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15031 tn?1219072889 Clomid has been shown to be very safe for pregnancy and has been used sine the 1960's. Femara has a very short half life and does not thin the lining. It is out of your system by the time implantation occurs. I also got pregnant on my first cycle of femara(currently 18 weeks) and I know someone else who also did. I never tried clomid since I did not want to waste time thinning my lining. Femara has fewer side effects too (I had none).
374593 tn?1257883550 It is impossible to have side effects from a drug with a 2 day half life 1 1/2 years after stopping use. It is either caused by another condition or you are imagining it. Don't post BS on this website when women are already worried and looking for answers.
509981 tn?1210968913 but defintely understand your concerns, like tina and candy said it has a very short half life, so its out of your system way before you have the chance to become pregnant taking it... I have also been using HPT's at the end ot the cycle to check for pregnancy and then AF comes before starting another round of it.. its a good drug, it helps with cervical mucus (doesn't dry it up like lots of fertitliy drugs) and works great in some people that other drugs didn' twork well on..
178239 tn?1277409091 I know there's a few of us on Femara this cycle. I think quite a few on round 2. I just finished my last pill this am, YAY! I'm doing 5mg cd2-6. So far, really good. No s/e like Clomid for sure. I o'd very late on it last cycle, but think it was residual effects from the cyst. I'm feeling good about this round. Anyone else have any good/bad to throw in on Femara? Anyone else gearing up for opking? I am so excited. Cd1-6 went by really fast. It won't be long until we are all back in tww!
749784 tn?1233502910 I am all but in remission myself from taking an aromotase inhibitor similar to Femara. I tried Femara, but it didn't agree with me, so I switched to Aromasin, which works the same way. If your mother is achieving remission from Femara, then I would ask the 3 doctors recommending chemotherapy why they recommend it. Do you know if her cancer cells are low grade or high grade? If they are high grade, then chemo is more than likely a good choice, side effects and all.
Avatar f tn however we may be losing this pregnancy (in the waiting game right now) as far as side effects, i didn't have many at all, and it actually can increase cervical mucus unlike clomid. and it does have a short half life so birth defects shouldn't be a worry!. a lot of people have success stories on this! good luck!
171867 tn?1271047748 Seen my doc yesterday for my post reversal surgery and got the BIG ok to TTC~~~ Finally! He gave me femara 2.5 mg.. to take 2 daily for cycle days 3-7.. has anyone taken this? and had success! Af is due in couple days so hopefully this will be our month!.... Doc gave me a bd chart..lol just make sure we bd the right days =) Please if any of you can tell me about this med... I would appreciate it. THX ladies =) SSBD to you all !!!!
Avatar n tn have been on femara for about 5 months now and I can tell you that my quality of life has declined dramatically on this drug... I was asymptomatic when I found my tumor in my rt breast and went to my doctor. Now I live in constant pain from taking this medicine... It is helping though. My oncologist can no longer find the tumor to measure but I feel like I am 80 yrs old! The pain is mostly in my hips, spine, and scapula area. Some mornings I can't even lean my head down to see my toes.
398038 tn?1247860603 Clomid also has a very long half life, so that if you take it one month some of it is still around the next month and so on. This can lead to a thin lining. Femara has a very short half life and therefore does not lead to a thin lining. Femara DOES cause birth defects if you take it when you are ALREADY pregnant. If you are NOT already pregnant when you take femara it does not cause any more birth defects than clomid or general infertility.
788859 tn?1236738148 yes femara has a short half life, so its out of your system way before conception starts! a lot of people on here have used it to get pregnant.. i used it on many cycles combined with injectables.. it helps with ovulation and endometriosis suppression as well, and has less side effects for most people than clomid! GOOD LUCK!
Avatar f tn Overall, I say it is a good drug. I like Femara for the fact that it has a half life. It is out of your system very quickly. I didn't get any s/e from it. But, I didn't get a bfp either. I know 2 posters that got bfps on Femara. If you choose the Clomid and start feeling any pain at all, please have it checked without hesitation. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I'm wondering if there is anything new regarding the relationship between Femara and trigger fingers and arthritis of the hands? I've read some older posts but don't see anything current. I have been taking Femara since Dec 2009 and started having pain in my hands and trigger fingers two months ago (Feb, 2011) I had injections for the trigger fingers which seem to help and then not. The changes are making me crazy.
Avatar f tn Well, one thing I read about the Femara is that it can cause birth defects if used DURING pg (therefore even if I got AF, I would still have to POAS, per RE). But on the other hand, it only has a half life and gets out of your system much more quickly then Clomid. I made some phone calls and to go the Femara route looks like it's going to be pretty expensive, because of the u/s etc it will cost over $400 a cycle and that's not even with an IUI.
Avatar f tn Femara has a very short half life and therefore does not lead to a thin lining. Femara DOES cause birth defects if you take it when you are ALREADY pregnant. If you are NOT already pregnant when you take femara it does not cause any more birth defects than clomid or general infertility. So if you take it on days 3-7, it is gone by the time implantation occurs (due to it's very short half life) and theoretically it cannot cause birth defects because it is not even around anymore.
