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Avatar f tn The person I am referring to that died from OD of Fentanyl and alcohol is my dad. I have a voice mail from him that I saved from years ago and listen to it constantly. I called him almost everyday till his phone was shut off. I check his Facebook constantly and text him every once in a while, yearning for a reply. Although my dad was not young he still had a bit left to do in this world. when I see my friends with their dads, I get a pain in my chest.
Avatar n tn Fentanyl is the DEVILS drug. Before answering your question I have to tell my story. The day after thanksgivings in 2015 I went to pick up my brother (has been a heroin addict for 8 years) to see his son who was at my house. When I went to get him we had a plan to get some H. It took us about an hour to get it and my parents were getting worried and upset that it was taking this long to pick up my brother.
Avatar n tn as a rule narcs can be stopped much less dangerously than heavy alcohol abuse//physically// cos as a rule there is no risks unless a narc user is old and has heart failure//mentally both r a true bumber//and aftercare for alcohol abuse is almost imperative cos it is everywhere//and drug abuse is not socially acceptable like alcohol is..peeps do not pass out oxys at the bowling alley like they do beers u didnt state what ur abuse issue was/or if there was one at all???..
Avatar m tn i am a ten yr plus fentanyl patient dosage 200mcg i am desperate i have a history of long term chronic pain and want to quit.
Avatar f tn Hello mssuspect and welcome to the Pain Forum. The transition to the Patch can be difficult for some. You may experience sweats, nausea, nightmares and dizziness. I experienced all of these things. I do have a concern though..... I see that you have a tendency to use Alcohol and Drugs. It is posted in your profile. I would highly recommend that you stop the use of both. Alcohol and Fentanyl DO NOT mix. I don't know your drug of choice but it can't be good.
Avatar m tn How can I help someone close to me get through withdrawal from fentanyl and other pain medications. He has bravely informed us of his addictions, the most recent being 50 mcg fentanyl , one a day for 7 days. I realize that this is a pain management forum. However, sometimes it gets in the wrong hands and is abused. This is a young person who is FINALLY seeking help. He already had a "quiet history" of drug and alcohol abuse. Then he hurt his back and the doctor put him on pain meds.
Avatar f tn s not so bad when your first on it but after about 6 months your on a downward slope. You will build up tolerance quickly and need more and more and more for it to work. Not to mention once your tolerance increases you start having withdrawals before you change your next patch. You heart races, you lose your hair, your depressed, have anxiety, your tired, lose the ability to enjoy life. Just to name a few things.
Avatar m tn i dont know alot about this drug but i heard it',twice as strong as oxy-contin,close to fentanyl,scary.meth,cocaine and alcohol,and your clean of that.good job.it takes alot of inner strength to do that.
Avatar m tn s are VERY mild this time around! I was really expecting to go to hell and back with this fentanyl withdrawal but so far it has been 10x easier than my oxy withdrawals I went through last year. Anyone have any theories why my w/d this time around has not been nearly as bad as last time? I have been dependent for about 4 months this time around, using mainly oxy/dilaudid/fentanyl but I havent had oxy in awhile mainly just fentanyl and dilaudid.
Avatar m tn Please talk to your doctor about this. It can be very hard to come off narcotics and Fentanyl, in particular, can be hard. You really should have your doctor managing your taper. He/she knows your medical history and can help you with this. I came off Fentanyl last year. It wasn't a snap but it wasn't horrendous either. A lot of people have relief with the Fentanyl, but since we're all different, what works for one, doesn't for another.
Avatar f tn It itches something terrible when I first take it off, so when I take the patch off I will take some rubbing alcohol and wipe the area where the patch was. It takes the rest of the adhesive off and dries out the skin and stops the itching. I don't know if you have that problem, but it's better than itching and breaking out. One last thing, as far as side effects for me it's the typical stuff.
1312494 tn?1273749561 use rubbing alcohol with a terrycloth towel or wash cloth and scrub the area well and let dry COMPLETELY. Then apply the patch. You should have no problem with the patch coming loose after that. I know the instructions say not to use the alcohol. But that is probably because people do not let it dry before putting the patch on which could create problems. I have done this for nine years and have had more problem getting the patch off than keeping it on.
Avatar f tn I did some research and apparently morphine, dilaudid and fentanyl are all in the same class of drugs. Would it not be contraindicated to give a patient who states morphine doesn't work some other related drug? Obviously, I'm not a medical professional. But what happened? Why didn't anything work? Can someone give me some insight? I am not a drug user. I've never used drugs a day in my life, aside from occasional alcohol intake. How do I prevent this from happening again?
1279189 tn?1275244868 No, with fentanyl on board you will have no withdrawal symptoms from the vicodin. However, it takes two or three days for the fentanyl to reach a steady dosage in your bloodstream, so you may need to overlap with the vicodin a bit as your body gets used to the change. You will not get a "buzz" or as you put it, increased spike in energy from fentanyl that you experience with vicodin.
Avatar f tn Then a couple friends showed up and gave me a few fentanyl pills. The subs blocked most of that but I feel ok. I have to work again in 8 hrs. I have about 6 more pills of fentanyl. I know if I use them I'll get through work but I don't want to start a fentanyl addiction.i was wondering if I take subs instead if I'll just get sick again or if they'll help now. I need to work or I'll lose my car. That's the only reason I'm considering taking the fentanyl tomorrow.
1390687 tn?1281157239 How much of each were you on and for how long? The fentanyl withdrawal will probably be the worst... I had the roughest time with the fentanyl... and no withdrawals from the percocet/oxycodone... it all depends on the person and amount and how long the person has been using,.. good luck.
Avatar f tn and yesterday I was going to go to the hospital and demand they put me in as inpatient for pain relief...my doctor prescribed me fentanyl 25mcg and is getting me in to see about gettiing an epidural this week. I really don't want to go down the drug route again (broke hip 5 years ago)...but i cannot last a day without something. Anyway, looking for advice, what to expect, I was terrified to put in on last night-but desperate for a decent sleep...
Avatar m tn My wife has been perscribed fentanyl patches and has been told not to eat grapefruit, does this apply to all citrus fruit ie.
1588890 tn?1297073916 s a month ago, Percocet 10 for breakthru and Lyrica for my Fibro. I am trying to quit smoking and HATE that gum! Was thinking about the patch but was wondering if it was safe to have both on? Any suggestion?
7157762 tn?1390862911 ve stopped taking my percs and taken off my last dose of Fentanyl patches. Wanted to thank all the folks here especially Ms. H who has supported me throughout this bumpy ride. My cold turkey wasn't completely planned. A friend of mine and I planned to jump together but things always seem to come up for us both. Less than a month ago, I went to my pain management doc for yet another refill. I opened up to my doc and issued my wish to be off the patches.
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome to our community~~~~I havent experienced coming off fentanyl first hand but there are people on here who have and will be able to help. This time of night can be real slow so look around and read. The health pages have alot of good info in there. I am so sorry about the loss of your son, so tragic.........
Avatar n tn I have been on Fentanyl patches for about 6 months and it was prescribed to wean me off of Norco 10/325 2 pills 4 x day after a surgery. I got as high as 75 mcg patch of Fentanyl every 3 days and then I developed some kind of allergy. The Pain Dr. says the allergy is to the adhesive, not the fentanyl. I am now down to 37 mcg every 2 days because the patches itch like crazy. I wake up in the morning and my patches are scratched off(even withTagederm) and there is blood on my sheets. My Dr.