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Avatar f tn I've never fainted before and had no signs that or warning symptoms, no dizziness before or after. I woke, stood u and felt fine, just very sore. I am concerned that this could happen again in more dangerous circumstances.
Avatar n tn This time though, it came suddenly. No pain, no warning. I AM due to get my period but haven't gotten it yet. But, yesterday i had a sudden fainting spell followed by about 20 minutes of torturous pain. I am not on birth control and have not have kids yet... I have made an appt. with both my gyno and doctor. What is up with me? Is this normal?
954005 tn?1304630205 I have no warning...no woozy, dizzy, tired, weird, strange anything feelings. The last one I was stirring soup on the stove, and then smack...my face on the ceramic, blood everywhere. Very terrifying. The ER doc and the Neurologist who then took the case, have told me that they definitely believe that something is going on, but what, they do not know yet. The Neurologist said he believes it is originating from either my brain or my mid-spine....so not my neck or lumbar regions.
Avatar n tn no warning just all of sudden cold chills that lasted all day and fainted later on that evening
Avatar n tn She can be sitting playing dominos talking on the phone, walking across the road to get to our car and she sometimes complains her stomach hurts and then she pass out. Here lately there has been no warning. She says things go dark when were riding in the car or sitting in class then shes out. When she comes out of it she has a real ad headache and can't move her extremeties for a few meinutes. Sometimes you can even tell in fer face when one is coming on. She gets this strange look.
Avatar n tn Hi: I have passed out more than once, now it is without warning, I also have episodes of numbness in my fingers, and shaking with cold, even in the warm weather? I tend to have lower blood pressure, however when I do have any trauma, it seems like all the blood is drained from my body, and I pass out...I don't recover quickly...I come to, but feel completely drained for hours?
Avatar m tn In older people when their heart stops, they immediately fall down (no warning signs). This has happened to people in our family and the fall started their heart again. She should have her iron checked to make sure that she is not anemic. If she keeps fainting, it would be good to get her heart checked out just to be safe.
Avatar n tn On Jan 19th, 2012, my 5 year old son broke his arm, not sure what I was thinking, but I put him in the van and started to drive to the hospital. I had almost NO WARNING before I passed out at the wheel on a busy parkway, crashed 4 times, completely unconcious on the steering wheel. While no one was hurt, I know we are very fortunate to be alive! I'm so concerned about my future with this condition, if you learn anything new from doctors, please send me a message!
Avatar n tn with my case i had slight cramps and light spotting thet was so small it was concidered normal by some peoples standings if i had waited 1 more day i wouldnt be here to write this note my baby was a tubal thet was 3 cm big 6 weeks thet had ruptured my tube and i was hermeraging they couldnt save thet tube after the emergency surgery ladys dont wait by no means and take a chance insist on an ultra sound and hcg count if your dr blows it off my dr blew it off and an on call dr over heard the conv
967168 tn?1477588089 I just wanted to share with all about what I've been going through the past 9 months. This is a warning to never ever ever tell your doctor anything unless you want that to be used against you in a court of law - seriously. For those of you who don't know me, I used to post here alot and went through alot in a very short period of time.
Avatar n tn Hello AlanK We are volunteers here & not medical professionals. We do have a lot of experience with Type 1, however. I have read that in the years leading up to a diagnosis of diabetes, some individuals experience the condition of hypoglycemia. Some folks have chronic hypoglycemia, in which their bodies respond to glucose with an oversupply of insulin. In others, this condition seems to be present for a while before diabetes develops.
Avatar f tn When it started happening to me I could always feel it coming on but had no control and no idea what was going on. 1st symptom I would get was like zigzags in my eyes, which would turn to whiteout to tunnel vision, severe nausea, sweating, feel like I was going to lose control of my bowels and this happened twice when I was driving. Thank God I felt it coming and was able to pull over.
Avatar n tn After looking on the internet I can recognise some but not all of these symptoms in Sleep apnea of Rapid eye movements (REM) but there seems to be no medical info on sleep fainting of fits. They are becoming more frequent now at 25 and female but thinking back I’ve always had them but put them down to dreaming. Maybe I am dreaming?
Avatar f tn I've been having a flare of my symptoms, and Monday at work I stood up from my chair, took a step, and completely blacked out. No warning at all. On my way of falling to the floor, I smashed my forehead on a desk, my chin on the desk,the back of my head on another desk, then a cubicle wall, then smashed my back into the edge of a desk, finally smashing the back of my head again on the wheel of a chair. Needless to say, I don't remember ten minutes before the event at all.
Avatar n tn If your wondering that the passing out might be from pain, there was no pain for either xray, yeah thats about it, hope you can shed some light on it, thanks.
Avatar n tn I have had dizzy spells off and on for 4-5 years, usually the result of sudden changes in head position (BPVertigo)Last week I fainted while riding my road bike up a hill at 5 mph and woke up as I was riding off the road into bushes. I had no previous warning or symptom of the faint and my best judgement was that it occured about 2-3 seconds before I woke up. I might add that I am in GREAT condition, riding a bike 4 x/week climbing hills. However I am almost 76 years old.