Avatar n tn I am a 6 and half years survivor of ductal carcinoma in situ and was on tamoxafin for 5 years and since march 06 have been on Letrozol. had a mastectomy and reconstruction . my question is how long will i be taking letrozol ?? i did have a cholesterol reading of 300 after just one year on the new med. am taking cholestoff once a day in the evening before dinner [it is not a drug]and my cholesterol went down to 264, only LDL are high everything else in panel is very low.
Avatar f tn But it may take awhile for all the clomid to get out of your system since it has a long half life and you have been on it for 5 months. Did they put you on progesterone after ovulation? My lining was only 6mm on the cycle I triggered which resulted in my daughter but I started the progesterone after ovulation which they said would also help build it up and it seemed to be enough for her to stick!
380530 tn?1239166138 ) Seriously, though, foucs on all you have already accomplished in life, as well as all you've learned TTC so far, and know you are closer know than ever to reaching this milestone.
257175 tn?1204165573 It has a very short half life and is gone by the time implantation occurs and because of this it does not thin the uterine lining. Clomid hangs around for a month or more.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your information regarding Femara. I am physically ill right now with anxiety (and that is not my nature) regarding the use of Femara. I get extremely ill with medications and seem to get the "worst possible side effects". I absolutely do not want to go down that "road of pain, exhaustion, and depression" with the meds.
772910 tn?1249566635 Femera works on different hormones than Clomid does. It also has a shorter half-life so it leaves your body quicker. Some RE's perfer it because it doesn't cause you CM to dry up or thin your uterine lining like Clomid is prone to do.
Avatar n tn It doesn't thin the uterine linine, has a very short half life, has fewer side effects and has less of a chance of multiples (which is very impt if you have pcos). It IS a treatment for breast cancer (blocks estrogen or the receptor - I can't remember which - but clomid pretty much does the same thing)and they realized it could be a fertility drug because all these women being treated for breat cancer were getting pregnant (that's what my RE said).
Avatar n tn The last surgery seemed to get all of the cancer and I continue to this day to take femara and I'm currently 4 years in remission. The femara saved my life however the side effects are horrible. I have a fever most nights and of course hot flashes, since I'm in menopause, and I'm nauseated most of my waking moments. Plus my bones ache and I just feel horrible overall. It feels like I'm swimming against the current every day of my life, just walking 50 feet exhausts me.
Avatar f tn Have you gone to a reproductive endocrinologist? They can probably give you the best advice on having a successful pregnancy. Even just a consultation would be good and your insurance would most likely cover that. Do you know your egg quality is low or are you just assuming because of your age?? I am just wondering because just because you are 41 does not automatically mean your eggs are not good.
Avatar f tn I used it along with Femara, did not conceive, and felt horrible the entire second half of the month. I was exhausted, my breasts stung, and I was in a horrible mood. Previous to using progesterone cream I have never had a PMS symptom in my life. This month I decided not to use the progesterone cream but continued the Femara. I felt sure that I would get a positive test because I felt even worse than last month, but sure enough I got a negative pregnancy test and my period came.
Avatar f tn I have the 37-year-old syndrome where I have done all I need to do in my life and now want to have a child (i.e. travel, post grad school, professional, etc..). I have had 3 cycles of IUI and 1 cycle of IVF and no luck. I know I need to stay positive, but it's wearing very thin. I don't know if it will ever happen for me. I am almost 37 years old and have never been pregnant. I know I have PCOS and irregular periods since age 12. Any positive and inspriational news out there? Thanks, Hopefull.
114870 tn?1210301946 It also has a very short half life and is out of your system by the time of implantation. Clomid binds to the estrogen receptor so the real estrogen cannot bind. This makes the brain think the estrogen is level is low. Femara on the other hand inhibits an enzyme that actually makes estrogen and lowers it that way. SO if clomid did not work femara is a good alternative.
Avatar f tn But from everything I have seen it is common practice and preferred amongst RE's. It has a shorter half-life then Clomid, so it does not have the side effects of drying out your CM or thining your lining.
314146 tn?1202752888 TTC for 2 years. Had 3 IUIs. The first two IUIs were with small dose of clomid (half and quarter of the minimum dose). I used HCG trigger shot on all three IUIs. 36 hours between shot and IUI. I got bfp the first time but it didn't work out. The third IUI has been a total success. I am 36 years old and diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Good luck to everyone!!
Avatar f tn After surgery, I had radiation therapy, plus taking tamoxifen. My cancer is stage 1 and grade 1Gradually, my hot flash is stopped and my life is back to near normal. I noticed that I always very thirsty, my eyes are dry, my skin, hair also dry. I also have joint pain occurred in joint, both small and large joint. I read the symtom of Sjogren's syndrome which is a incurable auto-immune system problem which is that the glands produce lubrication has stop function properly.