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Avatar n tn Also, I do kiss my husbands mouth when I do not have a visible sore. My first cold sore was really bad, it itched, had alot of clear fluid and really was sore and it took a long time to heal. I really do think the first one is the worst, because you don't know what it is, Think,did you kiss anyone with a sore on their mouth, never do that.
Avatar m tn I think its a cold sore due to the fact that its going through the stages, but were not so sure. It started off normal, but than it appeared again just a little bit over on my lip. Once again, going through the stages. Could it just be 2 cold sores, ingrown hair, a bunch of zits, of impetigo? This is really concerning me because I have been wanting to cut my lip clean off.
Avatar n tn People who have never had a symptom shed virus. When you get a cold sore that is a time you will be pretty certain you are shedding and a time to avoid sexual contact. 3. If no sore is present and I kiss and give my lover oral sex everyday what are the likely hood of passing it within an year? Can we realistically live together without passing it on? We don't have any numbers about transmission rates from mouth to genital only.
Avatar m tn Could this be causing the frequency of my outbreaks? I receive my injections every other Friday and by the following Monday I have a cold sore. Have you heard of this happing in other patients. Is there anything else I can do to reduce the frequency of the outbreaks? Would higher dosages of medication be helpful?
Avatar m tn The sores now had grown and joined together into a larger scab and there were weeping blisters around the perimeter. I have never had a cold sore before, but also understand these are very common. I went back to the doctor and asked if the lip was an effect of a possible HSV-1 infection and he said he didn't think so that is was viral (HSV-1 is viral, so that didn't really shed much light?) and it was stomatitis.
Avatar m tn I have not have any breakout or any cold sore or any related symptoms for more than a year. After the result, my doctor prescribed me Famciclovir 500mg twice/day for 1 month. I understand that we only take this medicine if we either have shingle or cold sore (oral or genital), but in my situation I have neither. I called the doctor office and the nurse told me the medicine should be taken based on the test result. Any opinions here would be very appreciated.
Avatar f tn It is also important to wash hands after eating or touching the lesion. Ice applied directly to the cold sore site prior to the eruption of a blister may reduce the potential swelling. Any drying over-the-counter cold sore preparation that contains camphor and/or phenol may provide relief if applied in the early stages. When used in the scab stage, these ointments can help prevent painful cracking and bleeding.
Avatar n tn So there's my story. I will give you as much details as I remember. I haven't had story of cold sore in my life. 5 years ago, I was with a guy (my boyfriend of the time). He didn't performed oral sex on me, but I had performed oral sex on him. We didn't have sex together. One day, it appeared 1 vesicule on each side of the labia minora (entrance of the vagina). The vesicules bursted and after, the lesions seemed like an ulcer on my skin of maximum 1 cm.
Avatar m tn I suggested another swab but he said it was not necessary that it was most likely herpes and that I must have auto-inoculated my self from my recent cold sore. The bilster is gone but the resulting sore is still wet and weeping. It is white with a red hallow around it. The sore is not painful but my arm hurts down the side of the forearm. My questions is could this be HSV1. How common is it to have such an infection other than oral or genital. Could I have auto-inoculated myself?
Avatar f tn i know i have hsv-1 orally (sore on my lip and lesions inside mouth) if i take a blood test its gonna read positive but for WHERE? around the same time i saw my cold sore i also saw that inside my vagina wasnt looking how it should be. on the sides of my clitoris and going down is a white base in the crease. it doesnt hurt or burn...my doctor checked it and said "it looks normal - very clean...
Avatar m tn I started getting sores on my tongue after i get a cold sore, which I have always had, about 5 months ago and these sores on my tongue have been constant since than. The start as a small dot that develops a white ring and the white ring spreads outward and the sore gets bigger with a shallow red sore inside it. They start and take about 10-15 days to heal and typically occur in same areas, back of tongue and tip of tongue. My tongue also feels hot and burns.
Avatar n tn apply it every 2-3 hours while awake to the cold sore. the famvir will help with cold sore healing too. It's unfortunate that they didn't do a lesion culture for you. at this point I guess get your hsv2 igg blood test in another month and go from there. Meanwhile be sure to read the herpes handbook at www.westoverheights.com. it's a terrific resource to learn more about herpes. also there is a nice patient counseling video there too to watch.
Avatar n tn I am 100% positive that I contracted the oral herpes by drinking from the bottle of a friend who had a cold sore on her lip. I had my first outbreak on my lower lip within 2 days, then on my upper lip right after, and recurring outbreaks on my upper lip during times of stress and/or exposure to sun and wind, which decreased in frequency over the years.
Avatar n tn but after initially popping the main pimple, it has started to look like a canker sore. I do remember me having a cold sore on my lip in the time we were having sex, and we did have oral sex too. could it be that it is that type. what should i do in having it tested? how do i know what to do next? before this there has been no problems, and even my doctor said it would be rare to take 8 months to show up. one more thing........
