Femara and ovulation pain

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992128 tn?1364375342 I tried femara for 8 of my 12 months not one side effect until the last time which turned out to be the golden ticket...I had joint and lower back pain, it hurt to walk and I felt immense pain. My RE said it had nothing to do with femara but the moment I started until 4 or 5 days later until the pills were done I had pain. The next day miraculously I was fine, no more pain. This was my experience.
Avatar f tn no increased mood swings, no intense ovulation pain, etc. I ended up getting pregnant on a natural cycle, but still credit Femara with 'jump-starting' my body ;) The only thing that was a bit unique for me, from what I've read on posts, is that I took ALL my Femara pills on CD3. For me, it was an added bonus though of not having the constant 'awareness' of ttc. It helped me 'forget' about it a little bit! Good luck!
15031 tn?1219072889 A girl at work says to me, I got preggers with my first cycle of Femara. Can anyone tell me the difference between it and Clomid? I hope and pray that we all get our little bundles........just looking for some info to occupy my mind!
374593 tn?1257883550 I was on Femara for 3 months for the treatment of endometriosis and had alot of side effects from the treatment. I could not function.i have been off of Femara for 1 1/2 years and still experiencing side effects from the drug! My endo is back the pain is worse than ever! Doctors don't know much about effects of the drug in premenopausal women. Terrible side effects from Femara....not worth it!!!!!!!
398038 tn?1247860603 I have taken femara and am now on my 6th month. It actually pushed ovulation out for me, from day 14 to 16 or 17. I have not tried the OPK's though. I went by temperature charts and it was very apparent in my case. We are in the 14th month of ttc. I wish you the best of luck!
1515688 tn?1328154624 Can you tell me what femara and repronex are? I am trying to conceive naturally and I will be 43 this year so I will take whatever I think might help. Any advice?
398038 tn?1247860603 To all of my friends using Femara, and those that are thinking about it, I found some really good info online that is very detailed. It's actually a fact sheet from a fertility clinic in Ontario. I don't know anything about the clinic, but it's by far the best info I've seen on using Femara for infertility. Here's the link if anyone is interested: http://www.soft-infertility.com/docs/PILetrosol.pdf Also, any updates from those of you using Femara?
178239 tn?1277409091 was thinking this cyle was bummed but i guess my RE was right....had a late response to femara and thus late ovulation. It's kinda funny what i noticed this cycle...i had so many follicles on CD12...2 at 19 and 20 but on CD 17 those vanished...found another one matured on the other side...has anyone seens that...can follis vanish like that?? Anyways SSBD to all.
374593 tn?1257883550 I used to opk but it was not showing a surge yet, so I will just be testing everyday and waiting to see it. I have never made follies before on my own so i know the femara worked and that is very promising! How is everyone else doing?
1377066 tn?1330485655 Hi I have ovulation pain every month anyway,but since ive been on clomid its got a lot more painful.I always thought i ovulated on my right side only because thats where i always have the pain but this month for the first time i can ever remember i have pain on the left.A 10 day scan confirmed i have 1 large follicle on the left and i am ovulating from this side very soon.The pain is very sore and i have to stop whatever i am doing at the time.
Avatar f tn and i always get the pain around O time with femara and especially with femara +injectables.. not sure if its just ovulation itself or the growing ovaries or a direct result of the endo getting inflammed.. but the cycles that i have gotten pregnant i have the worst pains it seems! where i could barely walk.. and urinating etc were really painful..I can usually feel my ovary (have one left) getting bigger and twinging before O time and then all over pelvic pains after O... GOOD LUCK!
Avatar f tn I too have had awful ovulation pain and only had 2 eggs after taking clomid! What dose were you on? The lower the dose I found the lower the pain! I am interested in finding more out about femara! Good luck.......
788859 tn?1236738148 yes femara has a short half life, so its out of your system way before conception starts! a lot of people on here have used it to get pregnant.. i used it on many cycles combined with injectables.. it helps with ovulation and endometriosis suppression as well, and has less side effects for most people than clomid! GOOD LUCK!
1423834 tn?1282790033 I am on my second month on Femara. I ovulated early. I used Clear Blue Easy digital ovulation tests and I got a positive on chart day 10. Of course my hubby and I did the baby dance as much as we could from day 10 to day 13. And we even did on day 9 too! But my question is could I be feeling implantation? It is now Chart Day 16. I have a pinching pain that radiates on the left side of my abdomen. It doesn't last long, maybe a minute or less. But it has done this often in the last 2 days.
