but the 30mg of codeine phosphate with 500mg of paracetamol causes bad side effects, similarly 30mg of straight codeine phosphate causes bad side effects. Added complication is that I also need to be able to function well enough to drive and work.
271872 tn?1238590391 even tramadol and codeine, which are both very weak opiates are way stronger than darvon. For the fentanyl patches and the wds, I would taper down slowly then explain to the doctors whats going on and they will def. help you out, theyll most likely give you some clonidine, which is huge, it aids soo well with the hot-cold flashes, the sweats, restlessness, insomnia, muscle aches, and many more smymptoms.
Avatar n tn Im terrified , im lucky my husband has started to support me more cause the only way i can relax to sleepis when he is cuddling me and i feel safe , sad i know!! I also am addicted to codeine but am tapering and dont drink that dosent help my anxiety.
Avatar f tn Maybe my doc would like a major lawsuit since in reality she is the reason I got hooked in the first place. I was doing fine on codeine and she jumped me to fentanyl patches. There was no reason to do that. She said that way I wouldn't get tylenol and I didn't know what a patch was. I trusted her. Well, the first surgeon knew, and immediately downed me to oxycontin with codeine for breakthrough pain. That was my first withdrawal. Sorry for the vent.
Avatar n tn i have had this cough for 2 months now and i would like to no that same question^^^^,when i cough it makes me vomit,and green and yellow flem comes out of my mouth i have been to the doctors and they have said its only hay fever or u have a lot of mucus , so they give me some tablets and the cough as not gone, i would like to what it could be and what could get rid of this cough i am really starting to worry now please some one right back