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Avatar f tn You're not alone - other ppl report having this same fear! You don't have to live like this! This fear may be caused from OCD - do you have OCD as a diagnosis? It should be helpful to consult your PCP (Primary Care Physician) and request a referral to a good therapist. Sometimes medication is needed along with good talk therapy. Whatever it is - it has to be better than dealing with this irrational fear after each and every time you drive. Please feel free to ask more questions.
Avatar f tn Is my fear of driving an OCD also? Thanks for sharing I don't feel alone in my experience anymore ( so similar wow).
Avatar f tn I like it because of the people there and who I work with, I go in with this shorty attitude for whatever reason recently because of my driving OCD but 30 minutes of being there and it all goes away.
Avatar f tn I just fear that I may have not known I hit someone (like I didn't hear it because of my loud music or the car didn't hit me but hit something else as a result of my driving) Get what I mean? So, I don't know how I could change that way of thinking even though I know the norm is "you would know". I just see the tiniest possibility of not knowing so it's really hard for me to make that decision of "I would know".
Avatar f tn fear of contamination or thoughts of hurting someone or doing something bad. Can OCD thoughts be something else besides fears or evil thoughts. Like something random that you obsess over?
Avatar f tn Overcoming OCD by Christine Purdon Self-Coaching by Joseph Luciani
Avatar n tn Yes you should get help for it,because if you do not it will do to you what this fear did to me,and that is drive you insane.When this fear hit me I did not know what to make of it so I just ignored it and before I knew it I had a broken record going on in my head and from all the anxiety this fear caused me it damaged me,my relationships,my life ect,so the sooner you get a handle on this the better.
Avatar f tn Hiya well, personally i would say if you have such a fear at the moment of HIV/STD's etc.. then you really need to sit and think about what actions while performing love making really trigger the anxiety.
3159640 tn?1430910900 Thank you so much. I was able to overcome driving OCD by not giving into rituals and it worked. I hope I can do the same for this. It is just that I imagine so many scenarios, like the people before me using the napkin dispenser must have been hiv pos drug users who planted a needle there..... silly I know.
Avatar m tn Sounds very much like you could be suffering from a touch of HOCD, which is actually a REAL form of OCD, where a person fears being homosexual. There are many different extremes of HOCD, from occasional fleeting thoughts, to complete, debilitating obsessions. I would strongly recommend you post in our OCD forum. Not because I think you HAVE OCD but because they get questions about this EXACT same thing all the time.
Avatar m tn I've behaved properly over the last years, but I just can't get rid of this phantom, I have problems with OCD, paranoia and depression, so I'd ask you please to help me to solve this out. Thank you so much for your kindness, Strat.
Avatar f tn but this need for reassurance of mine is itself a part of OCD. i dont know where to go and whom to talk to and my boyfriend and i broke up a while ago too. and i am scared of disclosing it to anybody, even a psychologist.
Avatar f tn Immediately after, I felt guilty, bad. Since then, my fear of contracting an STD has resurfaced. This time worst, fearing I've contracted HIV. For the past week, I've experienced chills, sore throat and earaches. I've attributed all theses to ars involved with HIV. Last night before bed I noticed s small pimple like bump on my bottom gum. Its so small I literally have to be two inches from a mirror to see it.
Avatar n tn I recently posted a question regarding my fear of getting fatal diseases, which ultimately of course is a fear of death. I think that both of us probably do have some type of OCD and that medication may be part of the answer. What happened 3 years ago that might have triggered your sudden fear of mortality? I've been afraid of death and disease all my life but it did get worse when I turned 40. In fact, I used to wake up at 4 a.m.
Avatar f tn Dear Joggen, I really appreciate the things you do for people like us who have irrational/maybe rational fears. As for me I think I can safely be diagnosed as having OCD now. I'm freaking out about an incident that everyone in HIV prevention community (including you) said no risk. I decided to go and get tested just to make sure. The window period will be up in couple of weeks.
Avatar f tn I have the exact same problem you do ..the fear of being alone and having a panic attack, it is essentially the fear of fear. Through the years I have learned to cope better with being alone and panic. Comedy, anything that makes me laugh I will watch when I start feeling all nervous inside. It always helps to stop that feeling. Self talking...I always tell myself out loud "Stop it you are fine this will pass" and I try to find something to do.
