Febrile seizure in babies

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3136223 tn?1367964316 The only child I know who had a febrile seizure, had only one. When my children had fevers I did not give them anything to bring them down unless they were high. But one of my children would get trembly when feverish and I always felt might be on the edge of a seizure. I always medicated him to keep the fever down. (I don't remember if I discussed this with his doctor.) Ask your pediatrician how best to handle your stepson when he is ill.
Avatar n tn I've been having the same problems as geana600. My 2 y/o has had 4 "febrile seizures" in the past month. We have not had an EEG or brainscan as of yet. Nicole1111 your information was fantastic and honestly put my mind to ease for now. At least until we see a neurologist and he clears my daughter of other issues. My only concern now is why in the world is she having the fevers?! This is what frustrates me.
165078 tn?1255610007 Please anyone who deals with febrile seizure reply. My daughter had three of these in Oct/Nov last year and then nothing. After 5 months of testing they diagnosed her with Ashtma and reflux and she was doing fine until yesterday. She had a low grade fever last week. On Friday I took her to CHOP when her temp hit 102 afraid of a seizure and then yesterday out of no-where she has another seizure. No temp from Friday until yesterday and the fever spiked within minutes without warning and boom.
Avatar n tn The seizures have not resulted in any developmental delays in her son. I am not saying it is the same type of seizure as your child, but since you mentioned his temp it sounds familiar. I would research febrile seizures. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Once a child is already known to have a high fever, a febrile seizure is unlikely with the current illness. In any event, simple febrile seizures are over in moments with no lasting consequences.
172826 tn?1423426556 My niece had a high fever and it sent her into a febrile seizure and put her in the hospital for over about 2 weeks, the first few days being in a coma and they had no clue if it caused any brain damage or not. I can not believe some doctors. Gosh I hope he feels better soon!!
172826 tn?1423426556 Well, lets just say about a month later my daughter was admitted to the hospital with a sudden high fever that caused a febrile seizure. Turned out to be a UTI. The doctor said the first sign woudl have been the smell of urine. When I told them about me asking both those doctors he said it is very uncommon for a baby to get these (more commen in girls) so doctors tend not to think UTI. My daughter has since had other seizure without fever unrelated to this event.
640548 tn?1340556955 I don't have any intention of weaning her, and since she's had a high fever and likely a febrile seizure yesterday (she's had them in the past, but not since march...) there is nothing they can say that will make me change my mind. I wish I had more of an option of practices here.
Avatar n tn My daughter had a febrile seizure when she was a year old, her temp shot up to 106 within 20 min. of course we rushed her by amb. to ER.. they could not get her fever down with tylenol, they had to give her motrin, then told me to alternate motrin every 4 hours with tylenol every 4 hours,. to this day tylenol does not bring her fever down, I would check with your pediatrician. hope they feel better soon.
2044962 tn?1330053982 Slowly but surely she began testing for all of these things and was diagnosed. Then when she was approx 5-6mths old she had a seizure that was ruled a febrile seizure. Then she had another seizure a month later without a fever. At that time her pediatrician sent her for an EEG. It came back normal. She would also have movements that looked like "ticks" and also had staring spells,she is very clumsy on her feet and would grab her eyes and head and say "booboo".
7757724 tn?1396283186 The axillary temp udually ranges from 100.7-101.7. I know! Ou shoild add a degree to that temp since its taken in the armpit.The only other symptom she has is puffy watery eyes with slight redness to the surrounding lid. You wouldnt notice ubless you really took a good look at her and a bery occasional sneeze. She still eats, plays, and runs aaround. Im just worried since theres no telltale signs of a certain illness. What should I do?
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Avatar f tn He also babble a lot more. All other development is normal. He did have 2 febrile seizure, which with all of the other issues caused us to go ahead with an EEG & MRI.
Avatar n tn This poor child needs some really good medical help NOW, to figure out all that he has wrong with him, so that he can be TREATED AND CURED! One thing that often helps constipated babies and toddlers is adding "pro-biotics" to their diet. These are beneficial bacteria. Adults usually use ACIDIOPHILUS, while babies and children usually are given BIFIDO-BACTERIA ("BIFIDUS").
Avatar n tn Don't really know if this will help but apparently babies and children can have seizure like episodes which are non-epileptic. I read an article that said they normally resolve themselves in time if there is no other underlying reason for the events. I would imagine that if you have not seen a peadiatric neurologist then you would be wise to do so as this type of event is their specialist field. The article I read was on paroxysmal non-epileptic seizures in babies.
1084398 tn?1277308410 My father-in-law paid the ultimate price for getting his Swine flu shot back in the late 1970s (I think that was the decade). I still feel guilty for advising him to get it. His shot came from a bad lot of the vaccine which was taken off the market a week after he got his shot. He was dead within a month of getting his vaccination after a steady downhill slide.
Avatar n tn about his but I was hoping that someone may have seen this in their babies before or know something about it. She tends to do it most often when she is tired but also I have noticed it when she is playing at times. Its almost like she is trying to shake something out. On a different note, I am officially out of my TWW, I started spotting yesterday. Oh well maybe next month.
Avatar f tn Young children who are not vaccinated pass it to babies which in the end are more than likely to cause death or prolonged hospitalization. Another thing they don't tell you is the older children with chicken pox can actually become potentially deadly and more severe. Allot of young adults and older teens did not get this vacinated due to it not being in high demand in the past.
165078 tn?1255610007 Did anyone choose not vaccinating or delaying them? 1 in 94 is a lot of affected kids and that has grown dramatically in 10 years. if something like this happens to someone like me I do not have the capabilities of "fixing" my child I do not have the money or the connections (just as she said in her book) its just not right.
Avatar n tn I agree, I would get this checked out. My nephew is in PICU for Bronchiolitis (2wks now) and when he was having trouble breathing his lips were blue. It is a lack of oxygen. Even if he does not have immediate problems breathing, he may in the future. Better safe than sorry!
Avatar n tn (though not all the time thankfully) Every night i have the fear will they turn into a seizure in her sleep.I would be very gratefull if any of you find out what they are if you could post it please as this would be a gerat help to me.
Avatar n tn She nurses a little during the day still but mostly at night because she sleeps in the same bed with me. She uses it to go back to sleep when she wakes up and to fall asleep in the first place. I don't think that it is the chicken anymore because it seems like that would keep her sick all day and not just at night. Thanks for any help you can give.
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Avatar n tn In the next day or two can everyone check in how they're doing? It's helpful to all of us to see how this is all going. Thanks!