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Avatar n tn In some senses I am lucky with my car . My vehicle has OnStar, before I said to hell with my driving anxiety, I'd hit the emergency button which would send the police and ambulance. I felt kind of silly after awhile when they said sir it’s just a panic attack. Stay strong, be positive and take baby steps. Start out with driving around the block. then go 2 blocks and so on. I found having someone else in car helps me a lot. Hang in there it gets better I promise.
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554422 tn?1220578966 its the fear of going in to V tach on the freeway!!!!!!!So im still going,have to live my life..even though its sooo difficult at times just to do that..I try not to be envious of others who can do day to day tasks without even thinking about it!(I cant even imagine how that might feel)??I know you guys understand what I am going through.Do you ever find yourself wishing you had someone elses heart lol?Sometimes I am so desperate If someone offered me a pigs heart Id just might except hehehhehe.
Avatar n tn When driving in curves on freeway or back roads i feel as if my car will tilt and fall on its side causing an accident. I often times slow down to 35 mph or less, driving closer to the shoulder or worse pulling over to compose myself and then continue to drive again. I am fine with the straight parts of the road. Its worse when the curve is bent towards the middle of the road ( where I have only the dividing line separating lanes). I told my Dr.
Avatar m tn for you, my extreme fear of std's might be irrational. for me, its so real. similarly, for me, the fear in the car while driving is a little irrational. i do get anxious in traffic sometimes, but i take a deep breath and try to take control of the car and my nerves. and every time i don't have an accident, i feel confidence in my driving skills. maybe for someone who has no fear of diseases, its the same way. maybe they get a wave of fear, and then get over it.
3997096 tn?1349321461 Pretty weird. I still have a slight fear of driving. I live fairly close to Chicago and have never had a fear of driving through there as many people do who don't live there, but haven't been able to do it since eot. Hopefully one day I will get over this fear.
308787 tn?1201684948 Yes i get the woozy head feeling every now and again and i hate it. Nearly everyone who suffers from anxiety seems to get it. Myanxiety started about a year ago and i had the strange head feeling for about the first four months every day, then it went completely for about four months, but then i started to get it again onn and off.
Avatar m tn I have a huge fear of driving and being a passenger in the car! It started out of the blue about a year and a hald ago! Nothing happened to bring it on it just happened! Its awful as I drive 60 miles every day for work! I have panic attacks along with it some days and have to pull over! My psychiatrist put me on Ativan that I take before driving to and from work or when I am getting into someone elses car and it seems to help al ittle bit. I am also on Effexor....
Avatar f tn I have been having a lot of issues lately and I have all the sudden developed a crazy fear of driving. I am scared when I drive but I am rediculous when I am the passenger. I literally scream and **** my eyes and put my hands in front I my face. I don't know why this is happening. I have not had any bad experiences in a car. It just seems like more and more bad things are happening with me now :/ I do not even feel like a regular person anymore.
Avatar f tn Well about 8 years ago after I had my first son I started noticing my preoccupation while driving when my son was with me of picturing us crashing and just The cars on side of me causing us to crash, I figured it was just being a new young mom but now when I drive long distances I just want to jump out of my skin, my heart is racing, biting my nails, clenching the side of my seat, its like I'm secretly bracing for an impact when someone is driving, I am actually starting to complain to my boy
946207 tn?1246137985 I went to the ER and was put on paxil. Still had a ton of anxiety attacks while driving but my doctor adjusted my dose. I haven't had one driving in a long time but am going through the anxiety again. This time I am getting pains and weakness in my arms and legs. It is bothing me and really giving me the whole "MS" scare. Try not to drive on highways. Also, if you feel an attack coming on , tell yourself it will be ok and take deep breaths. It will help. I promise.
Avatar n tn This has become very disruptive because whoever is driving the car will focus more on my mother than on the road. I fear this can cause an accident, possibly a fatal one. My mother is not the type of person to seek therapy even though she knows she has a problem. Is there anything I can do to help alleviate her anxiety/fear?
1804812 tn?1329681157 Boy, can I relate!! MANY of us can! This goes hand in hand with panic. " I am known as the "back roads" queen because I can get to just about anywhere on small streets and county roads. I always feel like I need to have a place I can pull over". Me too! LOL. I HATE highways. I explored this fear with my therapist years ago, and she explained to me that the fear stems from our basic fear of becoming "trapped" somewhere, with no option of "escape".
3217886 tn?1482298757 And i actually convinced myself to take driver's ed, but last week my cousin bumped into a car backing out of the laneway with me in the car. It was a small hit, but it still really scared me. And i also almost got hit by a car crossing at the traffic lights....so I'm not too sure about that whole driving isn't bad thing.....but thanks anyway.
Avatar n tn I have fear from having panic attack. that's why i don't drive my car and my car. what should i do ? I'm 36 years old mother of 2 children. Kuwait 21.6.
Avatar n tn Hello ! When ever I decide to drive. A fear over comes my heart, that while driving I may hurt other people. I do not want to hurt anyone. What shall I do ?
