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730826 tn?1317946934 The vet convinced me that if I sped more on food Id spend less time and money at the vet. He got heart worm/flee treatment, parvovirus shot, and round worm medicine. I also found a red circle on his belly yesterday that im freaking out about. I think Im going to take him in today, or I was thinking of putting polysporn on it and seeing what happens first. ***** that Ill have to pay more money when we were just there.
1294995 tn?1330666336 I am sorry to keep going on and on about this! but I know you ladies are always there for me! Glad to see several new people! Welcome!
Avatar f tn I am to dealing with the same thing here it started when I was 14 and now I'm almost 15 but here is what mines smells like fishy fart sewer smell and sometimes I can't smell it but than sometimes I do when I ride the bus to school it smells horrible than it dies down than comes back it came out of nowhere and I take good showers and have lotions powders and the smell always comes back and its so strong people smell it immediately when I walk in the room or in hallways and my grandparents and aun
Avatar f tn but the drug didn't work for me, so my psychologist gave up on me and said 'just try to relax' and kept throwing me risperdal and xanax. ORS is just a name attached to something docs can't understand. Even if I have that syndrome, there is rarely any cure. But thx for your reply, JGF25, and when strangers make comments, my friends deny what they heard. maybe I'm living in a 3.5 dimension world.
638458 tn?1222960291 When I tell him I'm unhappy about something someone else does, he gives me a shoulder to lean on and tells me he's sorry I'm upset. He used to try to tell me what to do and say to fix it, but I finally told him that when I complain about a co-worker, I want him to just commiserate with me and say he understands or "that stinks". Nothing more. I told him I like diamonds. I like perfume that he thinks smells nice. Don't buy me clothes. Don't buy me household appliances.
1045086 tn?1332130022 I have seen just about every embarrassing result of MS discussed on this forum but I've had one I can't find in the archives at all. It's the involuntary passage of noisy gas without warning. TYJ that this doesn't happen a lot, it's most often just a short squeak and there isn't any odor. Really, it's true. For these episodes, my **** don't stink. Still, I'd like to put an end to it if that's possible. I'll give a little more detail in an effort to inspire solution ideas.
Avatar n tn As for inventing some things to argue about she cant do that if you dont listen, walk away when she starts it, leave the room, the house. good luck let me know how you get on .....
Avatar f tn I am so jealous that some babies like it cold. That would make my life just a little easier if I did not have to warm it and naturally save me on the gas bill for using my stove so much, that is expensive. Sorry this was my fault I should have known better to make that comment I was asking for it. Good Question Newbie!
Avatar n tn I did have a controlling parent that never gave me any space, made decisions for me, and was very critical of me. I never made the connection between my adult behaviors and my childhood. I think the good thing that I can at least give myself credit for is that I can at least recognize that the things I comment on are ridiculous. I really don't think she's a bad person because of the little things I mentioned. So, that must be a good things right? That I can at least see it?
1530342 tn?1405020090 You have me LOL over your views on the candidates. I didn't say Reagan was bad. I didn't think he was intelligent, his handlers might have been, but Reagan? I think he was the puppet head. He didn't write the script, he delivered the lines.
Avatar f tn Lmol!!! Yes...they are pretty bad and embarrassing. Poor hubby he always runs out of the room. I always apologize sometimes you just cant control it...lol he is always like "I love you but dame baby...you killing me" which makes me want to crawl under the couch..
Avatar f tn My surgeon put me on it after my hip replacement and have noticed my weight going up and up which is getting me down. I decided on Saturday that I had enough and stopped dead on taking the meds. Well on a good note my head is not spinning and my brain and speech are now syncing back nicely. On the down affects I have chronic stomach pains, feel sick, anziety, not slept properly since coming off them and going to the toilet more than regular.
Avatar f tn My husband don't ever warn me:( I got to the point where I yelled at him cause I can't handle it anymore!!!!!
Avatar f tn Haha!!! Well that's me. When I sit on the couch I am there for a good while and collect items and keep them clise so I don't need to move. Sooo bad!
Avatar f tn I went to my Credit Union and could not remember my acct#...lucky for me the girl knew me and pulled it up for me....so that was not as bad, but it was the searching my brain for something I could not find....I did not like. Thanks to Chiari, I have had other experiences that rank up there with how u felt....
908149 tn?1248719819 I know I did my work in Spanish and promptly passed face-out on my desk. This idiot threw a paper ball at me and I DID wake up, I just didn't move becasue I knew if I did I wouldn't be able to control my left hand springing up and flipping him off. Whatever. Didn't upset me like it would have a week ago. The day was slow. Oh and I'm going with Lauren to a Repo! thing the night before halloween. I'm so excited, I get to dress like Shiloh! I just need a wig...
