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398038 tn?1247860603 To all of my friends using Femara, and those that are thinking about it, I found some really good info online that is very detailed. It's actually a fact sheet from a fertility clinic in Ontario. I don't know anything about the clinic, but it's by far the best info I've seen on using Femara for infertility. Here's the link if anyone is interested: http://www.soft-infertility.com/docs/PILetrosol.pdf Also, any updates from those of you using Femara?
178239 tn?1277409091 However, I think my favorite kind is the regular ClearBlue OPKs. What tests are you using? ...and yes, there are definitely more of us on Femara this month. Let's see... I think it was G_S, bny807 and Kash12. Girls, are you there?
Avatar n tn Just finished 5 years of Tamoxifen and 5 years of Femara. Now Im wondering what can be expected? Do side effects go away immediately? Is there such thing as withdrawal where side effects get worse before better? Who has been through it and how are you doing? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Im 7 years out, stage 1. Im 5 mos. into Femara and starting to feel some unwanted side effects and wondering what to do. I would love to be "drug" free and go on. Do you feel I should continue? Any information would be great. I will be discussing it with my physician shortly. Thanx.
318181 tn?1336447096 Hi everyone, I just started my period last night and will be trying Femara for the first time this month. I've tried clomid once, but since I had no cervical mucus to speak of while on it, my new RE wanted to try Femara instead. I'll be going in for a baseline sonogram on Saturday, which is CD4 according to FF and CD3 according to my new RE (they do not consider my first day as day 1, since it started at night), and I will probably start Femara that same day.
Avatar n tn I was in an almost catatonic state of depression two hours after I took the first dose, and then got just about every other bad side effect soon after. Femara, in comparison, relative to the other, was not so bad at all and I lasted almost thirty days. But not every woman has the same problems, or any at all. Many though do have some problems.
557306 tn?1239993554 Within the past 2 years with an RE. For years i would complain to my primary dr and obgyn about fatigue, body aches, horrible cramps and backaches during AF, backaches even without AF....and a whole bunch of other symptoms. Long story short, I just had a Lap done in August. They found severe endo. My bowel fused to my uterus, my left ovary/tube are both ruined/covered in endo..cannot move so basically useless. My right tube is 25% fused to my uterus.
Avatar f tn uncomfortable or slightly painful intercourse, irregular bowel movements, extreme irritability and moodiness, fatigue, breast tenderness(all the time).
Avatar n tn As I told you in my previous post I have been diagnosed with Carcinomatosis and and Incomplete bowel obstruction. I am not feeling real good right now. Weak and depressed. When I was in the hospital here at home my Doctor was on vacation and the substitute Doctor didn't really give me a lot of information and was not very promising at all, so I am very confused and upset.M.D. Anderson sent me home to do Topetecan, weekly.
Avatar f tn I know it doesn't hurt my joints as arimidex or femara. Also, what should i do for survallience now. I hate this period. I was stage 3B and stage 3 in aggressive cells. also BRCA 1 and recently had a prophlactic mastectomy and small inplants. Could they be making me tired?
Avatar m tn Hi all I've posted before, and since my wife (Ursula) has undergone a radical left mastectomy and lymph nodes removal. She had a massive bleed a week later and almost died,and had to have further surgery to stop it.A week in hospital The pathology report post surgery was that her cancer had regressed since the first biopsy, and she is taking Femara. The original biopsy said it was HR2 positive.
328927 tn?1227765440 Dee, I'm here on my couch getting ready to lay down with a blankie, because AF is here. She's bringing with her all the fatigue and pain that she always does. But, its ok. I've had this entire cycle to prepare for her visit. I knew she was coming, never doubted it for a minute. I'm completely ok with her. A little excited about the injectables and a little scared too. My ovaries respond so well to Clomid, I'm a little worried about OHSS. But, not so worried that I'm not doing it.
380530 tn?1239166138 Dee, Sorry the nasal spray is giving you insomnia and fatigue. I'm experiencing the same thing. I'm up for work this am about 1 hr later than usual, won't be going on my walk this am. Just too darn tired. You can also add Helen who'll be starting her Lupron, I think Thusday. I'll dbl check. Heather/Mary, Yes Carly the Irish "one" did do a fantastic job. I actually really liked Jason's performance even though grumpy ole' Simon didn't.
Avatar f tn I called the doctor and he told me usually after the surgery, period will be mess up for couple cycles.. Somehow my body changed.. my boobs were sore and I feel fatigue. I called again and he told me take pregnancy test. I took and it's positive.. I was shock and didn't want to believe I am pregnant so I bought whole package and test each day...the result didn't change. I guess I was ovulated late (some where 4/23 - 4/ 26 instead of CD 15 which 4/17) and some how I got pregnant.
Avatar n tn Am on Femara and Provigil (for fatigue). Last week on routine oncology follow up my liver enzymes were elevated. Alk. Phos 122 (slightly) SGOT 151 SGPT 165. Never elevated before. I had been having symtoms of just not hungry and feeling very full when I did eat. Had CT of liver, pelvis and chest. CT of liver showed cyst (they say hemangioma) middle lobe and fatty liver (ugh!!!) They want to repeat liver enzymes and if still elevated mentioned liver biopsy. My question is why?
