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1287560 tn?1272220121 Went in the following day and had IUI. I am now 12.5 weeks pg with TWINS! Letrozole is a drug for breast cancer and is not FDA approved for infertility. If you are still seeing your OB and not a RE, that could be the reason for concern writing you a RX for it. When I went back to my OB to begin my prenatal care, she asked how I ended up getting pg. When I told her about letrozole, she said she never heard of it. So....keep your head up. It can and it does work!!!
5288248 tn?1370882123 Hi ladies, I just wanted to see if any of you would be willing to share your experiences/successes with taking Femara and doing an IUI. My husband and I have a 4 year old son and have been TTC our last baby for over a year now. I have Endometriosis and Pelvic Congestion Syndrome. I've had some labs done, and the last one I need to have checked is my Prolactin. (My breasts have been leaking for a year now).
178239 tn?1277409091 However, I think my favorite kind is the regular ClearBlue OPKs. What tests are you using? ...and yes, there are definitely more of us on Femara this month. Let's see... I think it was G_S, bny807 and Kash12. Girls, are you there?
398038 tn?1247860603 To all of my friends using Femara, and those that are thinking about it, I found some really good info online that is very detailed. It's actually a fact sheet from a fertility clinic in Ontario. I don't know anything about the clinic, but it's by far the best info I've seen on using Femara for infertility. Here's the link if anyone is interested: http://www.soft-infertility.com/docs/PILetrosol.pdf Also, any updates from those of you using Femara?
Avatar f tn Did OPK for a few days and got my +. Went in the following day and had IUI. I am now 12.5 weeks pg with TWINS! It can and it does work!!!
788859 tn?1236738148 yes femara has a short half life, so its out of your system way before conception starts! a lot of people on here have used it to get pregnant.. i used it on many cycles combined with injectables.. it helps with ovulation and endometriosis suppression as well, and has less side effects for most people than clomid! GOOD LUCK!
Avatar f tn Also, this is one of the most widley used Rx's for fertility treatment and is researched and approved for such. B. Go with Femara and the RE. Femara is like Clomid, but produces results in a different way. It should produce more and better quality eggs. There is a lot less research on Femara, and I don't think that the FDA has approved it as a fertility treatment, although it is widely used as one. This was prescribed by my RE.
328927 tn?1227765440 My numbers were very high too - and twins run in both our families. I had the HCG screening done because I was bleeding and the doctor said the numbers were high and twins may or may not be in the cards. I was only pregnant with one. I think it can means twins but not for sure.
Avatar f tn we had every possible thing tested. Got put in the unexplained category... After 3 months of trying femara with no success, doctor recommended doing femara with an IUI... it worked!! I'm just past 6 weeks now, already gained 4 lbs. (I'm small so that is a lot for me) had my blood work checked at 14 do 197, at 16 dpo it was 609 and at 20 dpo it was 5060! I'm thinking since the normal rate for doubling is 48-72 hours.... I'm thinking there is a good chance of more than one...
1696716 tn?1306615044 I did an IUI on May 6 and I took a hpt 14 days later and it was negative. I tested again 3 days later and got a positive. I would recommend waiting at least 14 days and even then you could still get a false negative like I did. Some women test even sooner, but the sooner you test the more likely you are of getting a false negative which can be just depressing. If you did a triger shot, you need to wait at least 14 days after the trigger shot to test or you could get a false positive.
1519983 tn?1401050028 does this increase symptoms and chances of conceiving twins? has anyone else been on 150mg of clomid before?
212720 tn?1304379015 What about Femara (Letrozole) instead of Clomid and Estrogen? I remember having a better progesterone level after using the Femara and I didn't have to supplement with Estrogen.
679002 tn?1233871094 My ovulation is really confusing as you can see from my other post, but I was on Chlomid on and off for a total of 12 months before I got pregnant with my twins, I took chlomid days 3-7 and my first pos. OPK was always on day 12, but the confusing part is that I also always got a pos. OPK on day 14 as well. I wish I could be of more help, but the cycle I concieved my twins on I had my IUI done on day 14 or 15 I believe if that helps at all.
Avatar n tn I got pregnant in december 2006 but had a m/c in febr. after that i waited two cycles and went on femara and metformin with an u/s monitored cycle at my RE's office, had hcg trigger and got pregnant. i also took prometrium after ovulation. I am 10 weeks today and everything looks great. Although metformin works for some people, many with pcos still need help with clomid or femara.
Avatar f tn Okay so I used femara this last cycle and ovulated 4 days in a row does femara or multiple days of ovulation make me increased chances for twins because im hoping there is only one baby in there
276562 tn?1220885624 I was on clomid 100 mg and had 1 follicle. Had my iui on Feb 18 and 19. I caved in and took a test today..it was negative but I am hoping I took it too early. Also I am a little upset that I only had one follicle because I ovulate on my own every month so I feel the clomid didn't even increase my chances. But we can only wait and see what happens.
