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Avatar n tn Hello I was diagnosed with tellogen effluvium just recently and I wonder what I should use to help my hair loss to stop.Just to let you know my background,I am 31 female and for last eight months I was trying for a baby .I used provera ,femara every month to trigger ovulation and as well puregon shots which i injected myself to my stomach.I did once IUI and end up with chemical pregnancy and as well I am pcos sufferer .
Avatar n tn Hi there - I have IDC breast cancer and Crohn's and have had monthly B12 shots for some 25 yrs. Luckily, I didn't lose my hair when on FEC chemo for breast cancer,as I had the cold cap treatment alongside, but it thinned enough that I could see my scalp on top of my head. 30+ yrs of steroids has thinned my bones significantly, so I was prescribed a bisphosphonate (Alendronate) alongside calcium (Calcichew) and Vitamin D3. My hair is a lot thicker now. You might wish to get tested for Vit.
505677 tn?1263951693 Denosumab has shown promising results in the management of bone metastases, bone loss due to cancer treatment, and postmenopausal osteoporosis. Denosumab in Men Receiving Hormonal Therapy for Non-metastatic Prostate Cancer Clinical studies have consistently shown that men experience a rapid loss of BMD within the first six to 12 months of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). The HALT Study involved 1,468 men undergoing ADT for non-metastatic prostate cancer.
Avatar f tn I could only sleep 2 hours before being woken up by the pain in my left hip - bone scan and DEXa scan showed osteo arthritis and bone density loss, but don't believe they could cause such debilitating pain...and I have been proved right. What took me so long? absolute naivety and ignorance of the side effects...why don't our doctors tell us about these? Are you on any kind of hormonal therapy? These could be the culprit.
Avatar f tn I have had increasing debilitating severe pain in left hip, left foot and both hands. DEXA scan showed increased bone density loss to that of a DEXA scan done before bc (ordered by gastro due to 30+ yrs of steroids). BC surgeon prescribed Fosamax and Calcichew/Vit.D3. A bone scan showed osteo arthritis in both hips, hands and feet. No meds prescribed. I am on weekly injections of 12.5 mg methotrexate for Crohn's.
Avatar n tn Bone mass is greatest in women's 20s and 30s; it stabilizes between 30 and 40, and over 40 there is slow loss of bone strength. After menopause, there is a five- to seven-year period of accelerated bone loss; then the rate slows and returns to an age-related rate. The aging process has a greater effect on bone loss than the presence or absence of estrogen.
Avatar n tn I have a friend who has Stage IV mets to her spine that are inoperable and she is taking femara as well as Vicodin and Methodone for pain. I saw her today and she has lost a lot of weight but is still working. She told me today that her Dr. told her she has hips that look like swiss cheese due to the holes in them from the cancer. Does anyone have any experience with these conditions and what they say about her prognosis.
Avatar f tn * Back pain** * Cough * Difficulty breathing** * Osteoporosis [ I already have it]** * Accidental injury * Broken bones** * Insomnia (see Arimidex and Insomnia) * Swelling or water retention in the arms or legs [Lymphedema type]** * Abdominal pain (stomach pain) * Constipation * Diarrhea * High cholesterol (see Arimidex and High Cholesterol) * Infections * Weight gain (see Arimidex and Weight Gain) * Breast pain * Dizziness** *
Avatar f tn But that's one thing most of us don't have to worry about. AI's have their own risks, too, including bone loss, and joint stiffness and pain. Although AI's seem to be better at preventing recurrence in estrogen related breast cancer (I've not found a whole lot on their use with ovarian cancer, although my own experience is that it is working to keep me stable), cost can be an issue. Tamoxifen is a generic drug, and AI's are not.
Avatar n tn I stay on the 75 mg per day, and no my RE does not know about it. A little hair loss and a little bit of acne, but nothing worrisome. I will let you know how it has affected me and follies, if at all. Next week I begin the supression phase, in July I stim. Keep letting me know how you are doing and anything new you might hear of regarding DHEA.
314692 tn?1214084110 so calcifications, although i have plenty have proven so far to be benign. i had cmf chemo, radiation and tamoxifen. now on femara. i try to keep positive and im learning through all of this that its best to take one day at a time. i have spent too many days, weeks and years worrying and it hasnt changed the outcome. so now as i face another possible biopsy due to another cluster of calcs, i try to tell myself it will be fine as all the others. so we are all facing stuff.
Avatar n tn Not everyone gets these bone pains on Arimidex, but lots of bc survivors I have come across on 2 bc support forums in the Uk and USA, do and some stopped it after 8 weeks. I do have osteopenia and osteo arthritis in hips,hands and feet, with bone density loss caused by 30+ yrs of steroids for Crohn's, but this has exponentially been exacerbated by Arimidex. For the past 2 yrs I have been taking a weekly bisphosphonate (Alendronate), plus twice daily Calcichew/Vit.
Avatar n tn Are you taking anything else like Arimidex, Femara, Tamoxifen? Have you been treated with any type of chemo? My husband has bone mets and is on Femara and Zometa. I have heard that Tamoxifen can affect your liver. I don't have cancer but I take medicine for high cholestral and my liver enzymes are all high. I was just curious if you are taking other medication that may be causing this. Thank you. Be Well.
Avatar f tn They can also result in bone density loss. Tamoxifen can cause a vaginal discharge and has been associated with an increase in the risk of uterine problems and blood clots. In general, however, these medications are pretty well tolerated. Most women will be on hormonal therapy for a minimum of 5 years. You can read more about these and other drugs at www.chemocare.