926702 tn?1244057924 I have had several episodes of fainting. There is no consistency to the triggers. It has happened while eating dinner, felt nauseated, began sweating (cold), visual disturbance, lightheadedness, got down on the floor and then passed out. It awakened me at night once - felt nauseated, went to the bathroom, fainted while on the toilet (although not straining). It happens about every 4-6 months. Where should I start to have this checked out?
Avatar f tn Then one day I had the feeling come on in the car. I had a warning but no place to pull over so I continued to drive. I briefly passed out and ran in a ditch wrecking my car. Of course I went to the doctor- holter monitor with nothing significant. Could this be hormone's? I had a period about 2 weeks after it occurred.
Avatar f tn It picked back up in my mid-20's around 2000 and was more fainting then throwing up with one time being escalating to a petit mal seizure. Originally, they thought it was neurological... years later they said it was a heart condition. I've had the EEG's, EKG's, MRI's, and a couple others I can't remember the names of... After having a table test, which didn't reveal anything really, the doctor said he thought it was Syncope. However, I've never been officially diagnosed with no real proof.
Avatar n tn Started 3 months ago. Fainting for no reason. Always sitting, perfectly relaxed and calm. A sudden feeling of heat, nausea, weakness, light-headedness and BOOM! Hit the floor. Had 6 episodes, lost consciousness twice. Had Blood workup, EEG, EKG, Cat Scan, MRI, Myoview, stress treadmill, Ultra Sound. All tests came back negative. I can't drive or go anywhere alone. Has anyone had this condition? Don't know what else I can do. Has changed my whole life!
Avatar n tn To control it he put me on a beta blocker and I have been on it for a year and a half with no more fainting spells and it also controlled the rare palpitations I used to have.
Avatar m tn he is taking medicine from last 4 years and has been healthy.From last week he has had 3 episode of fainting with no warning.He recovers within a minute and is perfectly normal.He can recall all the incidence before fainting. We have consulted cardiologist and neurologist.All blood test done CBC,RFT,KFT,TSH which were normal.We also conducted ecg,echo and holger test for 24 hrs. The reports are perfect.
Avatar f tn 3 months ago I started experiencing weekly episodes of near fainting/fainting. Usually before I have an episode become very spacy and objects seem to sway. I get a strange tingling in my lips, tongue, toes, and fingers. Then, suddenly it feels like all the blood drains from my head and I get close to blacking out, but before I blackout I get a jolt of adrenaline. I notice that somedays seem cloudy and my body has this uncomfortable aura. I just feel sick and drained.
Avatar n tn Hello, Last sunday my 12 year old daughter stood up quickly from the couch and fainted without warning. This had never happened before. She came to almost immediately and said she felt fine. Just prior to fainting she had been sleeping for about 12 hours and also had had nothing to eat or drink for close to 14 hours. When we took her to the ER they found that her QT was 459. The next day the EKG was repeated and was 441.
905378 tn?1244857965 It could also be a TIA. Here's what Google shows in an early listing ... Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) A TIA is a "warning stroke" or "mini-stroke" that produces stroke-like symptoms but ... Unlike stroke, when a TIA is over, there's no injury to the brain I would mention it to the doctor. Carcinista could easily be correct also.
Avatar m tn one of the main causes of heart palps and racing hearts is what is called burning the candle at both ends meaning that you are pushing your heart to its limits by ingesting such an amp into your system, sleeping only a few hours, and no doubt not eating right or hydrating properly. You are basically a time bomb waiting to go off with your heart.
Avatar f tn If I had warning like getting dizzy I would promptly sit. Many occasions I would get no warning and faint. I had to stop walking because of this and getting groceries was one of the worse. Some days I have a difficult time cooking. So now the Neurologist decided after a full checkup and blood work up for strange diseases , he would send a blood sample to the mayo clinic. I live in Canada so there was jumps and hoops he had to go through.
Avatar f tn Another thing i found was being tired, difficult to engage with, feeling sick and/or loss of memory about the incident can be due to a concussion, where i have at some point experienced those things. Don't get me wrong, im certainly no expert. this is the problem, you hear so many things, but whether they relate to you or not is a different matter. Am i overreacting? Should i be concerned?
Avatar n tn I have fainted with almost no warning on 4 occasions over the last few months. In each case I have quickly regained consciousness without any lasting effects. On two occasions this occurred in public shortly after a meal, which scared my fellow diners. On the other two occasions it was at home, once in the bathroom, and the other while working at my computer. The pattern seems to be first a feeling of dizziness, I am sweating profusely and feeling generally unsteady.
486679 tn?1234579529 i mean it never happened to me with my first pregnancy oreven ever..ive never come so close to literally fainting...i dont know what to do i cant be letting this effect my work and my life in general.is this something anyone else has experienced and can give me sum advice on or do you guys think i should call my doc?i did take my b/p whil at work just incase and it was normal..what could this be????