237300 tn?1231458318 I ovulated 6 eggs and ended up with a triplet pregnancy (now twins). I am 37, six years older than you, and I say if it can work for me it can for you. I thought you had been doing injectables already, so if you get pg almost every time with one follie, I say your chances would be significantly improved on them!!!!! Really :-) Just as an FYI, I took Femara along with the follistim, and had an HSG test 4 days before my IUI/bd sessions.
Avatar n tn I was put on synthroid, metformin, and provera and then started femara. I have been being monitored and such as this is our first cycle with femara. My last appointment was 2 days ago and I have a 18, 16, and 14 in my left ovary, and a 16, 15, and 14 in my right. I was put put on Estrodiol (I think I spelled that wrong). I have been feeling bloated, exhausted, cramping, and just not feeling good. I was wondering if anyone else out there might be going through this.
1580043 tn?1333554041 Today is one of them days, not sure whats going on i'm extremly moody i have had a headache, lower back ache and my body temp seems elevated. I have done my opk today it was negative i'm so confused. I did take Femara 2.5mg two tablets CD3-7 today is CD 12.Really not sure whats going on.
325477 tn?1250554909 ) so we were on our last and 3rd IUI with femara , but the last cycle upped the femara to 5mg once a day and then added low dose follistim (i'm 27 and with the pcos didnt' want to overstimulate) my RE is usually pretty strict with how many follies and IUI to not produce too many multiples, but with me he was fine with whatever i was fine with since my follies dont' rupture well my one ovary produced 3 mature follies (5 others) and 2of them released (i was on 100iu of follistim one night the
Avatar n tn Hi I did IUI on Saturday and am now doing the dreadful 2WW and I am already feeling discouraged but not defeated. I have PMS signs and it sucks cuz IF and WHEN AF shows up I'm gonna feel like burying my self under my sheets and never waking up. Don't mean to seem negative but today I am feeling prety down. Anyhow good luck to both of us.
1580043 tn?1333554041 Hello! Yes, cramping from both ovaries is common from Femara and Clomid (and other similar ovulatory drugs) by increasing amounts of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). Under normal hormone levels a race progresses for one follicle to become the largest, but when there's extra FSH multiple follicles will become enlarged in both ovaries. This is most likely what you're feeling, as I've had similar symptoms from Clomid.
Avatar n tn I hope that i'm just a storyteller of my journey for you and that you don't have to experience it yourself. i hope the femara does the trick and you're on to a happy and healthy pregnancy real soon. but if you do have to experience the same i'm here for you (well really either way that is). i'll keep posted my experiences so that you can "hear" all about it and if you do have to go through it i'll be able to "walk you through it". just think of me as your local guinea pig!!
2006473 tn?1422036901 It didn't seem like a big deal until I was sitting at the Pharmacy that evening being told that my insurance wouldn't pay for my prescription because it needed pre-authorization. I got in my car and just started to cry. I was pissed because it was late and no one would be able to authorize my medication until Monday at least. I was mad because I need this to ovulate and I want nothing more than to have another child and it just didn't seem fair.
439903 tn?1380141482 Im just waiting for my first u/s (hopefully i will have the date tomorrow) and then i will have an accutrate date.
237300 tn?1231458318 I was taking Femara and did the trigger shot, which the RE said increases chance of twins by 30%. I have a 6 year old son. Twins would be great because this is my last time around at 38! Plus, with daycare expenses I might be able to justify not working ;-) Maybe with twins, I would want to work to get a break, lol!
Avatar n tn I am pretty sure that Clomid and Femara are not the same. Femara is a different drug all together which is also used to treat breast cancer. Both have about an 8% chance of multiples. I have been on the them both and believe me, the s/e are completely different. Clomid can take up to 8 weeks to metabolize and femara get out of your system within a coupld of days. I was switched from clomid to Femara because clomid made my lining very thin (5mm) and also cause too many side effects.
328927 tn?1227765440 I am just trying to be somewhat informed before my first sono so that I will be prepared we hare having twins. Someone left me a negative comment on my journal entry from today about twins, and I was like, dude--this is not the downer forum. Take a look at my "Twins?" journal entry and see commment #1.
Avatar f tn I did avoid clomid this time inorder to avoid another set of twins (I do understand this could happen with femara too). I am blessed to have twins, but carrying twins were hard on my body and they were premature. I would like to avoid the complications that come along with it.
Avatar f tn agree with above post that you are too young. the eggs are there somewhere. good luck. try acupuncture to get the most bang for your buck. and ask your doctor about DHEA. good luck.