Avatar n tn I have experienced HUGE increase in appetite, especially this past week, headaches, (although not lately) fatigue, stomach pain, back pain and weird discharges. The first month I experienced a pink discharge when I wiped, and then a kind of brownish discharge in my underwear. Then last month I experienced a yellow-green discharge. I also have slight breast tenderness when the nipples are touched, and they are also very dry and skin is flaky when scratched.
398038 tn?1247860603 I can tell that these meds have really put my body through a lot (weight gain, headaches, extreme fatigue), and even though it's been more than worth it, I don't want to push the envelope. According to all of the due date calculators, if we got our BFP this cycle, I'd be due December 31st. So, it's our final chance to have a baby this year. Yikes! I can remember when we were hoping to have a baby during 2007. Time just flies.
Avatar n tn Hi, I first started taking Arimidex for 3 years,then changed to Femara due to pain and aches in my bones and muscles.The side effects were much less aggravating with Femara,but it still caused fatigue,indigestion,muscle pain and weight gain. Finally my Surgeon told me to discontinue the drug and I did. In total I was taking these drugs for 4 years.I had absolutely no bad withdrawal symptoms,but quite the contrary,I started to feel much better just a few weeks later.
Avatar m tn Hi, Regarding radiation therapy to the breast,the most common side effects are skin reaction,mild fatigue and dull or sharp shooting pains in the breast that slowly goes away a few months following treatment. I don't think that your joint pain is due to radiation to the breast,but if you were treated with Chemo or if you are taking anti- estrogen medication, such as Tamoxifen, Arimidex ,Femara etc..these could cause the pain you are describing.
Avatar f tn HI - this was a long time ago but I just got back to this site - I had a complete hysterectomy last Sept and they still make me take Femara - I was on Aromasin - hated it - and then back on tamoxifen but it interferes with my anti-depressant so now I'm on Femara - If your Dr,'s are anything like mine- you will be on something for a long time - and they aren't fun but better than the alternative - stay positive, Ellie
Avatar f tn I have a gut feeling it is not all removed and feel helpless as the oncologist just dismissed my concerns over the margin an read the final path report cover page as clear and said just put that away, you do not need radiation, pet scans (he thinks they are ineffective and will not be monitoring me with them or anything except bloodwork as he says it's just preventative) I feel overlooked and dismissed and a very persistant dragging, fatigue and sadness that this is not resolved.
Avatar f tn I have alot of fatigue and about 1/2 the energy and stamina I had prior to my diagnosis. Many joint pains and aches in general. Also, dr. says that chemo sometimes takes you to the brink of death and then back again...so don't expect to feel as I did before. I understand that....and once again, I'm grateful to be alive. Let's just rejoice in still being here to talk about it!
Avatar n tn Are you taking anything else like Arimidex, Femara, Tamoxifen? Have you been treated with any type of chemo? My husband has bone mets and is on Femara and Zometa. I have heard that Tamoxifen can affect your liver. I don't have cancer but I take medicine for high cholestral and my liver enzymes are all high. I was just curious if you are taking other medication that may be causing this. Thank you. Be Well.
Avatar n tn I just started on Topotecan 2 weeks ago and so far it has been rather mild. I have had fatigue and some slight nausea and that is about it. I was told by my ocn that it could be hard on my blood counts, but so far so good. I hope this helps and I wish your daughter the best of luck.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms should get better a day or two after your last dose. Try taking it at night to see if that helps.
272338 tn?1252284004 Last time I was doing Topotecan, I was also on Femara, and I had the most awful fatigue, which I didn't have the first time I was taking it, so I think the Femara added to the situation a lot. We are all different so Topotecan could work well for you, as it does with some women. I didn't lose my hair, so I don't think you will have complete hair loss, although I only had Topotecan for a couple of months, but a daily dose, 5 days consecutively, so that was a hard regimen.
Avatar n tn My score was 20, but before the test my prognosis was much better. I had a small tumor (.8 cm), and was considered low grade. I had a lumpectomy followed by mammosite (that's another problem/question) The oncotype score states I have a recurrence rate of 13%. That seems high. I talked to my surgeon and he was shocked. He thought that particular score must include local recurrence too. I'm even more confused and don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn - mild neuropathy in finger and toes - mild fatigue - monthly neulasta has kept my ANC up. Have not missed any chemo' Thank-you again for your insights.
1383908 tn?1457405328 Cramping, heartburn, sore boobs, and fatigue. Beta came back at 30, so still low - but it tripled in 42 hours. Repeat beta 14dpo. 13dpo - Boobs super sore!!! Fatigue is a little overpowering today. Back and legs are starting to get achy, having some cramping on and off. Heartburn comes and goes, but trying to drink a lot of water to counteract it. Heparin being ordered and if beta at least doubles again tomorrow, I will be starting tomorrow night!
1283471 tn?1271529961 i have had pregnancy symptoms and signs like fatigue,peeing alot, back apins. nausea, bloating, headaches and i get light headed and dizzy. thats not normal for me to have.