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Avatar n tn My nephew is 8 now, and his mom only lets him wear these special orthopedic sandals to school and other places where shoes are required. - although she'd rather him be barefoot... He doesn't have any foot problems or anything, but as a baby and toddler, my sister was fanatical about him not wearing shoes, over concern for his feet developing properly, and attaining correct balance and flexibility, etc. She showed me several articles by different pediatric orthopedists.
Avatar f tn Does she wear socks/ shoes or does she go without socks? Does she go barefoot a lot? I've noticed without socks, my feet can get pretty sweaty. Going barefoot can cause irritation if stepping on certain surfaces, especially if it is the next possiblity. Another possibity is an allergic reaction. There's many possiblitites. I can't really give good advise on the limited info provided. I think the Dermatology community may be able to give you more helpful answers.
Avatar f tn i have fake hardwood and fake marble floors.....my feet are flat indeed...i think from the floors and i m always barefoot. well i went out and bought a pair of crocs, real crocs and i can t tell you how much better my feet feel....they are kind of ugly but comfort is more important. it s like walking on rubber tires,,,,the the doc scholls gel inserts make them feel even better. i truly love them...
Avatar f tn You probably have heel spurs and are experiencing plantar fasciitis (sp?). It can come and go. I have it almost constantly. My feet kill me when I get up in the morning but after I get walking the pain subsides somewhat unless I am on them for a long time. Never go barefoot! Try wearing a shoe with a slightly elevated heel (like wedge flipflops). Flex your feet about 15 times before you get out of bed.
Avatar f tn Its been 1 week on new antibiotic levofoloxacin my finger twitches often but my symptoms in my feet are scarey. They burn like crazy and are really soar as if I ran a marathon they twitch more like worms are crawling around inside..all the same symptoms I have had but now constant and scarey...has anyone else had this? And if so...how long ,I know everyone takes different healing...it's just scarey and really weird. My rash went away...yeah...but when I walk my feet are soar!!!
649848 tn?1484935765 ” After New York City Police Officer Larry DePrimo spotted Hillman barefoot on the street in November, the cop went and bought the man a pair of warm boots. DePrimo's act of kindness was photographed by a passerby and posted online, where it went viral and drew attention to both men. A New York Times reporter caught up with Hillman on Sunday night and found that he was barefoot once again.
Avatar f tn My feet have been cracking (to the point of bleeding) and have some peeling too. The fingers of my right hand have deeper than normal vertical ridges that are on the brink of cracking. I have used Eucerin, Am Lactin, Vaseline, and a cortisone based foam prescribed by my doctor. I go barefoot and don't think it could be athletes foot or a fungus, but what do I know. ....it is on both feet but just my right hand....the doctor just called it dermatitis, but didn't seem concerned....
Avatar f tn In December or so my heels started to peel and it got worse and worse with deep and painful and bleeding cracks (fissures) I also suddenly got back patches of what I thought was old childhood eczema on top of the feet. I just went to my pcp a few weeks ago and he told me it was psoriasis and gave me a strong cortisone cream to use. After 2 weeks use there's not much difference so now I'm waiting for a referral to a dermatologist. I feel like my heels are inflamed.
Avatar f tn A few days later I was outside in the early morning and rinsed my feet of with cold water from the hose and the under the skin itch that continues until they warmed up. And today (it's fall in PA around 55 degrees) I am sitting in my living room with the front door open and my hands are itchy, I was never one to wear gloves in the winter, but if this is any indication.. it's going to be an awful itchy winter!
178698 tn?1228777938 So I'm concerned as to the culprit or if this is typically going to be normal. Last night feet were really swollen and this morning I can't say the swelling went down that much!
Avatar f tn My daughter is almost 3 and has an intense fear of anybody going near her feat except to put on shoes and socks. If she is walking around the house barefoot she stops and cries about her feet every 10 minutes or so unless she is really distracted with something. She says they hurt her all the time but there's nothing there that I can see and its hard to get a good look b/c she jerks away.
1541329 tn?1314484139 I kind of appreciate this comment, because when I put my son into pullups or underwear, I'm always conscious of not letting him drag his feet through the leg-holes if he's been out and about barefoot. And he doesn't even have a vagina. I guess the kind of dirt that's on a floor probably won't give her a vaginal infection, but that said, I'd take a washcloth to her feet at changing time if she slides them through her underwear with abandon. A middle ground.
Avatar n tn I have pain and burning in both of my feet. This has been going on for several years but getting worse.They turn very red and hot like a severe sunburn and then start in with intense burning if they aren't constantly kept at a cool temp. This means flip flops and sandals most of the time. No socks in the winter and I live in the Midwest! I have had a diagnosis of erythromelalgia but my dr has not found a cause. I honestly think he has given up.
1672082 tn?1303859291 My feet and calves cramp like a charlie horse and along with my legs doing this... I get a shock that starts at my waist and travels down both my legs (like in the core) and throbs twice when it hits the bottom of my toes. Kind of like when you swing the hammer at the carnival and ring the bell (strong man), but only in the other direction. It's really getting me lately... I used to just have the shocks... but now the feet are painful and burn, tingle and constantly hurt...
