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398038 tn?1247860603 I read an article somewhere that femara was tried as a test on some endo people...consistent use after a couple of months removed all traces of end. I think i read it somewhere in this or endo forum.
178239 tn?1277409091 I know there's a few of us on Femara this cycle. I think quite a few on round 2. I just finished my last pill this am, YAY! I'm doing 5mg cd2-6. So far, really good. No s/e like Clomid for sure. I o'd very late on it last cycle, but think it was residual effects from the cyst. I'm feeling good about this round. Anyone else have any good/bad to throw in on Femara? Anyone else gearing up for opking? I am so excited. Cd1-6 went by really fast. It won't be long until we are all back in tww!
Avatar f tn I've tried researching and can't find anything about timing and success rates. I'm attempting to relieve my nerves for this two week wait and I'd SUPER appreciate anyone's input. I had a natural period that came out of nowhere, femara days 4-8, ultra sound comfirmed 3 mature follicles on day 15, hcg trigger shot on day 16 and IUI 26 hours later on day 17 (today). My husband's sperm count was 35 million and 78% motility. Anyone with any thoughts on our success chances? I'm so nervous.
Avatar m tn Hello, Taking fertility drugs enhances the chances of conceiving. Success rates depend on many factors. It depends on you and your partner's fertility problem and your age. There is almost 5 to 20 percent chance of becoming pregnant with each cycle. These chances are increased by 20 percent if you take fertility drugs in conjunction with the procedure. For more queries and assistance consult your infertility clinic since they know your medical history best. Hope it helps. Good luck.
Avatar f tn how long is a typical cycle of femara (2.5mg)? what are the success rates with this in infertility? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Fertility---Infertility/Femara-25-mg/show/1537378">Femara 2.5 mg</a>.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am trying for my first baby but no success as of now. I am new to this community and in reality very confused and request for help and guidance . I am on the 5mg dosage of Letrozole from D3 to D7. I wanted to know, is it always effective to take this medicine . I also suffer from PCOS. I am on second cycle now and had my Menstrual Cycle was on CD27 with pre-menstrual discharge on CD26. It lasted for 4days only , so how do i get to know if I actually ovulated or not ?
Avatar f tn It might be the best use of $$ to do the cycle monitoring along with an IUI so the timing and placement of everything is just perfect... although success rates are still not great. That said, I'd have a heart-to-heart with DH. The RE can do lots to help if his numbers aren't great but it's really going to help to find out before you start spending $$ and going through the hassle of cycle monitoring -- and even before you put yourself through a round of clomid.
Avatar f tn You may want to check the success rates of the clinic you're going to first. When I was doing IUIs (did 4-all failed), I was told that you have a 15-20% chance of success with that type of treatment, which is actually about the same as a healthy couple has each month of trying. With IVFs, your chances are about 50-60%, so clearly a lot higher. I wish you best of luck! Hope it's your first and last!
Avatar f tn I asked about doing femara for this next cycle but she doesn't use it in her practice anymore because she had low success rates with it. So my only option for this next cycle is to have an HSG, ultra-sounds to monitor follicle growth and a trigger shot when it's time (granted, this will actually be our first month of"naturally"..meaning without an ovulation med..as we only just started TTC in June).
374593 tn?1257883550 I think it depends on what your doctor feels about how much endometriosis is left. If you have lots of endometriosis left then suppresion for a few months may be reasonable. If you are older, you may not want to have suppression for that long and you may decide to proceed with IVF using the long Lupron protocol as the only suppression. I do not know the success of Femara in IVF protocols instead of Lupron. I would discuss this all with your IVF doctor.
Avatar f tn It did not work for me the first time, but I am going back in April for another one. Success rates really vary on the person, as it takes in a lot of factors. Would you be using medications with it, such as clomid or femara, with or without injectables? Good luck!!
1340383 tn?1309994514 RE said it was merely doctor preference. My RE has higher success rates with clomid so that's what he prescribes, but his partner in the same clinic uses Letrozole almost exclusively. I'm sure that wasn't very helpful... but thought I'd share.
629388 tn?1255484162 (to mom of three) - My RE says injectables have much higher success rates than clomid, (and multiples as you said) but they're really good with them and taper the doses to your needs. The only bummer is scans and bloodwork every 2 days, even at weekends. - For us, the RE knew we could afford it as we have a good plan, so he put me straight on them. Also, I only have one tube so need all the help I can get.