Avatar f tn welcome back Sue you were dearly missed hope you remember me i only ever make rare appareances on the forum i had MAJOR gas attacks ( i should have been wearing a HAZCHEM sign on my neck) when i got my BFP in august throughout the pregnancy although it just ended in a m/c last week so i think it may be a good sign and guess what the farting has stopped once the pregnancy ended anyway have you tested yet?
1549468 tn?1345472336 Mom logged me in. She asked me to let everyone know she has not slept in days, and can not see to type on the keys. The insurance company is still working on the request as of this morning, and it should be done by tomorrow (03-24) morning. I am not leaving her alone at all now, because I don't think it would be safe to do it. I make sure she eats and drinks, so don't worry about that. As soon as she has has some sleep and feels ok she will get back to all of you. Alainna.
808144 tn?1332727940 I'm thinking of getting a tattoo for my 16th birthday. Yeah, young. I'm aware. It's not like it's going to be pointless. I want "Wake up" tattooed on my outer right wrist bone (in my handwriting) and "You're alive" tattooed on my outer left wrist bone (in my handwriting). Whatcha think?
148691 tn?1260198503 then she hits the brakes suddenly at a stop sign (of course I'm keeping my distance since Maddie is in the backseat) and points her car to turn to the right... and then turns to the left! AAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!! Are you kidding me?? what the heck was that? so, that is a pet peeve that I have... and as I was throwing my mental fit, I got to think: boy that would be a good ole post in MH! lol Another petpeeve I have..... women wearing real tight pants....
Avatar f tn He's huge muscle teddy bear whom gets embarrassed so easy. So me I don't care I'll say do whatever. First it was our 37 week check up. My midwifes like any questions? I'm like yeah is he still aloud to plow me like a field or should we take it easy so that he won't break my water or kids head. ( my husbands face bright red sunk in chair) she put her hand on his knee said honey if you can lift her toss her just don't drop her lol. I'm like omg died.
148691 tn?1260198503 And what's worse for me is that I would so love to blame the cat or the dog for the farts in our home, but NOPE that would be me. Holy mother of all farts, what I'm passing would scare Frankenstein. I'm surprised my husband hasn't left to go sleep on the sofa. And what's even worse is they are so LOUD, so I can't even hide it. The best I can do is dash to the restroom and turn on the fan hoping no one will hear...
Avatar m tn and it literally screams at you and sends you an email via GPS so you won't lose it again. Also turn on your iPad's Find My iPad under Settings. You an use your iPad to help you with your memory loss by setting alerts in Calender, and putting apps in there for To-Do lists (e.g. when to take medications, if you go to a store what are you there to buy, etc.). I use electronic devices to help with my memory all the time. You can also use a Smart phone for the same thing.
Avatar f tn Me and my bf were having sex with me on top and I went down to kiss him and I noticed blood on his face..
Avatar f tn Last night my husband asked me to massage his back, so I sat on him....aaaand I definitely farted on my husband. No warning. It happens! You just have to laugh!
Avatar f tn Something else the docs told me to do with my first to children, its kind of gross, but it will help. Make sure you shield yourself just in case, it can get messy, Lol!!! Take a rectal thermometer, put a little bit of vaseline or A & D Ointment on it and put it into the rectum just about a quarter of an inch and turn it a few times. This will make the rectal gland sense there is something there and Wala!!! Poop!!! Sorry, its gross, but I had to do it with my girls and it worked.
Avatar f tn My problem is burping. Not so much the flatulence, but every time I turn in bed I belch, throughout the day & especially in the evening-ridiculous manly belches...my husband almost passed out from laughing when we were watching elf & Will Ferrell belches @ dinner, "That's you!" He cried.
6822962 tn?1396333259 He will just stand there shake his head and laugh at me. While im struggling to turn on my side or for the matter get out of bed. He thinks its funny.
Avatar m tn I was craving heroin bad yesterday but even worse today but like you Giz a go put some class music on that helps me big time a just turn into a rocksrar lol great imppression of mick jager Kim thinks its dead funny me up on the table thats my stage and also keep busy or visit my bro all that helps me a lot James Its my turn now Gizzy. James does do a good impression of Mick Jagger and Roger Daltrey. I think hes a frustrated rockstar, but i have to admit he is quite a good singer. Im terrible.
Avatar n tn Yes, I have so many. I have a few makin' announcements and sayin' wrong things at work or I'll stutter or forget what I'm sayin' and juss hang up while In the middle of It when I work Fitting Room and you hear customers start laughing and my co-workers make fun of you all day.