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Avatar f tn I was wondering if any of you ladies had taken femara and if it shortened or lengthened your cycles?
Avatar f tn Hi I have pcos and tried clomid with provera a few cycles with no luck at all didnt ovulate.....
Avatar f tn I took provera to induce my period then my doctor told me to take femara on cd 3 - 7 and i did so and my period lasted for 3 weeks i was wondering can i still ovulate since i was on my period for so long.
1108951 tn?1258622290 it's ok if you aren't bleeding when you're taking your femara - and it's ok if you are bleeding. femara is better than clomid because it doesn't thin your uterine lining and dry out cervical mucus. also - there are far less side effects than on clomid. it's hard to tell when you will ovulate. its a good idea to start taking opks on cd 8. if i take femara cd 3 - 7 i usually ovulate around cd 12 or 13. if i take it cd 5 - 9 then its usually around cd 15 or 16. good luck!
Avatar n tn After many years of c/o of painful periods (and abnormal cells on pap smears) and told nothing was wrong just take IB. Finally after telling doc me and DH were ttc we sent us to OB we had a hsg done, some blockage of left ovary (PAINFUL) Dh s/a done excellent results, and six rounds of unmonitered clomid BFN's. He called us a mystery and sent us to a RE and the first appt. with Re he diag. me PCOS on 3/20/07 and said I was prob. Clomid resistant? but unsure since I was unmonitred.
374593 tn?1257883550 I used to opk but it was not showing a surge yet, so I will just be testing everyday and waiting to see it. I have never made follies before on my own so i know the femara worked and that is very promising! How is everyone else doing?
178239 tn?1277409091 However, I think my favorite kind is the regular ClearBlue OPKs. What tests are you using? ...and yes, there are definitely more of us on Femara this month. Let's see... I think it was G_S, bny807 and Kash12. Girls, are you there?
144100 tn?1283526167 Also, I have read that Clomid can lead to endo coming back quicker. Is this true and is it also true of Femara? I am very worried that then endo will come back, and I would really like the Femara to work well!! Thank You!
629668 tn?1222918454 this cycle had 5 follies (i'm on follistim +femara) and 3 ruptured... and we are again submitting and getting ready for IVF, in our last tww before officially moving on to that! SO it was almost a success story, but when we got preg there was a genetic abnormality.. so the good news is that it deifntley happens and sometimes without any help with a morph of 2% along with female issues too! GOOD LUCK! as far as side effects i really don't have any from the femara! keep us updated!
Avatar f tn I took that clomid for 3 months and on the 3rd month the opk said i was ovulating but no pregnancy and she switched me to femara. I took that for one month and it still said i was ovulating but no pregnancy. She told me my progesterone test said i wasnt ovulating. well thats what the nurse said anyways i never get to talk to the dr seen her once and never took any tests. She now wants me to see a fertility specialist which i cannot afford.
Avatar m tn I was on chlomid for 7 months and for the past 2 months have been on femara. I got my period this week and took 3 days of femara - on the 3rd day had a funny feeling like I should take a pregnancy test. It came back positive. I went to get blood taken and it too came back that I'm pregnant. What are my chances of having complications - birth defects - if I carry to full term?
Avatar n tn I was 49 with no menopause symptoms whatsoever. I had dose-dense chemo. When I got to the taxol, my periods stopped and the real horror began. It was essentially a chemical castration. I have struggled with tamoxifen -intolerable hot flashes, extreme swelling and sleeplessness leading to extreme weight gain. They switched me to femara 6 weeks ago. I am now not able to sleep in more than 90 min. segments and I'm blowing up like a balloon.
398038 tn?1247860603 I was thinking the same thing about endo and Femara. I'm on Femara and had endo, so I'm crossing my fingers that your theory is right!!
Avatar f tn I had an HSG to make sure my tubes are open and they are. I had my first round of femara 2.5mg and metformin 500mg last month. Went back to the doc and he said no luck PCOS still in the way. Did a progesterone test and my level was 8.7 some docs say I ovulated some say I didn't I have no clue. AF arrived as to be expected and I did another round at 2.5mg amd metformin 1500mg. Went to the R.E. Specialist yesterday and had a u/s apparenltly femara does not like me at least not 2.5mg.
Avatar f tn So before period I was normally searched online femara tablets and costs.Now I am using femara which were given by doctor's prescription.In the same hospital pharmacy only I took the femara tablets.Once again thank you.
