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Avatar n tn He might explain the fainting even better than neurologist. Fainting may occur because of rapid gastric emptying (dumping syndrome). The food suddenly comes into duodenum, what as end result causes transient hypoglicemia, which can cause fainting, just like in diabetic hypoglycemia. Blood sugar then rises quickly again, so this is not detected on the blood test. Gastro. will probably do some gastric emptying tests, and maybe blod glucose level right after eating.
364288 tn?1300148106 fainting. I've had a few spells on and off nothing to the point where I actually faint but I start feeling like I'm going to pass out. I get sweaty and I feel sick to my stomach. I talked to my Dr. about this and she didn't seem concerned. She said sometimes your blood pressure gets low and it you start feeling that way. Just wondering if anyone has felt like this before? It *****!!
Avatar n tn Overall I stay active at work and also enjoy physical hobbies. In the last 2 years or so, I have experienced increasing episodes of near fainting spells. As a youth I fainted on a few occasions and can relate my current experiences to that same feeling of increasing tunneling darkness of the vision and resulting tingling/numbness as the episode subsides,with some episodes feeling very close to completely fainting.
Avatar n tn rule out that this is playing a part in her fainting spells now. I'm not convinced of this though. She has now been referred to a neurologist and for the Tilt table test but this will more than likely take a lot of time since we live in a very small remote area. We are returning to see a pediatrician on Wed. who saw her in the Spring following her concussion. He said to return when her symptoms returned. We will insist to be sent down south(Ottawa, Ont.
Avatar m tn I guess what I am asking is, how many of you are having or have had these spells that already have a dx of MS? Thank you, I do not feel so alone now, just seeing all these posts.
Avatar m tn i just felt like i will faint...but didn't...gart rate was normal around 63-65...i felt good when i stopped watching my phone and looked around..
Avatar n tn Hi. Do you experience any other symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, etc.? Fainting spells could be a symptom of a seizure attack. If you haven't done so, consult a neurologist to evaluate your symptoms as soon as possible. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Hi. Low blood pressure can also cause fainting spells, especially if extremely low. It would be better to investigate the cause of your low blood pressure. Are you on BP lowering drugs? Are there any other symptoms?
Avatar n tn My son had fainting spells last year, so he went through a huge battery of tests, and I learned some of the connections, but I"m not a medical professional. I'm just adding clues. The mitral valve abnormality is interesting, but doesn't sound related. If she's faining while sitting and even lying down, I think that pretty much rules that out as a cause. Here is an interesting article about TBI, traumatic brain injury.
Avatar n tn The test is 90% accurite in diagnosing fainting of an unknown cause. Look up on an internet search....Neurocardiogenic syncope. Syncope is the term for fainting and Presyncope is the term, for feeling like you are going to faint. There are other dysautonomic conditions also. Most are not life threatening. This is my non-medical guess. Just a guess. The reason I am telling you my thoughts is, that most doctors are not familiar with these conditions.
Avatar f tn It is a nightmare for him and all of us. Please help if you recognize any of these symptoms and have suggestions to test for.
Avatar f tn I was pregnant both times, but my baby came out fine, with no apparent symptoms of damage or anything. a lot of times i feel a sudden thirst like i can't get rid of. I also suffer from severe asthma, and find it very hard to walk up hills and up stairs, or sing while i'm walking, because i have trouble breathing.
Avatar f tn my symptoms are CONSTANT fast irregular heartbeat, weak and fading heartbeats when i check on my hand pulse, fainting spells most of the time, a STRANGE vibrating feeling on my left chest, uncontrollable heartbeats, vertigo, exercise intolerance, a sudden body weakness. my questions are: - what could be happening with me? - is it possible for me to get pregnant knowing my situation? - could the EKG test have gone wrong? ??
407149 tn?1211736107 The very first one happened outside my room in mid-June of last year (2007), the next one at my sister's house in mid-July of last year (2007), then the next in about January of this year (2008), and the most recent one, just this morning. Sometimes I realize they're happening, and other times I'm completely oblivious until I find myself on the ground.
Avatar n tn I've been having fainting or dizy spells for almost a month now. Tried dinking more water and more portein like suggested for this problem, didn't help. The spells are getting more frequent and lasting longer each time. Yesterday I had one spell lasting over 30 minutes and today I had 2 that lasted over 15 minutes each within 3 hours. Does anyone have any insight or information about this?
Avatar f tn But ever since this incident she has continued to have fainting spells regularly. Since two weeks ago the fainting became frequent and even five days in a row. She has even passed out on the street!!! She was hospitalised for 4 days to run tests. The doctors did a full blood count, MRI, EEG and cardiac check and everything came back ok.
Avatar f tn I when to the mayo clinic for two weeks and all they could diagnos is that i have spells and that they have thousands of pacients a year that have different symptoms that are not epilepsy and they have no idea what they are. Has anyone else had something similar happen to them. I am running out of options?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope in 2003.I have had two strong episodes of these dizzy spells (Spring 03 and Fall 05). Outside of these terrible onsets of dizziness I experience general/vague dizziness almost daily. I try not to take meds outside of the two strong episodes I had and regulate by increasing fluid and salt intake.
Avatar f tn Well I'm checking my BP regularly too and it's been normal. The reason I checked my sugar is because I'm diabetic and when my sugar dropd I get dizzy too. I have an appt next week. I'll tell my Dr and see what he says.
Avatar m tn My mother has had bouts of fainting and light headedness. Sometimes they come weekly and other times not for 2 months. This has been going on since 2007. She has been admitted to hospital on a number of occasions but each time they have not come to any conclusions as to a diagnosis. These attacks of light headedness last 2-5 minutes. She slurs her speech, gets pins and needles in her arms, and sometimes but not always faints.
Avatar f tn I also have fainting spells. They happen once every 6-18 months, and have for the last 10 years...I'm 27. When this first started happening, I had every test imaginable and they found nothing. It's frustrating, but even more than that, it's scary. Last week I fainted from a standing position and smacked my face on the floor, resulting in a busted lip and a headache that hasn't gone away in the last 8 days - likely a concussion.
Avatar f tn Erin made some valid points which I don't disagree with, but..........if you faint EVERY time you stand up, which you claim you do, then you need to be seen by a cardiologist and possibly a neurologist. I can't believe that while your doctor was checking your eyes and you fainted during the exam that he obviously didn't find that terribly out of the ordinary!
2013201 tn?1330152475 If you check your blood pressure throughout the day you may see spikes and these would cause some of those symptoms ... that would be my best non medical person guess. Fainting is low something, could be low white cell, low iron or low blood pressure. hope it helps.
Avatar n tn I also had several spells of fainting and was diagnosed with neuromediated syncope. After a full heart work up (stress test, echogram, EKG, etc.) a tilt table test was administered. It was positive. I passed out in the hospital when my blood pressure reached 60/40. During the stress test it elevated to 170/115. Now it fluctuates back and forth between high and low like you described, which is very hard to manage.
Avatar n tn I'm a 25-year old female who recently had two fainting spells. I also have occasional heart palpatations and low body temperature (around 97.5.) Both times I fainted, I had been sleeping and got up too quickly. I've felt fine both before and after passing out. I've convinced myself I have a horrible heart condition. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to anyone??
Avatar f tn I use to have fainting spells. It is normal to get light headed when you go from a sitting to standing positon, but to pass out regularly isn't normal. You may be dehydrated, or you may be anemic if you are female, especially if you have heavy cycles. This is just my 2 cents based on my previous experience, but I would go to a GYN doc or your family doctor and ask them to check your Hemoglobin, which is the component of the red blood cells that deliver oxygen to the body.