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Avatar n tn I woke up, stood up and had a gush of fluid come out. My sisters made me call dr, who had me go to the hospital to be hooked up to a contraction measuring thing, had to go through the process of vaginal exam to see if there was amniotic fluid. After a few hours of monitoring, turns out.... The baby kicked my bladder and it leaked while i was sleeping and gravity brought it down when i stood up. Short answer: i peed myself. Lol.
Avatar f tn My son was a tad upset that he could not go isolate himself in the basement (I even wrote a list of improvement on the fridge I expected and one was=''When you want to be part of a family you must be present'') But he brought his kenex pieces up in the livingroom declaring ''To bad mom this is the family room now.......'' Then he would fart and stink and say ''that's what you have to live with now mom''.
Avatar n tn Wow, i dont know if this gives me hope or more frustration I like some of you have been exsperiencing sharp lighting bolt like pains in my rectum and sometimes up through my groin. It is very painful and most times stands me up on end, ouch! My wife thinks im crazy and the docs keep giving me hemroid meds that do nothing.The pains come and go in waves,day or night, sitting or standing. If anyone has suggestions im MORE than happy to listen! Thanks all, The man in pain from Carlsbad!
Avatar n tn the reasion for this is my age, i'm 51 (yep i'm an old fart). speed is a chemical best left alone by us old folks! but anyhow what i ment to say was welcome to the forum! there will always be room *for just one more addict,* so come on in and start posting to us!!
Avatar n tn now that might simply relate to my abdominal pain on both sides and along the front and the reason why intercoarse is impossible due to the amount of pain I'm in BUT its a start...
Avatar n tn Like many of you, I am worse when I go into a mall or grocery store. Thought maybe it was flourescent lighting or something. I was supposed to take a balance test, but have been putting it off because every time I take a test, they always come back "normal" and I am starting to feel like a hypochondriac. Just had an MRI and an MRA done for eye pain and vision problems and as always, everything appeared "normal".