282812 tn?1225114581 prescribed me Femara and said to take it on day 3 of my period but I dont have any periods, since having my 3 year old. Any suggestions?? Can I take it even though I dont have a period?? Will it start one??
1204794 tn?1300707713 //www.femara.com/thank-you6-femara-cares.jsp My doctor signed it and I got 3 months of fertility treatment for free! Unfortunately I'm on my last month, keep your fingers crossed.
193609 tn?1292183893 Before taking metformin, my cycles could last up to 6 months without a period. So, I started meformin and my periods began getting normal. Started off 42 days per cycle, then worked its way down to holding steady at 35 days per cycle. Then this month, jumprs back up to 48 days in the cycle!!! How long does it take for Metformin to even stuff out enough to make cycles consistant? I have lost 37 lbs (17% body weight) and I just don't know what else I can do to make my cycles more normal!
Avatar f tn Has anyone taken femara w/o IUI and had any luck? Any advice? What kind of side effects should i expect with femara?
Avatar m tn I am 28 to 30 day cycle never late, I have been on clomid for a few months and have never been late with my periods now I am on day 39 and still no periods. I did a home pregnancy test on day 31 with a bfn so have not tested since. Could you give me some insight with what might be going on.
736178 tn?1237227390 No, a scan will not affect your periods. What I would suggest, is, call your doc, and request Prometrium for 5 days. That will induce a period if you are not pregnant, and won't do anything at all if you are. If you do have a period, I would suggest taking Femara 5mg daily for 5 days starting on the 3rd day. That will induce ovulation. I would then do the progesterone test ( or 21 day ovulation test ) on that cycle. You'll get more bang for your buck.
Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would discuss using a medication such as Femara or Clomid to help you ovulate more regularly and speed up the time to conception. I would also check a semen analysis and possibly an HSG (hysterosalpingogram). Good luck!
Avatar n tn I am finding the longer I am on Femara, my joints in arms, fingers and backs of my feet hurt constantly, difficult mobility (especially in morning and evening) and fingers swell. Elbows and heels of feet feel bruised to the touch and at 49, I move like I am ancient! After vaginal bleeding began in May '09 it was found I had pre-cancerous cells in my uterine wall, so I opted for a complete hysterectomy and ovaries removal.
Avatar f tn I am not getting periods after taking femara for first time now its three weeks late and i am not pregnant in blood or urine test what should i do
658287 tn?1318896657 sometimes people can have delayed ovulation even with a trigger shot and you may have ovulated later than you think.. femara didn't delay my periods in the past, however i was always on progesterone so as soon as i stopped that then AF would come! GOOD LUCK! keep us updated!
Avatar f tn I am wondering if any of you that have taken Femara or Clomid have trouble w/ late periods. I usually have about a 29-30 day cycle and it seems like with this Femara and even with the Clomid my periods are like 34-36 days. This is very frustrating as I want to not have such long periods. I am getting ready to start my period and you know how it is when you know you are not pregnant and want to start the month again. Just wondering if this is normal. Thanks for any input.
Avatar f tn hello, i am in the same situation as u, i cannot have a period and my last one was sept 2007 and i still didnt have one on my own! my doc gave me femara to induse my periods and it work with no side effects! i have pcos and ther is no folicles on my overies but i was suggested to go and get IUI,and hopefully it will work as it will grow and i will ovulate naturally.. i suggest u speak to ur doc and c if IUI would be good for u! because i am on puregon to grow them and maybe that is what u need!
Avatar m tn Hello, My name is Shannon and I’m 26 years old and have been TTC for 6 months now. For the last 10 years I was taking birth control and in Sept (6 months ago) I stopped taking them. I noticed that my period has been very irregular and throughout taking birth control I was perfectly regular (but I know that that’s what it does). My period came on Oct 17th, Nov18th, Dec 20th and Jan 30th. It seems to be roughly 30 -40 days long.
Avatar f tn Last shot was in Jan 2009 and I didnt get my periods until June 2009. I only had 2 periods June and July and not after that, even those, I wasn't ovulating. Last month went through a HSG and my tubes are all normal. But due to the Depo provera other than problems with getting periods, I also have some liver problems- high counts of SGOT and SGPT. So whatever meds are to be given to me, this has to be borne in mind. Now, as next step there are two suggestions: 1.