Avatar n tn My father has had a rash on both his feet and above the ankles for a year now. It is a red rash with no pimples that darkens to a brown color. He has light itching. Dr said no big deal and gave cortisone cream. Lately he has experienced numbness and small amount of swelling. Blood test revealed elevated WBC and CEA. He is going for a EMG/NVC next week. Are the elevated counts caused by the rash? What does this sound like to you?
Avatar n tn he never had it corrected... the drs said it would eventually go down.. and now he has hip, calf, knee, and feet problems all associating with this issue.. if he is on his feet for an extennded period of time, he will have trouble walking the next day, his lower back will hurt.. all things related to his arch.. i would definately do my research and find out what can be done to correct the issue so that your child doesnt have problems later in life.. hope this helps...
Avatar n tn I had alway had flat feet, and now I'm 31 with flat feet, and I'm okay. I still have flat feet, and there are certain shoes I can't wear, but I'm okay. I really wouldn't worry too much about it. With raising a child there is a lot more things to worry about.
233622 tn?1279338505 It is on the bottom of both feet, namely the arch and ball area. Heel and toes and top of feet are ok. I do not currently have tingling in toes. The way I described my left foot is that if feels as though it has been wrapped in saran wrap, then I'm walking on marbles, in thick socks that feel bunched up on the bottom. This is how it feels when I walk barefoot. However my actual walking is fine. It has not affected my gait or balance.
Avatar n tn i can take percoset 7.5mgs as needed for back and leg and feet pain, that is due to my back and back main nerve,. my pain doctor says he doesn't beleive it's really due to my meds. so what does a body do? if i have problems sleeping i can take a klolonapin 1mg. if any of this makes sense, please let me know, by writing back. i'd like to know if you all have heard any thing different about the spots and swealing and pain in feet and legs.
Avatar n tn I now have larger blisters on bottom of feet and very tiny blisters around the sides and tops of feet. I was walking barefoot in hot sand while camping. It has now been 1 week since camping trip. Today I took a bath in "baking soda water" and sprinkled some on feet when bath was done. We'll see what happens.
Avatar n tn I have stood on cold pavement because my feet were burning so bad...and I last week went outside in the snow barefoot. Any pressure or heat turns my feet hot red and they burn. This comes and goes. I have also had this problem with my ears. It is not so common, but if you are the type who hates wearing shoes and when you do and exercise you are indirectly heating up more. But your feet are swollen and purple...so am I understanding that this is worse when it gets hot or when your feet are hot?
Avatar n tn OMG i'm going through the EXACT same thing and it's driving me insane. I've had the odd one of these clear bumps on my fingers in the past, they were slightly painful and really itchy. Once I itched them long enough they went away and I didn't think anything of them. I mentioned them to a doctor once and she said it was some kind of virus, like HPV, that lives in your body and flares up every now and again. Now I've got them and they're all over my hands and starting to appear on my toes.
162279 tn?1270604959 Now the thinking has shifted all the way around, and they say NOT to put your baby into shoes, but to let him walk barefoot, or in gripper socks, or those soft shoes. It's apparently better for developing feet to be au naturele, or at least so the present thinking goes.
123128 tn?1189759427 Like from top to bottom fat and every shoe i have bought are too tight on him and leave his feet all red. So i guess i want to know if anyone else has had this problem and what did you do? Do they make special shoes for cases like this? I just have a fear i am going to have a very hard time finding shoes that actually fit his feet. Any advice would help..
Avatar f tn It looks like a fungus or athletes foot only on my left hand and both feet. When it's flared up it itches worst than ezcema and my skin get very very dark at certain times of the year. When treated with steroid creams and antibiotic creams it lightens up stop itching but never ever goes away. I have a family history of this as well. My mother has it both hands both feet as well as her father(my granddad). My aunt(my mother's sister) has it left hand both feet as I do.
Avatar f tn First it would be very itchy, and the more you wait it gets less and less and your feet feel warmer. Also make sure not to swing your feet because that makes them more itchy.
744256 tn?1234846264 The foot problems started in July with feeling like I was stepping in something wet while going barefoot in the house. By Aug, I had horrible pain and sometimes numbness. Since then it has just been this awful pain, sometime even when laying down. I also have the hip and knee problems. They are stiff and seem to not want to work correctly and will just give out for no reason. Recently I have been thinking about trying a cane.
Avatar n tn In the short run, do all that you can to achieve excellent blood sugar control and talk with your endo about tests and treatments for neuropathy. Be sure to visually check your feet daily and to avoid going barefoot -- even indoors. There are some pharmaceutical medications that can alleviate pain associated with neurpathy. I'm not certain about natural treatments. There is good information on the JDRF website.
1752950 tn?1313161227 My 18 month old has been suffering for a week and a half now, she has tiny skin colored to reddish semi raised spots on the soles of her feet. At first we thought maybe she stepped on a nettle when she got out of her "pool" and was running in our yard barefoot. I gave her a couple of days and just sprayed her feet with Bactine to relieve the pain and itching at night and in the morning.