Avatar n tn ALP elevations can be related to various conditions such as liver disease, bone disease, hyperparathyroidism, and mono, and also can be associated with numerous medications. They don't tell a lot, unless correlated with other clinical findings. I know that it is difficult not to worry about recurrence anytime something changes, but try not to "totally" freak yet. I think your Dr.
135691 tn?1271100723 I split the dose and took 10 mg in the AM and 10mg in the PM .. no bone pain. If you go on one of the others and have bone pain .. check on splitting the dose. It may help. Good luck. I totally understand you wanting to go on this trip to Disney. I chose the Doxil (over Cisplatin/Gemzar) so I could get through this holiday season. If it doesn't work, I'll go on the tougher drugs in February .. but that's OK. Think of you ALL the time .. keeping you in my prayers.
Avatar n tn have a stress test also, and will ask him about the safety of Femara. I don't know why some MD's choose Femara over Arimidex because they are the same class of medication with mostly same side effects. I am also thinking it may be better to take a Estrogen receptor blocker like Tamoxifen than Femara because it is not good to have Estrogen reduced to zero. What are your thoughts?
Avatar f tn What might be my chances of a cure vs. metastasis? Should I consider Zometa and does it only help prevent bone metastasis or other mets as well? Thanks very much for your thoughts.
Avatar n tn I am on day 14, no ovulation yet but I'm hoping with the weight loss and the help of the clomid and glucophage we will finally concieve this time or at least I will start ovulating. We're keeping our fingers crossed! Good luck to all!
Avatar n tn I had my transfer on 7/3 and I only made 3 eggs (they all fertilized) & they put all three in. I was told that 2 were week & the cramping is so bad. I wish I could take a pain killer. My back feels like it is breaking. I'm not sure how to feel...I want to be positive but I'm thinking a little negative & I'm afraid to talk about it. If someone can get back to us to let us know if they got pregnant with weak embroys?
Avatar n tn or hives); decreased bone marrow function and blood problems (extreme fatigue; easy bruising or bleeding; black, bloody or tarry stools; or fever, chills, or signs of infection); tissue or vein reactions near the site of administration; fatigue (weariness or tiredness), fever, chills, or other signs of infection; or coughing or difficulty in breathing. Other, less serious side effects may be more likely to occur.
Avatar n tn I do not know all its side effects, but I know oneis bone loss. The docs have us do bone density studies on patients that are going to take Arimidex. Women coming in for their f/u mammos that had issues with Tamoxifin are taking Arimidex without as many problems. I hope I have helped.
Avatar n tn This condition typically starts with pain, and then can progress to loss of feeling and muscle function in various areas of the arm. The extent and progression of the process depends on the areas which were irradiated, and the areas of the plexus which are involved. In some patients complete loss of use of the arm can occur. A consultation with a neurologist who can help you sort this out would be reasonable. They may need to repeat your EMG to determine which areas of the plexus are affected.
Avatar f tn I will be starting Femara soon, but I am looking into a prevention trial of Activintm Grape Seed Extract as an Aromatase Inhibitor, due to the risk for bone loss with Femara. I'm 56. Just had a Dexa Scan to establish baseline bone health, which was normal. I also received an excellent nutritional guide from the Breast Cancer Resource Center in Princeton. I wish that facility were not so far from me; they have excellent resources.
492898 tn?1222247198 also, because it's an anti-fungal and there is new talk about cancer being a fungus, and I have had problems with fungal infections, mostly because of the Diabetes. I just psychologically, or intuitively, feel there may be something to this?
Avatar n tn ) That said, speaking just as another lay person like yourself, I agree that it would seem to make more sense to try continuing Arimidex with the Oxcontin, to give it a fair trial, and then if it is still intolerable, to try Femara, first without, and then if necessary with Oxycontin, so your wife would have a real head-to-head comparison in regard to which might be better over the long haul.
Avatar f tn Taxol comes from the same family of drugs as Taxotere and will likely cause the same adverse reactions (e.g. numbing of the arms and legs, hair loss, body pains). Taxol will also cause the same degree of blood complications as other second line chemotherapy drugs (usually decreased red and white cell counts). I cannot comment on the appropriateness of Taxol for your mother, as I have not closely examined her, nor do I know all the facts about her case.
Avatar n tn She has also lost a lot of weight and muscle tone and the plan now is to wait a few months and do another check up to see her status at that time. She also said she will avoid chemo as long as possible. My question is how dire does this sound ? I've heard this type Stage IV mets usually means months and not years of life expectancy. Does she sound like someone who is in that area of just a few months to live ?
Avatar m tn I just spoke with her Gyn Onc and he is contemplating of stopping chemo for the meantime and allow my wife (her body and bone marrow) to recover. We are now considering in giving her Tamoxifen instead, to stymied the impact of chemo and allow her not to experience its harsh side effects. Do you have any views about Tamoxifen for OVCA? I really appreciate you post. Thank you so much for the support.
Avatar n tn I take one codeine phosphate, folic acid and imodium on rising which helps slow down the visits to the loo, but also take Arimidex to prevent a bc recurrence, and the bisphosphonate Alendronic Acid once weekly, and Calcichew/Vit.D twice daily. The latter is to prevent further bone density loss, due to 30 yrs of steroids and 4 yrs of Arimidex. I had spontaneous fractures in both feet last year and spent some time in a wheelchair and on crutches.