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Avatar m tn Wake up with head ache and dizzyness breathing hard feeling ( knowing) I was blacking out in my sleep. Background; I work hard with long hours ( executive chef ) try to keep up with water ( hydrate ) eat when I can and like jesus turn water into wine by 11:00pm. Sleep maybe 5-7 hrs on working days and 8-12 on days off. This has happened before maybe a year or two ago. I am 51 basic good health 6' 205Lb but 65-70hrs a week work. Can blacking out during sleep come from dehydration? or stress?
Avatar n tn Cold chills can come from having the flu, or perhaps in your case with the fainting, could be something as simple as you not having enough protein to eat on a regular basis. Protein is like the wood in a fire, it burns and heats up a person. And if you ain't got no fire, you'll get cold. In addition, protein gives you energy, and if you don't have any, you can get pretty weak and light-headed. But there are many reasons why this happened to you, those are just my top two choices.
Avatar n tn Loss of conscious in any emergency room I have every worked in mandates an overnight stay for observation. This is not the case in certain emergency rooms in Somalia and Afghanistan, and a little Island off the coast of Iceland notorious for practicing polygamy, but everywhere else, that is the drill. Clearly a neurological event took place, which seems to have been consistent with a petit mal seizure, etiology unknown.
Avatar n tn My 16 year old daughter has experienced 4 fainting spells this week, 2 within 20 minutes of each other and the second one resembling a small seizure(she went stiff, eyes wide and blank, laughing hysterically but eerie like and then cried and then "came to". She was admitted overnight for observation. Yesterday morning, the school called to say she had fainted again while sitting at her desk. This morning she fainted again while in her bed.
Avatar f tn I also keep getting a recurring headache in the same place, it's the back left hand side of my skull kind of going into my neck. The constipation has gone but my bowel movements aren't quite back to normal as I still can't eat much so there isn't much and I am getting rectal bleeding every time I go from what I can only assume is a tear from the constipation.
Avatar n tn I don't know if I am in the right place for this or not, but I have been fainting since I was 13 (now 30). It used to happen for no apparent reason (not from stress) & I went through many tests (EEG, EKG, etc) before they did the tilt-table test & figured out it was when adreneline was released into my system that heart rate went up/blood pressure down. I was on nadalol (sp)?
Avatar m tn Usually, my vision gets yellow in color and I feel lightheadedness, then it is time to get my head down. I have avoided actually fainting for over 20 years. In older people when their heart stops, they immediately fall down (no warning signs). This has happened to people in our family and the fall started their heart again. She should have her iron checked to make sure that she is not anemic. If she keeps fainting, it would be good to get her heart checked out just to be safe.
Avatar n tn I never had problems in day flights. All my doctors here are unable to explain my situation. I have a marginal high blood pressure ( 90/130) but am not given any medicine. I also suffer from sleep apnoea and regularly use a full face mask. Otherwise I am a healthy , active male of 57 years of age. Could you please advise me if there is any thing I could do or at least which specialist I should see. I am a Swiss citizen and live in Basel.
Avatar n tn I recently began to feel the symptoms you explained. Fainting in my sleep. Last weekend it happened to me while I was awake and I was taken to the ER. After extensive tests the only thing the doctors could come up with was Magnezium defficiency. I explained the fainting in my sleep to the doctor. It sounded foreign to him. I read up on Magnezium defficiency - it explained most of my symptoms (panic, shortness of breath, extreme weakness) but it didn't say anything about sleep fainting.
Avatar m tn Recently I have been having weird moments where my head gets very light and then very heavy and it makes me so dizzy that I can't even read. The words seem to be spiraling and yesterday in class I even fainted. Fainting is not particularly odd for me though, I have been getting very weak sometimes and just pass out and it's been worrying me since I have passed out while on the stairs. This is the first time it's happened at school and I'm getting really antsy.
Avatar f tn I've noticed that it worsens when I'm more fatigued, for example my worst day was 12 times but I was extremely tired and had about 3 hours sleep that night. When I am more rested I find the fainting is less frequent...over Easter vacation I managed my first clear week since October. I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions as to what could be the cause? Or if there are any solutions? Could it just be a phase and eventually stop? It's just so frustrating and inconvenient! Thanks guys.
Avatar m tn And every time i work a lot and don't sleep enough i feel real nervousness but control myself. I don't know is this cause of the low sugar supply in my body which leads to low blood flow to the brain or may be this is related to the incident happened 10 years ago or i have some kind of problem with my brain? Can you please give me an answer?
Avatar f tn But I have been told excuses like iron deficiency and so on, but recently I was fine again, for about a month, until this past weekend where it has happened again about 6 times in one day, i'm not sure what to expect from my doctor since I have no idea. I have recently been taking multivitamins for active women and exercising regularly so i'm not sure what the issue may be except not being able to get enough oxygen into my brain due to asthma.
Avatar f tn I've noticed that it worsens when I'm more fatigued, for example my worst day was 12 times but I was extremely tired and had about 3 hours sleep that night. When I am more rested I find the fainting is less frequent...over Easter vacation I managed my first clear week since October. I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions as to what could be the cause? Or if there are any solutions? Is it connected to the CFS? My blood pressure is generally somewhere around 105/60.