Avatar f tn My palms start to sweat and my back clenches up and I start to freak out. This only happens when I go up the mountains. And I know it's not a fear of heights because I am in love with roller coasters. Does anyone else have this problem?
Avatar f tn need I say more? The fear of being stuck in traffic and suddenly needing to go is a real fear based on a real problem. Generally I prepare for trips, and if shopping, make it a focused shop. No more aimless driving. I have to have a plan and stick to it. Same in stores: meandering around in a hugh store is sure to bring on panic. So again I now plan and stick to it. One department for shoes. No checking out several stores or departments. I don't believe in 'immersion' therapy.
1785438 tn?1314991535 Hi. Unfortunately this all evolves around your anxiety and you're developing Agoraphobia which will hold you prisoner in your home (safe place). Driving is a big trigger for many with panic attacks it goes along with Agoraphobia, fear of open places and fear you'll have a panic attack, the feeling of being "trapped" wherever you are. None of us want to be on medication but often anxiety is like any other medical condition that requires daily medication to control the symptoms.
Avatar f tn I am a mom of 3 VERY active kids and driving is just something I HAVE to do. Go to my profile. In my journals I have listed a few different breathing techniques that have REALLY worked for me. I have used them at home, at work, at my kids games, the grocery store, and even while driving!!
800427 tn?1324949319 I know what you mean about the few minutes seeming to take forever, my best friend was watch my kid's for our anniversary and then we got a call saying that the kid's and my best friend had been hit by another car ata stoplight, we rushed over there and one of my kid's was'nt waking up the paramedics had him in the ambulance and were doing all kind of things to try and wake him up (he was barely 2 at the time and my other child was 4 months) it took them a little over 10 minutes after i got the
1168317 tn?1330266437 Wow, this is a conversation with a lot of fear and dread for all of us. Driving, especially but not only a stick shift, takes a lot of good coordination and good reflexes. You describe a loss of the ability to fine tune your muscular effort. This is common in MS. There are studies out there which all show that a large percentage of MS drivers have impaired reflexes. Since this is already known, this implies some real legal liability for us should we have an accident.
Avatar n tn He had/has sort of the same fear. He's always hated to have the window down in the car while driving and if it starts looking like a storm or the wind picks up while outside he starts getting anxious. He wants ALL his toys from outside picked up and put in the garage right away. He has no fear of fans though. I'm just a Mom, but I would say, wait it out. She is still very young. At that age it is hard to talk to her about fears and explain wind.
Avatar m tn i remember driving past these kids while one of them (apparently the youngest of the lot) was so excited he almost didn't see my car and stepped right in front of it. i remember one of his friends stopping and holding him back from doing so because he was aware of my car which was about to pass them. now on and off...all i can wonder is that maybe i did hit that child and not notice!
Avatar n tn I recently posted a question regarding my fear of getting fatal diseases, which ultimately of course is a fear of death. I think that both of us probably do have some type of OCD and that medication may be part of the answer. What happened 3 years ago that might have triggered your sudden fear of mortality? I've been afraid of death and disease all my life but it did get worse when I turned 40. In fact, I used to wake up at 4 a.m.
Avatar n tn I have a terrible fear of the OB/GYN mainly because my very first pelvic exam was so traumatic. I was a virgin and it hurt so much that I cried. And even after I told the doctor to stop, she kept trying to collect the sample after telling me she would stop any time. I felt violated...scared...and I hurt so bad I had to take pain relievers. I was bleeding when I got home and discovered my "cherry" had been popped because the doctor was too rough and rushed with the exam.
8377023 tn?1399512760 My biggest fear out of everything is my water breaking while driving their car. I am absolutely terrified that this is going to happen. I have already gotten contractions while driving with one of the twins, thankfully the contractions weren't crazy bad, and this happened today. I dont know what to do besides calling their aunt, Chris, my mom and my doctor. Like what should I tell their aunt if that happens? To just meet me at the hospital or what?
Avatar f tn I started experiencing my fear of eternity very young. I remember trying to explain my fear to my over religious parents, and they wanted to help but they didn't understand. To them, going to heaven was something to strive for, but for me I often just imagined myself floating on a cloud into eternity and the fear was worse than any physical or mental pain I have ever felt. I would often jump out of my bed at night shaking and sobbing just at the thought of eternity.
703031 tn?1398966907 Last year both my girls were in two separate car accidents. The first was in May and the other in August. The vehicle was totalled both times. Thankfully both my girls were ok. Aside from some bruising on the belly from the 2nd accident. Naturally we were concerned about my 3 year old being afraid of getting in the car. We followed up with her pediatrician and she gave us some tactics to use to get her in the car again and make it a pleasant experience.
Avatar f tn I have found it to calm my mind in school so I could consentrate on my school work insted of my horrid family life. My grades even got better since the time of starting this. If the music is what keeps you up try it without the music. Ive done it both ways, but at night dont involve fast big movements, focus on small gentle movements. The more exercise you get the more your brain and body wakes up.