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Avatar n tn My doctor gave me a prescription for famvir, which I was able to start taking approx 30 hours after being infected...already had a significant patch of little white dots. It was the first one had every had (I know because I became very ill with a fever and night sweats etc a couple of days later). The white dots became several white patches from one corner of my mouth to the other mostly on the part of the lip that isn't really visible when my mouth is closed.
Avatar f tn My insurance covered the cost of VALTREX until I met my prescription cap. Then I had to pay out of my own pocket. I discovered that the best price I could get for VALTREX (Valcyclovir) was about $400 for a 30 day supply (Heads up: your local neighborhood pharmacist may be able to beat any internet prices you see - much safer and worth the time it takes to make a few local calls). FAMVIR was less but still several hundred dollars a month.
Avatar m tn Yes the 2 perscriptions are very different in cost, but I want the best chance not to infect my mate. I have had the virus for a LONG time, and through the Valtrex and knowing my body well...I have not given it to any of my partners (Fist Pumping YES!). I don't want money to be the reason this changes. Please advice.
Avatar n tn My wife was taking 1000mg of FAMVIR for 7 days (for known/existing HSV-1 breakout) prior to her taking a Herpeselect test. She noticed bumps on her vagina and we went to the doctor for a viral test. That same day they drew blood for a Herpeselect test. The viral came back positive for HSV-2, the Herpeselect came back positive for HSV-1 and negative for HSV-2. I was also tested (Herpeselct) twice in a four week period and came back negative for HSV-2 both times.
Avatar m tn however, around a month after recieving the oral sex i got symptoms of redness and a little inflamation on the head of my penis (im not sure if this was herpes or not) and i took my famvir tablets as prescibed and it clearly up within a week. 3 months later i had a herpes outbreak (i know it was herpes this time, classic symptoms) and again i took famvir and it cleared up within a week or so. that was in january 2009, and now its june and i have had another herpes outbreak.
Avatar f tn that can lessen the numbers of outbreaks or get rid of herpes, I was wondering if anyone tried these meds. and do they work, because most of theses drugs cost lots of money. Thanx for any feedback.
Avatar m tn I'm not a doctor, but in my unprofessional personal opinion I say give it a shot if you can afford the cost. Just don't put all your hope into it, because if it does not work...I imagine the let down would be huge. If you decide to use it post updates for me/others.
Avatar n tn The doc also didnt know what it was, he said it did not look like herpes and it was too small for him to get a sample for testing, but prescribed me 4 500mg pills of Famvir anyway, and said if i felt better i probably have herpes. I took the pills and the pain and general lousy feeling dissipated over the next few days. The spots seem to have popped and gone mostly away.
Avatar n tn I was given Valtrex to be taken daily as suppressive therapy. Due to the cost, I only take it when an outbreak is coming on...they have been more frequent lately (the latest lest than 1 month apart!). I am interested in the use of lysine...does that have any results that you know of? If I take the Valtrex with an outbreak, how long am I supposed to stay on it. Would these number of outbreaks cause swollen groin lymph nodes on one side?
Avatar f tn You are going to have herpes the rest of your life - doesn't it make sense to use the cheapest AND most effective treatment - in other words, to get the most bang for your buck? That would be acyclovir or, if your insurance covers it, Valtrex/Famvir. Acyclovir can be had for as little as a 3-month supply for US $15. Is your Herbaflower that cheap?
Avatar f tn fyi - if you are using the H balm system and a herpes antiviral like valtrex , acyclovir or famvir, you'll never know if the H balm worked or if it was the antivirals making it seem like the H balm system was working.
Avatar f tn ) Lyme literate doctors are going to cost an arm and a leg, which I am willing to do if I have too but would love to know from other Lyme patients what works so I don't spend time (and $) with a doctor that isn't very knowledgeable. Do any of you know of a good doctor in Monmouth County NJ? Thanks for taking the time to answer all of my questions.
Avatar n tn I'm getting more confident that your docs were on top of it, even if there was a little cost-cutting in using nystatin. Sounds like they diagnosed herpes promptly and properly, and that the rest of the course has been atypically prolonged, plus the yeast infection on top of it--neither of which is their fault. I probably would not characterize you as having a recurrence.
Avatar m tn You can call your city health department and ask them if they will swap them and send for a culture. Your city health department may cut you a break on the cost of testing too if you are unemployed ( I looked over your jounral posting briefly). If they can't you can see if you have a planned parenthood nearby they maybe able to help you out too. Your doctor did kind of have a point on the culture tests though. They can sometimes be wrong for various reasons.
Avatar n tn com) but if you are not in New England, you have to do some serious work to find someone who will really help you. I do wear appliances (they did NOT cost $4k!) but have also gotten great help from a couple of biofeedback sessions, homecare tutoring, and other techniques to learn to keep my muscles relaxed. Good luck. Hope this was helpful.
