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Avatar f tn I love quotes too...there's one I just heard by Mike Tyson I'm trying to remember. I heard it on the radio the other day. He said something like,"My personality is such that I always have to be in conflict. Whether its with somebody else or with myself... and he went on to say that when hes in conflict with himself...hes making changes....something like that. I know I didn't do it justice right now but I tried. :( Wish I had wrote it down.
398059 tn?1447945633 The words of Marthin Luther King Jr are those we should never forget. I have a beautiful book with his most famous quotes and speeches. It reminds me of the poem by Pastor Martin Niemöller: First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn't a Catholic.
1569133 tn?1310464416 awwwww a sad one ..you feeling low Eric its very good though ..I must hunt some out I love quotes ..
Avatar f tn s cousin, and I was really excited because I wanted to ask her about meeting famous people and I was proud to have a famous person in my family , but the problem is that she didn't go because she was filming her new movie. I was really dissapointed but after a while I developped feelings for her mum who also came to the funeral, I loved her long curly brown hair, how she talked, how she smoked, how funny she was and what a down to earth person she was.
2048234 tn?1330814100 Hey all. I am trying to put together a little book of positive notes for my sad days. Do any of you have songs that help you get through the tough days or quotes? I just want something I can keep with me whenever things get tough. I really want to go home, or atleast go outside.
Avatar m tn Aurorix is very good for my depression and can make my wife happy but helps very little in my SAD. I feel great in normal situations. However, I still feel very anxious during meetings and during simple presentations before an audience. How much should I take aurorix? Should i take alprazolam when necessary, and how much? I've tried taking 0.5 alprazolam with aurorix before an event but i feel more palpitation and anxiety. When I tried taking 0.5 alprazolam with 0.
10996785 tn?1432812977 I love the quotes! When I"m sad, I'll go to youtube sometimes and watch funny stand-up routines. Louie CK, George Carlin, etc. Just a thought..
424839 tn?1268186246 Even the weeds people love to loathe serve a purpose. I might add that every cherry blossom has its own personality, a purpose and meaning in life that is unique to it-as do the plum, peach and damson.. The course of our lives is determined by how we react--what we decide and what we do--at the darkest of times. The nature of that response determines a person's true worth and greatness..
1692167 tn?1327539457 15 bucks little man, put that sh*t in my hand. If that money doesn't show, then you owe me owe me owe... My jungle love! owee owee oh!
Avatar m tn Do you think its ok to use music lyrics as your mood some ppl use quotes and quotes out the bible. I dont mind whatever helps the person in need. Id love to hear what you all think ?
6708370 tn?1471490210 I love the idea of continuing the quotes on the same on-going thread! The best of both worlds - easy to skip over one, for those who do not enjoy them, AND available to people, like me, who look there first thing each day for a smile, chuckle, laugh, or something to think about - about the world, myself, or others --- just not hepc/other medical conditions (for a little while).
765070 tn?1384869794 my husband has that up on his myspace profile. lol it always make me giggle.
Avatar m tn I had a breakup three weeks ago, and I'm confused ever day. Her reason behind breakup is that she didn't felt anything love & emotional to me and so we decided to break up. The last thing I said to her was that she loves me, deep down, and that the best chance she will ever have will now go away. Then...complete silence.
Avatar f tn I just finished listing some of my favorite movies and I was just thinking of one of my favorite movie quotes. Remember Doc Holliday in Tombstone when he said, "I have two guns, one for each of you !" ? That was one of my favorites. What are some of yours ?
Avatar f tn Me and my husband both had scary dreand last night.. my dream was about him telling me that he didn't love me anymore and he left me.. his dream was about me cheating on him and him ending up leaving me! Ugh I hate these dreams!!!
Avatar f tn I find out on the 29th what my little babe is, I have a really strong feeling its a girl but we'll see :)
424839 tn?1268186246 My question is about these quotes I have been posting I would like to know if I posted some on religon would that offend anyone being that must would be refferancing Buddhsium but when you read the quotes the can be transfered into anyones faith so I would like to know if people would be offended thanks.