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Avatar f tn It seems that some people work better on femara than clomid and visa vers, just depends what your body thinks i guess! Good luck! oh and i think the generic name is letrozole (sp?
Avatar f tn So I am getting ready to start Femara on my next cycle...Clomid not working. Anyway I was wondering who is on or has been on it and when and how much did you have to take? I have done alot of research on it but I am just wondering why women are on such different doses and cd to take them? Is it just up to the individual DR.? Has anyone had success with Femara?? I need a little light at the end of this long tunnel....
178295 tn?1196989533 My Endocrainologist put me on the Femara and I have reacted quite well to the meds, much better than clomid. My folicals on day 14 this month were both on the left side and measured 23 and 24. My folicals never got that big on clomid. Due to the blood clotting disorder I am also on blood thinners called Lovenox and also taking progstrone 2'xs a day. I had IUI's done this past Saturday and Sunday.
391060 tn?1204753084 I am 15 weeks pregnant. Prior to that I had tried clomid for a long time (longer than I should have been on it) with no success. So it does work! I hope it works for you!
506760 tn?1218048541 In fact when i was on clomid, my follicles smaller than when I was on Femera. So i believe each individual will response differently of the medicine.
320424 tn?1205504155 I have tried both Clomid and Femara, I would take Femara over Clomid ANY day!!! Clomid gave me a MONSTER headache for almost 4 weeks, YES 4 weeks!! Femara, LOVED IT!!! Had no side effects and its better on the uterine lining (doesn't thin it out like Clomid), and doesn't create hostile CM like Clomid! Good Luck!
Avatar f tn a Femara cycle and though wasn't pregnant..I definitely felt much better than with Clomid....and I have heard a lot of people get success with femara when clomid doesn't work for them!
Avatar n tn it actually works in a different way than clomid so even if clomid was not successful, it does not mean that femara won't be. clomid blocks estrogen receptors by acting like a pseudo-estrogen, it binds to the receptor and makes your body think estrogen is low. femara on the other hand blocks an enzyme which actually produces endogenous estrogen, so your actual estrogen level goes down. if you read theunlucky20percent.blogspot.
Avatar f tn Hi -- I just found this post but left you a messy note on your home page too... I did one month of Clomid (1 tablet for 5 days starting CD 2) and then one month of Femara (same schedule as Clomid). I got 1 follicle with each although the Femara follicle was 10% bigger than the clomid follicle & my lining was about 4mm thicker on Femara. We did an IUI with both.
Avatar f tn By the way, if you can, discuss Femara with your doctor--I like it much better than Clomid, especially for women who are already ovulating. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I did 3 rounds of 50mg now on my 2nd round of 100mg still no luck but I heard femara was better than clomid and I also heard some had to take both of them together to conceive but don't give up hope I'm surely not going to and good luck
Avatar f tn This has helped me to realize that maybe Femara is a better option. I'll do some research on it. Dnikki, how'd your appointment go?
546831 tn?1262746029 ) GOOD LUCK!!!!
366262 tn?1360035196 I agree with the others though that I've felt better on the Femara than the Clomid and it is supposed to have a better success rate. I hope your progesterone test came out good. Is that all your doctor is using to monitor you? I'm thinking that if this cycle doesn't work, I might request an ultrasound next time to make sure it's working. I feel like my doctor just leaves me hanging out there with no guidance. We should keep each other posted on our progress so that we can compare notes!
Avatar n tn Putting you on Femara does the same job as Clomid (without the side effects, interestingly) and also has a slightly better chance of allowing a pregnancy to stick (less chance of miscarriage than Clomid). They operate differently, which is why this doctor put you on another. If Clomid wasn't working (and should have been monitored to know), then Femara stands a good chance. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Hello! yes as rjoshua said it doesn't thin the lining like clomid can.. also if your not doing IUI's it is "typically" better with cervical mucus than clomid.. doesnt' dry it out... some people respod better to clomid, some to femara, it really is different person to person of course! We have a femara ladies post somewhere on here! we've had a good number of BFP's on there! we did get preg with femara +follistim but unfortuantely miscarried later on...
1108951 tn?1258622290 it's ok if you aren't bleeding when you're taking your femara - and it's ok if you are bleeding. femara is better than clomid because it doesn't thin your uterine lining and dry out cervical mucus. also - there are far less side effects than on clomid. it's hard to tell when you will ovulate. its a good idea to start taking opks on cd 8. if i take femara cd 3 - 7 i usually ovulate around cd 12 or 13. if i take it cd 5 - 9 then its usually around cd 15 or 16. good luck!
391060 tn?1204753084 i guess everyone is different,also my dr told me that femara has a better sucess rate then clomid!! best of luck to you.
398038 tn?1247860603 ( But atleast I know femara works better for my body than clomid. I will go through the website you are refering too.
178239 tn?1277409091 i believe that people typically develop mature follies quicker on femara than clomid, but not as many- usually that is! good luck to everyone!
374593 tn?1257883550 Hi im new here and like lola90 im not up to speed with the abbreviations. Im hoping this forum could help me relax a bit. Im on my second cycle of femara (took clomid before) and i found out i had 4 large folicles each side. Now im 3 days over my period date but the day my period was due i felt the usual bloated and crampy. Took a preg test on my due date but was neg but the cramps have stopped is this a positive thing. Can you have period symptoms if you are pregnant??
Avatar f tn I used Clomid for one cycle and it worked. Did you ovulate on Femara? Some women with PCOS have better luck with Femara than they had with Clomid.
144100 tn?1283526167 He has given me a prescription for Femara. Do you think this actually better than Clomid as he thinks? Also, I have read that Clomid can lead to endo coming back quicker. Is this true and is it also true of Femara? I am very worried that then endo will come back, and I would really like the Femara to work well!! Thank You!
1439094 tn?1320325710 I know several other people that have PCOS and they too did not respond to clomid and a couple of them recently got preg on Femera. The success stories for women with PCOS are greater on Femera than Clomid plus the side effects on Clomid are killer and I really didn't have any side effects on Femera! Good luck to you!!
Avatar f tn I took femara before moving on to injectables. It seemed to work better than clomid with less side effects. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn hello! we just had success with femara (and injectables) and we have endo, pcos and male factor! we did do IUI... however we may be losing this pregnancy (in the waiting game right now) as far as side effects, i didn't have many at all, and it actually can increase cervical mucus unlike clomid. and it does have a short half life so birth defects shouldn't be a worry!. a lot of people have success stories on this! good luck!
Avatar f tn 5mg once a day, and i only have one working ovary) the good thing is that if you dont' have any male factor infertility, then its better than clomid for the fact that it doens't affect CM (doesn't dry it out like clomid can) and it doesn't thin the lining like clomid can either! so it might not produce as many follies for some people, but the other side effects are good.. i never had anything but maybe one or two small hot flashes.. TOTALLY tolerable!!!
Avatar f tn My lining was still not great, but better than it was on the clomid. I am starting another round tomorrow. I had 0 side effects. On clomid I had hot flashes at night. HOpe this is helpful! I liked it a lot better. :) Good luck to you.