Avatar f tn Has anemia been ruled out in the blood work up? Anemia due to heavy periods is a common cause of fainting in menstruating females. causes of leg cramps may be dehydration, dyselectrolytemias, medications like diuretics, statins, an injury like overstretched muscles, shin splints, atherosclerosis of arteries causing claudication pain, deep vein thrombosis, cellulitis, arthritis or gout, nerve damage as in diabetics, smokers and alcoholics, osteomyelitis or corticosteroids use.
1424099 tn?1282944214 She was put on beta blockers but we were told they wouldn't stop the fainting but make them fewer and it did. My parents are afraid of her injuring herself when she faints and would like to figure this out. She never faints around my parents or myself, even if she is doing something in the same conditions as when she fainted bfore she won't faint around us, only at school when I am not around and she is with her friends.
Avatar m tn My mother has had bouts of fainting and light headedness. Sometimes they come weekly and other times not for 2 months. This has been going on since 2007. She has been admitted to hospital on a number of occasions but each time they have not come to any conclusions as to a diagnosis. These attacks of light headedness last 2-5 minutes. She slurs her speech, gets pins and needles in her arms, and sometimes but not always faints.
Avatar f tn So I had a pretty serious run in this weekend. After a night of doing a fair amount of coke (like 7/8 lines over 6 hours) and drinking a fair amount (probably 4/5 drinks over that same period) I was out and about feeling tired and little bit funny. I stopped to get some food and I fainted. I've never fainted before and it was really really scary (enough to make me flush what I had left down the toilet).
Avatar n tn I beleive you've posted your comment on the wrong forum, currently this post is sitting in the dog forum where dog issues are discussed, please to get a better response for you question, repost in the sleep issue section of the website... Some people sleep so deep, that they are very difficult to be awaken... Very much a discussion for a neurologist and get a sleep deprivation study, EEG on brain waves, or possibly into further study w/ a MRI non contrast..
Avatar f tn When such poor sleep quality is experienced often it can lead to brain fog and other adrenal issues. Adrenal glands require sleep and in fact sleep and relaxation are the best medicine to heal adrenal glands.
Avatar f tn should I be asking for imaging regarding the numbness? What could be causing my fainting ability and could it be related to my fusion? Is it normal to have that bulge? Thanks in advance for your help.
Avatar f tn The limited oxygen in the plane further lowers my pressure, but what can I do to prevent the fainting spells? After I come to I have a vomiting spell that lasts for hours. When I finally get to sleep on a bed, I sleep for hours and then wake up feeling perfectly ok.
1298247 tn?1288294553 second time he defecated , came out of the bathroom stood few minutes the started to feel week and light headed speaks non sense for almost 15 minutes on the bed then fall a sleep tell the morning and in both times wake up in the morning not remembering any thing of what happened .
Avatar m tn Do you have a regular sleeping pattern? Do you take anything for sleep? Have you ever hit your head or jolted it in the past? When does your arm go to sleep (certain position, doing something, etc.)? If you are concerned, you should see a doctor, which I recommend you do. Sorry for all the questions, but the more we know and understand, the better we can help you.
Avatar f tn Then, i guess I fell asleep, as I had a dream where I felt like i was going to faint (I have occasional fainting spells, with no explanation). So, in my dream I got up and was going to tell my parents I'm about to faint, when I had all the symptoms of when i faint. (Weakness, Loss of vision, "the world is spinning", dizziness, etc). I tried to yell out to my parents, but I couldn't, and i thought i was going to die, Then i woke up. I actually felt like it was real, and not a dream.
Avatar m tn To my surprise and recently i find all of a sudden and specially 2-3 hrs after food my hands become cold , white ,feel giddy , feel my heart rate is irregular ,weakness in legs .No chest pain . Towards evening things begin to stabilise .I get reasonably good sleep for 5-6 hrs .Usually don't get up for motions /urination .what could be the possible causes .
Avatar n tn Four summers ago I fainted about 1/2 hour before landing after a hot vacation in FL. Doc said I was dehydrated. Took another few flights uneventfully. This summer I fainted about 1/2 hour after take off from Canada. Definitely adequately hydrated. Fainting feeling occurred while seated. Fainted once in the seat, and once standing up. Usual blood pressure is 110/60 or 70.
624829 tn?1240759271 My 13 yr old nephew - in 2005 he had two spells of fainting within a gap of 4-5 months. Since then, in early 2008 he had another spell of fainting. This morning, he fainted again. He says that his head pains (like cramp type) and then he faints. He was taken to a neurologist in 2005 and after all the recommended tests including MRI, nothing was detected. He is an otherwise active child and eats normally and regularly.
Avatar f tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Poor sleep patterns like sleep apnea, restless sleep can trigger a headache in the mornings. You could also be having ‘benign intracranial hypertension’ (BIH). This happens due to impaired CSF absorption. A generalized throbbing headache worst felt in the morning and last thing at night. This headache is generally relieved on standing (consistent with raised intracranial pressure). It is aggravated by straining, coughing or a change in position.
Avatar f tn Hi Everybody, I have never fainted in my life but i have had 3 near fainting episodes the first time was really scary and interesting. I was on the toilet in the evening time and felt myself getting uneasy and black spots were appearing before my eyes like i had stood up to fast but getting much more frequent and that kind of started a panic feeling that i was going to faint for the first time in my life.