199922 tn?1224790306 5 days long my ovulation comes early.
282812 tn?1225114581 Ok ladies so this is cycle day one i go to the RE in the morning for blood work and U/S i asked today when i called what med he was going to give me to try and it is call Femara any info on it would be great
456732 tn?1338571429 plus, since taking clomid my cervical mucas has altered and I find it hard to test it to judge the right time and I get cramps and ovulate type pain more than once each cycle,any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Last month I used an HCG shot and don't feel that it worked... My ovulation predictor test never showed a surge and I started my period late (matching a timeframe that I expected because I felt I ovulated a few days after my IUI). So, my question is, this month we used the Ovidrel trigger shot. Gave it at 10pm last night and are scheduled for IUI at 11 am tomorrow. This morning my predictor kit did NOT show a surge.... should it have?
Avatar f tn so I am to go another few cycles naturally with the assistance of femara b4 we go down the IUI or IVF track.... To add my 1st experience with femara ... Noticed ovulation pains like nothing I have ever experience - severe pain lasting from 2am -7am! then cramping on & off for 4 days post ovulation! Any feedback so greatly appreciated...
1204794 tn?1300707713 Hi! If you took the Femara on days 3-7, and if it worked, ovulation should have occurred on day 14. Your predictor should have surged on day 12 or 13. And you should start you period on day 28. Femara and Clomid ( if they work ) work like clockwork. Plus or minus a day or two. If you were my patient, I would probably want to follow your progress with ultrasound to see what kind of follicles are developing and when. You should have a nice big (2cm) follicle by day 12 or so.
757371 tn?1269966637 The pain you are feeling probably does mean you are O'ing and yes it's from the clomid (however, if you get severe pain and such call your doc...) Good Luck and you'll begin your TWW soon!!!
Avatar f tn Since then, it reoccurs ever 6-8 weeks, getting more frequent, and the pain and swelling is worse each time. It puts my down for 2 days. I have a lot of smaller symptoms but are too numerous to mention. As I no longer have medical insurance and was denied by medicaid, I feel that I am a little lost as to what to do. I don't want a medical diagnosis while I carry no medical insurance, however I can't seem to find affordable insurance that will cover my medical needs.
337111 tn?1266950223 I felt the pain starting on Sun and thought maybe I should do a OPK and sure enough it was +++ so I knew it was from ovulation. I ovulated on Mon (per my BBT) and today is Wed and I am still having pains. I called DH this morning telling him I dont know about these pains., I never experienced this before any other time.
320424 tn?1205504155 Why are you taking it? Do either of you get back pain before you o I had back pain yest and its gone now but today i had slight cramps i normally get back pain before af doc said that it is due to things streching so hopefully it is just that my ovary is streching so it can throw an egg out.
Avatar n tn I was put on synthroid, metformin, and provera and then started femara. I have been being monitored and such as this is our first cycle with femara. My last appointment was 2 days ago and I have a 18, 16, and 14 in my left ovary, and a 16, 15, and 14 in my right. I was put put on Estrodiol (I think I spelled that wrong). I have been feeling bloated, exhausted, cramping, and just not feeling good. I was wondering if anyone else out there might be going through this.
Avatar f tn The pain subsided for a bit but I've had pain similar to ovulation pain off and on since (at a lesser intensity). Does anyone know what this could be due to?
Avatar f tn HCG trigger was given a few minutes before 7pm last night (March 20th) and I just had an ovulation pain on my right side. I've not noticed any cervical mucus though and thought I would surely be seeing that if I was truly 12 hours or so away from ovulating. Has anyone else noticed this when using the HCG trigger? Insemmination is tomorrow morning (March 22nd) and we're super excited!
Avatar n tn I get ovulation pain like 5-6 days before I even ovulate, and it lasts off and on for a few days after as well. I didn't have this before my miscarriage so it freaked me out too. Why you can have it before is because both your ovaries usually swell as ovulation gets closer, which can cause pain, not just the egg breaking through on the day of ovulation. Hope that helps!
Avatar f tn 5mm follie and lining was around 9. I actually felt some ovulation pain, which I never have before. But today, which is 14dpo, I got AF. I am so very depressed. Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I have heard that Femara can alter your normal ovulation time. I've heard it makes it earlier, I've heard it makes it later - it all depends on the person. This cycle, my first with Femara, I ovulated pretty much the same time as usual. Good luck !!!!!