Femara and pregnancy success rates

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398038 tn?1247860603 I read an article somewhere that femara was tried as a test on some endo people...consistent use after a couple of months removed all traces of end. I think i read it somewhere in this or endo forum.
178239 tn?1277409091 ...oh, and thanks for the success story and suggestion about follistim, HeathJo! I can't believe you're almost 14 weeks already! How exciting!!!
1448645 tn?1370071096 There are so many conflicting stories out there and my question is that how long after iui did anyone have systoms of pregnancy and where actually pregnant. I am only due for a blood test on the 25th as the doc wants me to come in as soon as I find out I am pregnant to get check all my bloods and hormone levels. A bit of history… We have been trying for 19 months now after our first miscarriage at 8 weeks. The second happened again at 5.5 weeks.
Avatar f tn I took that clomid for 3 months and on the 3rd month the opk said i was ovulating but no pregnancy and she switched me to femara. I took that for one month and it still said i was ovulating but no pregnancy. She told me my progesterone test said i wasnt ovulating. well thats what the nurse said anyways i never get to talk to the dr seen her once and never took any tests. She now wants me to see a fertility specialist which i cannot afford.
Avatar n tn Congrats on your pregnancy, little piggy! I'm a 2-time IVFer and just wanted to chime in and say that I don't believe bedrest / days of rest post transfer is actually necessary to get pregnant (my clinic has monitored the research and says there's no conclusive evidence that it makes a difference). But my philosophy is: it can't hurt, so if you can lie back and relax after the transfer, do it! On the other hand, if you can't for some reason, don't stress about it...
Avatar n tn I had an ultrasound to discover it was an interuterine pregnancy and I was about 9 weeks. I am now 17 weeks and for the past month trying to decide to terminate or continue. I am having a very hard time finding any info on any one with this happening to them and the risks to me or my unborn child. I have seen several doctors and none of them have ever heard of this happening and 2 have suggested termination. I have an appointment with a high risk specialist on Thursday (02/27/03).
Avatar n tn its my first time on clomid i feel fat and uncomfortable ! scared to do a pregnancy test and my period is late! id appreciate a few tips ! and encouragement to do the test.
237300 tn?1231458318 However, my dr has said that IUI with a medicated cycle has a higher success rate than IVF and that your body will naturally select the best quality eggs, the same way an IVF cycle would. Here is a good web site for women with elevated fsh. www.advancedfertility.com Hope this helps. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I had a Hep C treatment which wiped out my ovarian function, I wish I had known or the doctor had told me the side effects, because the H-C treatment was to clear the path for pregnancy. Now I am 43 and have FSH reading at 39. I am told my chance to pregnancy is around 1% and told to use donor egg. I am thinking of trying DHEA but no one out there will work with me.
1055869 tn?1294203119 BFN in March, but a BFP in April Pregnancy ended in a miscarriage/chemical pregnancy Had to take a little break Started Clomid again in late June and then again in late July with no good response Moved to Follistim 1st IUI with Follistim and HCG in September: BFN On my 2nd cycle with Follistim: BUST! Too many follicles Moving to IVF this cycle Started birth control: Oct.
Avatar n tn This morning I didnt have any at all. I have been having cramps to the side and top of my stomach. I havent taken Pregnancy test yet cause I dont wnt a negative result to ruin My Christmas with my little boy. Im going to the Dr on Wednesday. I am hoping a positive result. I should have started this week.
Avatar f tn Hi Ladies, Well I caved and did a HPT and I got a BFP!!!! I still don't go for my Beta until Tuesday so I am still worried that something might change between now and then. I wasn't given a HCG trigger shot but I am still wondering if I could have gotten a false positive. I am on Estrace and Progestrone suppositories. Sending baby dust to everyone on the TWW!!!!!!!
629388 tn?1255484162 (to mom of three) - My RE says injectables have much higher success rates than clomid, (and multiples as you said) but they're really good with them and taper the doses to your needs. The only bummer is scans and bloodwork every 2 days, even at weekends. - For us, the RE knew we could afford it as we have a good plan, so he put me straight on them. Also, I only have one tube so need all the help I can get.
Avatar f tn is there something i should not do or do to increase my chances of a pregnancy after the IUI? I'm to the point where i just want to give up and keep thinking to myself that i'm not meant to be a mother...
1219499 tn?1410753330 When I started acupuncture about 6 months ago (for recurrent miscarriges) he told me he wanted me to stop taking clomid because I didn't need it as I was ovulating on my own. Well I haven't gotten pregnant since stopping the clomid and every month I used clomid I got pregnant (3 times). I know I am ovulating on my own but conception just doesnt seem to be happening for some reason and I'm getting impatient - not to mention the acupuncture is really expensive and we are not well off.