Avatar f tn He can use acyclovir or famvir if he doesn't have insurance that makes valtrex more affordable but valtrex is going generic in 2 months so it'll be cheaper then if his insurance makes generics cheaper. The option of only taking 1 pill a day to control your herpes is just more convenient for most folks.
1562866 tn?1297190771 0( {aprox 5months ago} and both my gp and the doctors at the std clinic recommended i come off it if i wasn't finding any relief, there was times on the medication i felt my outbrakes were worse than better, i was tested for every other std/sti and was also checked for bacterial and yeast infections everything else is clear, i went back to the doctor on Tuesday with what felt like a bigish outbreak in the front region to be told i had one red lump under the skin { which she tought could be anoth
Avatar n tn Thanks for providing this service, Dr H. I'm a heterosexual male and I've been in a monogamous relationship for about 5 months. A little over 2 weeks ago, my girlfriend and I both came down with genital sores at the same time. We both saw doctors on June 6th, and had cultures taken from the sores for an HSV-1/2 test. We both got our test results back on the 12th and both tests came back positive for HSV-1. Her symptoms have now gone away, but mine have not.
Avatar n tn I have taken Famvir (5 tablets before the test). Could it affect the IgM and IgG result? What should I do next? I cant do culture test now. It is also meaningless to do another blood test now as I know that I have IgG 1 positive.
Avatar n tn Zovirax) * Famcyclovir (e.g. Famvir) I just wanted to ask the general community which antiviral seems to work the best with the least and most tolerable side effects. I also read that doctors don't typically prescribe antivirals for cold sores. Are there any major risks with taking antivirals? How effective have they been for you?
Avatar n tn 1) The three antiherpes drugs -- valacyclovir (Valtrex), acyclovir (Zovirax and generics), and famiciclovir (Famvir) -- probably can delay development of a positive blood test in people newly infected with HSV-2. This is one reason that I generally advise patients with new genital herpes to not start suppressive therapy right away, but to use only episodic treatment for outbreaks for the first few months.
Avatar m tn We need a cure for this ASAP! What do you think about directly injecting Famvir into the sacral and trigeminal nerves to chase out the virus?
Avatar f tn (The third antiherpes drug, famciclovir [Famvir] is somewhat less effective.) It's easy, safe, and usually free of side effects -- and not all that expensive. It is theoretically likely the female condom would be more effective than male condom, because it prevents more skin-skin contact. But consistent use of male condoms is quite effective. As for hand-genital contact, there is no risk at all. And genital to oral HSV-2 transmission also is rare.
Avatar n tn I have had GERD for some time and have been treated with Prilosec, but now I only take when in extreme pain due to cost....Anyways, I have been having what feels like gas pains that have been lingering in my mid-back area and right between my upper rib cage for three consecutive days now. It is very sensitive to the touch. I have been regular, so that is not the problem...Nothing helps. Does this sound familar to anyone??? And does it sound like a Hernia?????
Avatar n tn 00 H EIA value Herpes simplex type 2) 2.60 H EIA value Oh no, I had other STD's test done also that's why it cost me almost over $400 Thank you Grace for your time. If it wasn't for this site I would be really lost and might even suffer from depression, but you guys been very helpful. Thanks again.
Avatar f tn My neuro has a theory (purely speculative) that the HSV-1 has attacked my peripheral nerves instead of manifesting in a cold sore. I take Famvir, Neurontin and Pamelor and Cymbalta - they seem to make it bearable. I also tested positive for CMV and HHV-6 - another speculation that my immune system is dealing with these viruses in a strange way. However, anywhere from 25-60% of peripheral neuropathies are idiopathic (no known cause), so they don't know what causes them!
Avatar n tn When there are peculiar or discrepant results, the Focus company will do special tests to resolve it, at no additional cost. (At least they were providing that service a few months ago; I assume it continues.) This will require your doc to contact Focus and explain the situation; once he describes the results, Focus will probably request a new blood specimen. With a battery of special tests, not normally offered in clinical labs, they will be able to sort out your true HSV antibody profile.
Avatar n tn At the time when I suggested the additional blood tests I was concerned that the primary doctor who administered the viral culture may have botched it and we would be living under the false assumption that she has HSV-2, I wanted additional validation that she did in fact have HSV-2, no point in treating something that you don't have.
Avatar n tn But this time since I do not want to shell out the $$ for a RX because I am poor w/no insurance and the meds cost a TON! Putting abreva on the sores down there does help with the pain but I've never tired to just "tough it out" before and I want to know if that is a good idea? Has anybody else let their's clear up on there own and if so how long will it take to go away?
Avatar f tn It is possible this is herpes, but even if you are hit bad with HSV2 - there are antiviral drugs like famvir? that can be used to suppress the virus. Other than that it is a nuisance.