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374593 tn?1257883550 I used to opk but it was not showing a surge yet, so I will just be testing everyday and waiting to see it. I have never made follies before on my own so i know the femara worked and that is very promising! How is everyone else doing?
178239 tn?1277409091 However, I think my favorite kind is the regular ClearBlue OPKs. What tests are you using? ...and yes, there are definitely more of us on Femara this month. Let's see... I think it was G_S, bny807 and Kash12. Girls, are you there?
Avatar f tn Thank you for responding; it's so reassuring to know I may not have permanent damage from Femara. Novartis said in the report I obtained on line that most symptoms abate after about 30 days. I have read some things on another site about a young woman about 42 who stuck it out 6 years and never regained her pain free status. I know we are all different & react differently. Did you first try Arimidex or Femara? My Onco.
Avatar f tn Also, this is one of the most widley used Rx's for fertility treatment and is researched and approved for such. B. Go with Femara and the RE. Femara is like Clomid, but produces results in a different way. It should produce more and better quality eggs. There is a lot less research on Femara, and I don't think that the FDA has approved it as a fertility treatment, although it is widely used as one. This was prescribed by my RE.
Avatar f tn After 5 years I am now on femara and ive been on it for 3 mos. Every now and then I get that SAME shortness of breath feeling. It doesnt last but it comes and goes. I have mitral valve prolapse and it appears that some of these drugs seem to increase the symptoms of mitral valve prolapse.
Avatar f tn Last shot was in Jan 2009 and I didnt get my periods until June 2009. I only had 2 periods June and July and not after that, even those, I wasn't ovulating. Last month went through a HSG and my tubes are all normal. But due to the Depo provera other than problems with getting periods, I also have some liver problems- high counts of SGOT and SGPT. So whatever meds are to be given to me, this has to be borne in mind. Now, as next step there are two suggestions: 1.
Avatar n tn By all means,talk to your doctor about your problems,(particularly concerning your heart). and see what he/she will advise you. Take care...
Avatar n tn My mother has no past history of heart problems. And is there too much time between each treatment of chemo? Also she was taking Tamoxifen and yesterday he took her off Tamoxifen and put her on Femara. Her Her-2 status is positive. Shouldn't he be giving her Herceptin? Also her onc. said in order to control the diease she may have to be on chemo forever. Is that possible?! Can someone acutally receive chemo forever? I will be waiting for your response.
Avatar f tn (I lasted about three to four days) and then Femara Lasted three weeks) and then Aromasin (one or two days) If I were you i would not try all three of them. if two don't work , the chances are the third one won't make you feel any better even if they say so? And then I had to recover between them as well . I am now getting Faslodex which is a shot once a months at the doctor's office. I had almost zero side effects at first and this drug is very slow to work.
Avatar f tn But I'm still curious about the TSH level because if it is not elevated and you take thyroxine, it could make you have hyperthyroidism (and all sorts of little problems including a racing heart). Did your doctor rx a low dose (say 25mcg)? ..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::..::.. IMO, it sounds like your doctor is on the right track and trying to get you better quickly instead of dragging it out over months or years.
Avatar f tn I am 27 yaers old and have dealt many problems over the past 6 years regarding fertility and other yuck female stuff. I have been unable to conceive since I was married in 2002, which of course I went through the normal infertility testing and oh-so-fun tests. I had an HSG and numerous blood test, as well as a strict twice monthly pelvic exam and internal altrasound to check my eggs and make sure there were no problems with my meds.
Avatar n tn i was wondering how many people reading this have cholesterol problems and also i do have the muscle pain and joint pain headaches.. you name it.. but i got used to them; i excercise diligently and watch my fat intake which by the way was not high to start with.
1763430 tn?1315614003 I had surgery to correct as many problems as we could and after that my fsh went down to a normal level from 12.4 to 5.5! My re decided to put me on an aggressive course of meds. Femara, follistim, estrace, novarel, and progesterone and first round it worked! I am now mom to a beautiful 6 1/2 month old girl. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn I said I wanted to be more aggressive and she gave me the option of clomid or femara. I chose the femara and it worked first cycle last april. PCOS is a hard thing because it is not a disease, it's a syndrome - it just means you might be at higher risk of getting a disease. I did have to fill out extra paperwork to increase my life insurance but in the end the insurance company did approve it.
944494 tn?1245764412 I was diagnosed with breast cancer feb 27,2008 spread to my lymph nodes and had 18 of them removed, had lumpectomy and lymph node disection and port put in for chemotherepy and then radiation followed. It left me with lymphademia in my right arm as well as nerve damage and neuropathy in the same arm. Also having a very fast heart rate since my treatment was finished along with the thyroid problems from the ultrasound and petscan.
1448645 tn?1370071096 She said I had a lot of scaring and my uterus was heart shaped, so she cut it out and made it round. I'm pregnant 16 wks and everything is good so far, THANK GOD. I hope everything from here on out goes well, but please dont give up hope. Everything will be fine. Try different drs or maybe some clinic that fouces on recurrent loss. Something needs to be fixed and it could be a small thing, but it might take the drs a while to figure it out. Just be patient.