Avatar f tn Don't give up. The success rates for each IUI is about 20%. This means it can take a few cycles to be successful. Ask your doctor about femara. It works better for some women than clomid. I am with you on my 6th IUI cycle starting yesterday. I got pregnant on 2 IUI cycles, but lost them and once naturally, but also lost it. I have to beleive it is just a matter of time and catching the right egg. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn There is a lot of success rates with the iui. Don't get worked up - you don't need the tension right now. Iui kinda feels like a pap smear mild cramping. We have 2 iui's with bfn but we also have a male factor but 2 of my friends have had bfp - 2 times actually for both so keep your hope up and don't worry so much!! good luck ssbd to you!!
Avatar f tn But, I have other issues and the timing was not the problem. My RE has very high success rates with that protocol. I don't know much about donor sperm, but I do know washed sperm don't live as long-probably 12-24 hours. good luck to you!
374593 tn?1257883550 I have not heard anything about lupron increasing ivf success. I am not sure how extending the suppression stage of the protocol can improve success rates. I am sure it does not increase probability of implantation but I think you will have to ask an expert about lupron increasing follicle production or quality of embryos. I have not heard anything like that but then I am not a doc. I wish I could be more helpful....
Avatar f tn I didn't realize that they used injectibles for someone who already O's, so that thought really hadn't crossed my mind. She said the major differance in success rates was the number of follies that are produced. She said with Femera, I could only expect to have one follie. Injectibles would create more, therefore a higher success rate. There is also a pretty significant pricing differance. An IUI w/Femera would be around $550. An IUI with injectibles would be closer to $1500.
Avatar f tn Hi. I just wanted to give you some support as you are now in the 2WW. I am going to be having my first IUI in just a few days. I'm not on injectibles though (Femara only with a trigger shot and progesterone). From all of the reading I've done and questions I've asked doctors and such, it sounds like the consensus is IUI success rates are between 6 & 15% each cycle, with about a 30% chance of conception over three or four cycles. I hope you don't have to do that many to get your baby!
Avatar f tn In order to start with IVF, we first checked with our insurance company about the coverage and also researched on best doctor around. My insurance pays better based on doctor's past success rates. Then we scheduled our appointments to go over the cycle and to decide on protocols, doctors office will order meds through the company to which my insurance pays, and i get the meds home, i have to pay the co-pay for meds. so far its going ok.
1908725 tn?1331471621 I will be starting clomid today ( i have enough for 2 cycles) (100g) and was wondering what are the chances of it working for the first month if everything else is normal? I looked for success rates online but every site says something different...THANKS..
282812 tn?1225114581 If you are taking injectables + trigger, success rates are around 25-35%. They also depend on SA, age, and causes of infertility. Without injectables and fertility drugs success rates are lower. The procedure is unpleasant but quick. I just had mine yesterday for the first time. Feels like a bad AF cramp but again the procedure is just a minute long. You may have mild cramping afterwards but that's about it. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Hi there- From all of my research and in speaking with my RE, the success rates of IVF are MUCH higher than IUI. At my clinic in my age group with unexplained fertility, the success rate is 74%. That is very high, but many other clinics are high too. at my clinic IUI was only about 15% per cycle. My RE said IF the problem is the egg having a hard shell then IVF with ICSI is a quick fix. He also said there is a very small chance that my eggs are not mature when I ovulate.
Avatar f tn not all RE's are created equal. I don't know if Canada has a website where you can compare RE's and their success rates.... but it would definately be worth looking into. I actually found the one for the US, and have discovered that the RE about 20 miles from where I am going now, has Much Better success rates by about 30%. If this cycle fails, we are switching.
200957 tn?1236140523 What is the difference between IUI and IVF? anyone know the success rates with either. This was my first round of clomid, I had 3 mature follicles, we had sex 3 days in a row after the trigger shot. My DH tries to make me feel better but he just does not understand the disappointment. I am 35 he is 30. He feels like that is no big deal. Please!! He is fooling himself. I have 2 children from a previous marriage, never had a problem, than 5 miscarriages in 2 years. Now i can't get pregnant.
Avatar f tn If so, I suggest trying someone new -they all have slightly different protocols/philosophies so someone else might be more successful for you. Also be sure to look into their success rates for various age groups - you might be surprised at what you find. Best of luck to you.