Fear of queuing

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Avatar f tn 2-3 hundred a scan! I fear to think cost of delivery! !
1599563 tn?1297502137 this is dog eat dog (even if that is all you get to eat all week). At the centre of a slimming club meeting is the weigh-in. This involves queuing up for either a pat on the head by the group leader or a disapproving click of the tongue. Most aren't as bad as Marjorie Dawes ? the "Fat Fighters" monster created by Matt Lucas on Little Britain ? but believe me, the humiliation she metes out to her cringing clients is not far from the truth. Scroll down for more ...
Avatar m tn Anyway, it sounds like you're doing this from the strongest motivation possible - Love - and that will trump the fear/anxiety/discomfort if you focus on it. You're going through the worst of it now. So hold fast, my friend. If you love music put your headphones on to get the old endorphins firing & to distract yourself - Laughing also works.. Treat yourself well & keep your eye on the prize..You & your children deserve It!
206807 tn?1331939784 No one from the right has ever had anything but disdain for Biden but now with this one quote they're all queuing up quote his statement as proof of........oh who cares anyway. I don't need Joe Biden or anyone else to tell me that we should stay out of Syria. They're making a bad batch of sausage over there and I, for one, don't want to watch.
867787 tn?1318939830 I know thats a weird question but this happens daily with me & its getting worse. I can be laying down watching tv or whatever & usually its 1 or 2 toes will move down(not the rest of them ) & then I have awful spasms in my foot & up my calf muscle. At 1st my Big Toe would move out sideways from the rest of my toes & then the spasm would hit but now it can be any of my toes. The Dr.