Avatar n tn Hi I did IUI on Saturday and am now doing the dreadful 2WW and I am already feeling discouraged but not defeated. I have PMS signs and it sucks cuz IF and WHEN AF shows up I'm gonna feel like burying my self under my sheets and never waking up. Don't mean to seem negative but today I am feeling prety down. Anyhow good luck to both of us.
Avatar f tn I also have PCOS and was not ovulating on my own. I am on my second cycle of Clomid and have ovulated both cycles. Yay! It's too early to tell if the 2nd cycle worked - I'm on cycle day 22. My OB had me see a cardiologist before we began TTC due to my DVT. I don't think my OB knew much about MTHFR mutations. The cardiologist put me on 5mg of folic acid and said that after I became pregnant he would put me on Lovenox from weeks 4-6 until about week 36 and would then switch me to Heparin.
314692 tn?1214084110 so calcifications, although i have plenty have proven so far to be benign. i had cmf chemo, radiation and tamoxifen. now on femara. i try to keep positive and im learning through all of this that its best to take one day at a time. i have spent too many days, weeks and years worrying and it hasnt changed the outcome. so now as i face another possible biopsy due to another cluster of calcs, i try to tell myself it will be fine as all the others. so we are all facing stuff.
1580043 tn?1333554041 on Halloween just for curiousity i took a hpt and sure enough it was positive i took 2 more just to be sure and they also were positive.
237300 tn?1231458318 I was taking Femara and did the trigger shot, which the RE said increases chance of twins by 30%. I have a 6 year old son. Twins would be great because this is my last time around at 38! Plus, with daycare expenses I might be able to justify not working ;-) Maybe with twins, I would want to work to get a break, lol!
181789 tn?1269798004 i was already a high risk due to seizures, which I had none until one time after her stressing me out, plus hbp and high heart rate. Put me in the ER and the Er doc said I am in beginning phase of miscarriage. Surprisingly, 2 days later at 2nd prenatal appointment, my doc did ultrasound and we seen baby grew 2.8mm in just 3 days and there was a heartbeat but slow. Four days later, it died.
328927 tn?1227765440 It is just a lot to absorb at once, and because of this pain/blood pressure problem, it has made it difficult for me to be as logical as I usually am. Plus, my dh is about to have a heart attack because he is worried about me and overwhelmed by everything. He had a panic attack last night. Well, I am off to call my neurologist's office back about this whole thing, as I am still struggling a bit with it. I'll check in with ya'll later.
Avatar m tn Hi all I've posted before, and since my wife (Ursula) has undergone a radical left mastectomy and lymph nodes removal. She had a massive bleed a week later and almost died,and had to have further surgery to stop it.A week in hospital The pathology report post surgery was that her cancer had regressed since the first biopsy, and she is taking Femara. The original biopsy said it was HR2 positive.
107366 tn?1305683975 but nothing big enough to cause the breathing problems I'm having. So the dx got changed to pleural effusion and possible congestive heart failure, for which my Oncologist set up a consult with a cardiologist. In the meantime, we were also treating me for low blood counts. Red, white, and platelets were all really low. So in between scans, Aranesp, Procrit, neupogen, and neumegga shots, I had an echocardiogram on Saturday, and a blood transfusion on Sunday. Enter the Lasix.
380530 tn?1239166138 He's really cute and healthy looking. They say he doesn't need heart surgery for like 4 months. She was the one with the baby shower. I must say this has been the hardest thing for me and DH. It's almost been a year of this preg./m/c stuff. It was funny dh kept saying, "Give the baby back, We have to go." I didn't want to put him down. I just kept looking at his hands and his little face. My dh refused to hold him. 35 isn't bad I'm going to be 31.
Avatar n tn i had seen a baby at 7 weeks i heard the heart and now at 11 weeks the sac is empty. the doctor said the baby died and dissolved. is something like this possible? i am about to have a d&c tomorrow morning. any suggestions?
Avatar n tn so i went to the doctor and told him what was happenin and i also told him i took the test and it came up negative so he didnt give me another he pushed my stomach dwn and it hurtt so much!.. and then he listend wid that heart thingy {sorry i dnt remember the name} and then he told me i might have gasistrontitis because he had alot of people yesterday with the samething?.. but what does that have to do with me??.
Avatar f tn They tried Femara first and after two months I could barely walk, my joints hurt all over and my hands were almost useless. I was also taking 3600 mgs of motrin a day to try to control the pain, but it just made me feel worn out, doped up and I still hurt alot. Next we tried Aromasin and that lasted about 3 weeks with the same issues showing up, not quite as severe, but was still in extreme pain, still tried the motrin with the same results. So now we are down to Arimidex.
Avatar n tn he will give you the desires of your heart....pray, pray, pray...use common sense, take your meds and believe on Jesus...I pray you good luck and baby blessings.....Thank you JESUS!.