Avatar n tn Hi Ladies, I wanted to know if any of you have cheated and done the home pregnancy and gotten positive results, and if they were positive how long after transfer did you wait?? I cheated all three times and the first two were negative and my beta was negative, the third when I got pregnant was positive, but I also waited to test until day before beta. Do you think the results are true from home pregnancy and can be trusted and how long do you wait to test after transfer???
282812 tn?1225114581 If you are taking injectables + trigger, success rates are around 25-35%. They also depend on SA, age, and causes of infertility. Without injectables and fertility drugs success rates are lower. The procedure is unpleasant but quick. I just had mine yesterday for the first time. Feels like a bad AF cramp but again the procedure is just a minute long. You may have mild cramping afterwards but that's about it. Good luck!
Avatar f tn not all RE's are created equal. I don't know if Canada has a website where you can compare RE's and their success rates.... but it would definately be worth looking into. I actually found the one for the US, and have discovered that the RE about 20 miles from where I am going now, has Much Better success rates by about 30%. If this cycle fails, we are switching.
270696 tn?1243551620 wow..wantingbabies makes me jealous! I just recently had my 5th IUI..with no success. I am healthy and doing IUI because we have to use a donor. I have only been on clomid (doc didn't feel I needed anything more)and it hasn't worked so I'm going to try the injectibles. Give it a shot. It's a lot cheaper than IVF. good luck.
Avatar f tn Although I have not gone through an IVF cycle, I did go through a number of cycles of fertility drugs (clomid, femara, follistim, ovidrel) and IUI - all failures. So, I understand the monthly devastation and disappointment. After the last failed IUI in February of this year, I was heartbroken and exhausted, and decided I'd had it with drugs, tests, RE appts and "bad news" phone calls, and feeling awful physically and emotionally all the time.
200957 tn?1236140523 What is the difference between IUI and IVF? anyone know the success rates with either. This was my first round of clomid, I had 3 mature follicles, we had sex 3 days in a row after the trigger shot. My DH tries to make me feel better but he just does not understand the disappointment. I am 35 he is 30. He feels like that is no big deal. Please!! He is fooling himself. I have 2 children from a previous marriage, never had a problem, than 5 miscarriages in 2 years. Now i can't get pregnant.
Avatar f tn I've read so much poor success rates for women at 40 using clomid. If any one out there in this Pregnancy 35+ forum conceived on clomid....I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. I am to start on the 3rd day of my cycle this coming cyle.
463339 tn?1207536484 Theoretically the implantation rates and the pregnancy rates do not show any different. You can just be more selective on day 5 and narrow the number down. For instance if you have 5 good day 3 embryos on day 5 you will probably only have 2 or 3, so lets wait and see whats there on day 5 and only transfer the two best. I think it is somewhat naive not to try a day 5 transfer.
9828276 tn?1407174870 It will cost us roughly 1k each time we do it and even then it has up to 18% or 20% of success rates which isn't high... Just curious if any of you have had IUI, if so how many times, and have you had any success? Were your partners swimmers in good condition? It's a lot to take in, and IUI sounds like a good idea and all but not very promising. Then again what is without costing an arm and a leg ;). Any advice on this topic would be helpful! Goodluck to all trying to conceive!
Avatar f tn You can find more info online if interested and search for doctors. It seems to have really good success rates. This has given us a lot of hope because we really want to find out what the problem is instead of just trying to band-aid it with meds, insemination, etc. We have our first appt in April, so we are really looking forward to it. Just thought I would put that out there in case it could help you, but no matter what path you choose, I pray that your dreams come true. Take care.
Avatar f tn REs and IVF clinics have different standards (they have to watch their success rates too... you know) and they watch their profit. so ask around (ask here) for a good ivf clinic... research it. i asked and i followed women who have had success (like alexis2358). i'm in nh and we don't have a lot of ivf clinics, let alone good ones, so at one point i was even considering traveling to go to a good ivf clinic. it is possible. good luck and don't loose hope.
Avatar n tn The quality of embryo (depends on how the sperm and egg gets along!) will mostly determine the pregnancy and live birth rate. One good quality embryo will have about 20 to 25% chance of live birth. The overall odds (and hence the chance of multiples) go up, if you decide to transfer more embryos. In general, if time is against you, IVF is the best option. Chek out this website for IVF. there is awealth of information here about success rate, etc etc. http://www.cdc.
Avatar f tn Well said. I also have heard of a place in Colorado that specializes in "older IVF" and has great success rates. I have heard it's very expensive, but if you would be willing to travel, and want the best... it may be worth looking into I think it's around 20,000 for a round But they have Very High success rates for women over 40. It is CCRM (Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine).
885855 tn?1326214255 girl hang in there. we r all in the boat together. i LOOOVE this website, so helpful.
Avatar n tn Ask them what their approach and success rates with women who have higher FSH rates. I don't remember who it was, but, there was a women on this web-site who is in her 40's and had higher FSH. It took some time, but she was able to conceive and had a healthy baby. Don't give up hope with one dr.'s opinion..... I will keep you in my prayers.