Avatar f tn The newer study u read in was about stress and it being the biggest part which isn't anxiety a stress which I do all the time and try to stop but can't because of fear of this disease.
Avatar n tn i read both of your comments one on religion and now the fear for your parents you have told about all of the knowledge you have acuired through the books i know that makes you a highly educated person but all of the knowledge in the world cant help someone if they dont have plain ole common hore sense to know how to use the knowledgei am not insulting you i am glad that you could do all of this but i guess what i want to know has it made you happy i have lost a daughter mom dad it is hard but
Avatar f tn Your best plan of action is to get your OCD under control. I think phobias are a by-product of OCD. Your mind is looking for something to obsess about, and its centering on HIV. I would recommend seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist if you can. A psychiatrist can prescribe medication that will help to calm your OCD down. Talk therapy like CBT would also help to reduce your OCD, which is the primary cause of all this.
Avatar m tn Hello wthe fear of getting HIV has taken over me. It's driving me crazy. I go to the dentist and test 10 tims after that . I get a cut in my finger I keep o. Testing. After I test I wonder if the needle was contaminated. Anyone can help me? I am sleeping with my wife using.
Avatar f tn It's not dying that produces the fear. It's the fear of eternity, of endlessness. Even as I type this, I feel my anxiety level rise. I've been on Lexapro since 2002. (Actually first Celexa, then Lexapro.) This has helped, but then my psychiatrist had me try Welbutrin, which I wanted to try to enhance my energy level (which she said could be a result). I got through two days, then started having the phobia again.
Avatar f tn Last Wednesday we received some flat pack furniture from a well known swedish company and yesterday my husband and I decided to put it together (bedside tables and chest of drawers), I suffer with a terrible fear of HIV and check everything for red marks that could be blood, I was having a good day yesterday and wasn't too bad but when I went to put the cardboard boxes out into the bin I noticed that one of them had a red mark inside (about the size of my little fingernail, maybe a bit smaller)
Avatar m tn The most important thing is to get the diagnosis of OCD by a psychologist. From there you can go over the many things that are bothering you, religion in particular at this point, and discuss how best to manage this. If the psychologist and you decide that medication is something you would like to try, then you need to see a psychiatrist. They are the best at managing medication for OCD. You asked if the medications work...for the most part they do.
Avatar n tn Oh my God. Please don't worry! You have some form of OCD. There's nothing to be afraid of. I suffer from the exact same tormenting thoughts as you do. You described it to a point. You are not gay! Your mind is trying to frighten you as best it can. I'm a Christian too, and since homosexuality is against my beliefs as well, my mind has "locked" on to it.
Avatar m tn Hi, my ocd is putting me through pure hell, I have had hiv ocd for about 15 months now, I have had 15 tests in the last 15 months, my fear no is I took my friends seven year old daughter for a walk with the dog, we was throwing a stick to the dog and it landed in some plastic, I got paranoid that the plastic may have been hiv contaminated, I went back and checked plastic later on , I got it into my head then that she could have touched a discarded needle in the park, I went back to the park and
Avatar f tn I have a similar fear that pops up from time to time. I had a man bump into me and I obsessed over whether he jabbed me with a needle. I did not and will not get tested for that because I know it is my OCD and I have to learn to accept uncertainty regarding the situation. I cannot ever know 100% that he did not jab me. Maybe he did, but more likely maybe he did not. I have been through years of CBT, exposure therapy and now I am on 200 mg of zoloft daily and I have seen a big difference.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm sorry you are going through this. I think the fear can be changed. I used to fear having a panic attack while driving. What helped me was to listen to my favorite music, even a favorite song until I got to work. I slowly realized that it was just a fear, wasn't a fact and was able to deal with it. I also hyperventilated so read that if you have ice water with you, drinking it of course, you can't hyperventilated. The Community Leader who is normally here is on vacation.
Avatar m tn I know there are germs on things we touch, but to break it down into that kind of detail is not something I do. Cleanliness is not one of my OCD problems. I'm actually a very messy person. Obviously your OCD has been passed down from your mom if she was up cleaning in the middle of the night. Studies are showing now that there is a genetic component to OCD and that it can be passed down in families. And you have had cleanliness beaten into your head for a very long time.