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987242 tn?1335494370 I passed gas and found it to be wet. Upon going to the restroom I found a lot of blood and mucus. I always have these bouts where where I hve stomach cramps with dirrhea, blood and mucus. Many times during these episodes I will pass only blood and blood clots. Anyway I've never had this episde and it was rather scary. I have been diagnosed with diverticulitis and diverticulosis. I am a 33 year old woman.
Avatar f tn Colace stool softeners are ok to take, my Dr has me on them. Also lots of green veggies, watermelon, and anything else with fiber help with the constipation. Not sure what to tell you about the smell though, I have that problem too.
Avatar f tn As I can't change the smell, A friend suggested starting to fart in a jar and sniffing it out. Apparently the intense repulsion will sub consciously make me reduce the amount I inflict such torture on those around me. Will this work?!?!?!? Serious replies only please, this has blighted my life for long enough.....
Avatar m tn The first step towards therapy would be to combat constipation, which is done by drinking plenty of water, like doubling your usual intake. Adding a lot of fiber rich food in your diet like green, leafy vegetables and bananas. Consuming only whole grain cereals like rice or wheat and avoiding refined carbohydrates. Regularly exercising, as this helps in bowel movement. But if constipation is still not relieved, then a laxative can be used temporarily.
Avatar f tn All foods produce some gases during the digestion process. Cows in particular produce a lot of methane or swamp gas. This gas is actually odourless. The noxious fumes that cause such laughter among eight year olds and embarrassment for the rest of us is caused be various bacteria which occur harmlessly in the colon.
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Avatar m tn A lot of yoga moves help! Google to find them. But I had horrible gas before I was pregnant and after, it just got worse. So I asked my doctor if she'd be ok with my taking gas-x, and she okayed it. Ask your doctor about some medicine if you want!
Avatar f tn So I'm 30 weeks and 5 days today. I was wondering if Farting a lot and being smelly was normal, been like this for 2 days already??
431151 tn?1204128482 I am a fastpitch softball pitcher and have been for about 15 years, so I know that that will do a lot of damage, but I now have a desk job, and well it hurts to even work out. (I try and I almost always bring myself to tears because of the pain) When I was younger my doctor said I had growing pains, but its odd Im no longer growing and get the same pains worse then ever. I also have the thing where py jaw pops if you open it too wide.
Avatar f tn I took this for only a month and the flies stopped following me. I feel a lot better sitting in a meeting with colleages and seeing a fly playing a distance away from me and not even coming close!
3169623 tn?1371172180 The poop can enter their lungs and its not a good thing. I've seen people posting a lot about babies pooping in the womb, and while its not impossible it's very rare and like I said, dangerous. Haven't you guys read any of your books?!
Avatar n tn Also, daily, have him drink fresh squeezed lemon juice in a glass of water with a little ice and sugar, several glasses each day, and do it also for a couple weeks. And a few times during that two-week thing of blueberries and lemon juice, have him eat 100 percent whole wheat bread with honey on it. He should drink alka seltzer to release the gas, which is what is so painful to him. He should drink plenty of water, altho the lemon water should be enough.
167 tn?1374177417 Congratulations!!!! How sweet a lil boy! Wishing you and your family the best!! I will go for my u/s tomorrow and hopefully my baby will cooperate so we'll find out if we're having a boy or girl!! Congrats again!!!
223372 tn?1240924276 This AM in front of my whole school I won a prize for selling stuff for some fundraiser...The prize? A gift certificate for a childrens clothing store!!!! HUH???? I do not have kids!!! AND no one but one person knows that I am going through this stuff...so why would I want that as a prize???? I just smiled and acted thrilled as 400 kids and their parents and the rest of the staff cheered.....UGH!
Avatar n tn I do get acid coming back up sometimes, but not usually at night time like a lot of other people. By the way by symptoms are chest pains, pain under both sides of ribs burning under my breast bone and my left arm hurts a lot. I always feel like I have heartburn with NOTHING helping so far. I will have my tests on OCT 12, but I would really like some insight before then!!
Avatar m tn My tomachgrowls a lot at school which probably means i should go to bathroom but i dont. like after gym one day i noticed i had some and there was a lot even though i didnt poop or anything but my stomach was growling and some what farting. There was so much and it smelled so bad i skipped Lunch and sat in the bathroom for 30 minutes. It makes me sad. Ive been thinking about skipping lunch every day what should i do? Also whats the problem?
984138 tn?1359816673 and was so excited got out of my car gave him a hug was all like omg i havent seen you in forever how have you been blah blah blah gave him antoehr hug and left to go in the grocery store....when i got in the grocery store i froze in my steps and thoguht to myself omg i seen my cousin like 3 weeks ago when he called me out of the blue for a ride and gave him a ride and we cought up there...
4622451 tn?1360598855 I have missed you so much..I almost sent you a PM but Oh, my mind went into a Brain Fart.. I am SO GLAD That you have been keeping your self busy and Clean..Hey I almost have a Year..Ya, can you believe how times fly's. Look at YOU over 200 days and I can remember when I first meet you many, many Months ago. You should float in more often. I sure do miss that Face!! Many Hugs your way there Bud!!!!
306455 tn?1288865671 Go to a meeting I know I talk about it a lot but A/A and N/A have been around for a very long time and there is a reason for it........ One thing that does get to me here is where people say ya I went to a meeting it didnt' do anything for me, its not for me........ Wow one meeting and it didn't do anything for you, its up to you to put in the work.........
1417531 tn?1365601325 I went on a job interview last week and was hopeful to get the job- it's more money, closer to home, flexible hours, and a job I could love instantly- working with paint!!! A paint Chemist!! I know this sounds a bit nerdy but how great to go to work and play with paint everyday- just very exciting!!! Plus, flex time, and a decent salary- still not what I feel I'm worth but a much shorter drive than what I currently have and benefits!! So, who WOULDN'T take it?!
167 tn?1374177417 I too was going to call my ped to see if it was milk related. As she too is drinking a lot of milk. About 22 oz a day. She started weaning herself from breastfeeding about 3 weeks ago and now refuses to nurse :( Anyway what you are describing sounds very similar, I am very interested in what you find out. Although dd does sleep through the night.
Avatar f tn Hii ,You sound a bit like i did lol. i thought i new it all.But i learned a lot. iv been here 4yrs now and 1138 days So you are learnig.Lisening to and and talkigto others.And your opinion counts to. so keep fighting girl keep Lisening and talking . av gotlet ya noyou can do this J.........
Avatar n tn He will regain his weight, I know it's heart wrenching, I've watched 3 of my loved ones go thru this, so I've done a lot of research. My son is 38 and had a total colectomy at 12. He is an avid hiker where he is out in the middle of nowhere for weeks at a time, and there are no special foods out there, and he does just fine. He is a marathoner, untrathoner, mountain biker, and competes in jujitzu, so a good quality of life is very possible.
82861 tn?1333457511 Uncle Don was a really fun man to hang out with and maybe politely talk politics and religion over a couple of beers. He was one of those rare people who was always comfortable in his own skin and with his own beliefs. I defy anyone to declare that the man ever once contradicted himself. Straightforward and brutally honest: just the way I like men. And nows he's gone. One of Don's worst fears was to eventually be caught up in the tentacles of the Medical System.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am young Canadian man, I managed to do pretty well through highschool although I partied a lot on the weekends and had a close friend who I lost to a cocain addiction, and by that I mean he got kicked out at 14 and moved to East Vancouver so I ended up trying cocaine with him when we were only 14. Didn't do it for years and then when I graduated highschool I met an older crew of buddies and started getting into doing cocaine when I was really drunk with them.