Avatar f tn 3 days later she came to work with a cold sore. I asked her how she could have got that as she said she didn't get them. She said it was the first time that she's had them. I know that I wasn't the one to give her that as I have been tested in the past and it was negative for both types. What are the chances (statistically) that I could get this on my lips or on my penis if at the time she had no visible sores.
Avatar m tn I have not knowingly interacted with any person recently who has an active sore. 5 days ago I went to urgent care because I had a bump (just a bump, no fluid, and only painful if squeezed) on my lip with white patches in the corners of my upper lip, and received a visual diagnosis of oral herpes. I immediately started taking prescribed 500 mg 3x daily of famciclovir. Later that day I experienced a strange, startling twinge feeling in my penis.
Avatar m tn Thank you so much for your opinion. I sent a picture to a couple of online doctors and both came backsuggesing it was likely in in-grown hair. I also ordered a home test kit for HSV1 and HSV2 which I will use at 12 weeks. I seem to recall having a cold sore > 30 years ago but have never had one since. Seems incredible to have stayed dormant for so long. Having, said that when I got the tingle it seemed familiar. Guess my lips have a good memory!
Avatar n tn Fast forward one year later, December '17, I went to Hokkaido, and boom, there it was again. First, there was a cold sore, and my aunt, who is a pharmatologist, prescribed medications for me. Eventually, about at the start of March, it went away. Now, there is a red rash above my upper lip, which, I suspect, is due to my exposure to chlorine (4 times a week) in the swimming pool. I have been using many types of prescribed medication and lip balm, including: 1.
Avatar n tn Hi, About 8 months ago, my boyfriend and I spent a night away, and thinking that his cold sore had healed, he performed oral sex on me. A few days later, I developed some sores around my vagina and went to the doctor, but they didn't think it was HSV at all, and sent me home. A few days later my symptoms worsened, my lymph nodes became enlarged, and the sores began to crust, and I was sure it was HSV.
Avatar f tn Thats why I am so concerned with giving him genital HSV 1. I'm not even sure when i told him I had a cold sore he realized a cold sore is herpes. I just want to do everything in a way that wont scare the hell out of him.
Avatar m tn She had a small 'nearly healed sore' at the angle of her mouth which she had covered with a cold sore adhesive patch/seal. Before having sex she claimed she'd cut herself and put a patch to cover the 'cut'. After finishing she took the patch off, which was very well stuck to her skin, and it appeared she had a cold sore! We had a fight and I left after showering. I remember the shower gel I used caused a significant burning sensation in my groin/thigh creases.
Avatar m tn Just now I noticed small white bump developing in the outside edge of my upper lip and it appears to be a cold sore coming on; It feels sore. I have been using Blistex and swabbing alcohol and peroxide on the Fordyce spots, about 10 that show (they do not hurt, but can become irritated if I rub my tongue over them forcefully or scrape my teeth over them) I have had many of these things including cold sores, but not for some time so the timing has me dwelling on it.
Avatar m tn Can I use antivirals to prevent myself getting cold sores eg if I'm going on holidays. I have a script for famciclovir 500mg tablets. Can I say take 1 of them a day to try and stop myself getting cold sores.
Avatar m tn I am curious that shingles is such a problem in older people but I rarely see an older person with a cold sore. Do HSV symptoms not worsen with age? (be gentle if answering this, if the answer is bad I'm not sure I want to know as I feel quite hopeless about my situation sometimes) 5) How do I find a good doctor who can do more than write a valtrex script?
Avatar m tn I have since had issue with my urethra. I occasionally aches for weeks at a time. I have never had any sore or wounds. It kind of aches after masturbation, urination, and sex. I can tell my flow is some what obstructed at times. I have tested positive for Herpes non-specific, but i have always gotten cold sores, once or twice a year. I was tested for a spectrum of stds, all neg except herpes. I was tested for hiv 4 times up to my 90 day window, neg.
Avatar f tn My herpes symptoms started a few days ago, which means that they've appeared almost 9 weeks after that brief sexual encounter. My symptons were those considered severe - flu-like symptons (sore throat and running nose), bilateral ulcers (around 8 or so), muscle aches, painful ulcers. I didn't notice any blister, though. Isn't 9 weeks a rather weird incubation period? It doesn't make much sense to me. The sex episode in January was my only risky contact.
Avatar n tn AND If I catch her HSV1 somehow is there anyway I could pass it onto her genitals, could she pass it on to herself by licking her fingers and masturbating herself? Also, how could I have not caught anything the time she had a cold sore appear a mere few hours after preforming oral sex on me? It seems to me the virus was surely active at that point, did I just get lucky that time? This whole issue of shedding and transmission has hindered our sex life. Thanks Dr.
Avatar n tn Hi doc.